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After a while of discussing over a couple of hours, the sun began to set and Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire decided to go to a nearby hotel to spend the night at. Robin wanted to stay with Violet and Raven to..."catch up" with Violet's life and Raven's.

"No funny business with my sister, or you'll be permanently deformed Boy Wonder." Cyborg glared at Robin who just chuckled nervously scratching the back of his head. They exited the small cottage slightly waving behind them. Raven, Robin and Violet in his arms waved back. Beastboy nodded slightly, and Starfire gave no gesture back except a blank stare. They walked back, closing the solid black door behind them. Raven left Robin and Violet in the living room while she made another batch of coffee and herbal tea. Violet squirmed in Robin's arms. He looked into the girls amethyst eyes and smiled at the thought of her being his and Raven's daughter. He let her down and she began running around showing him her toys.

"This is Mr. Tutle! and dis is my colleton of da theen thithans!" She showed him a little turtle with a string attached so she could walk around with it trailing behind. She then dropped the Teen Titans action figures he didn't know existed. Violet bounced around happily in pajamas. Robin laughed at his daughter's action. Raven came in with a tray of hot tea and coffee and some cookies probably for Violet. They sat around the fire in some Gothic Victorian chairs, enjoying each-others company. Violet ate the cookies rather fast and soon begin to bob her head from side to side, obviously falling asleep. She curled into Robin's arms and fell into a peaceful slumber sucking her little dumb. Robin stroked her head softly, and they all stayed quiet for some time until Raven got up and went to the kitchen picking up the tray as she left. Robin layed Violet on a pearl couch and covered her with a purple blanket at the foot of the couch. He kissed her forehead and walked around the living room looking around. He found a large black bookcase which sustained many, many books! He skimmed through the titles, which were a foreign language. He came across a small black book wedged secretly between to large brown books. He picked it out and looked at the sleek black cover. There was a golden string attached marking a page, he flipped to it and began reading.

December 15, 2012-

This was Raven's diary! He quickly put it back as he heard her light footsteps walk in. Raven picked up violet and walked into her bedroom; Robin followed.

"Can you open the covers?" Raven asked Robin. He nodded and pulled them so Raven could lay Violet down. She gave her a kiss and the cheek, "Goodnight." They both walked out, closing the door gently behind took Robin's hand and showed him to the stair leading up to a small balcony...a secret balcony. They walked into the cool night air and bot shivered slightly. Raven wearing only jeans and a small black cardigan was very cold as in contrast, Robin was wearing his...traffic light uniform, which was actually very warm. She chuckled slightly.

"Don't you think it's time to change your luminous uniform, Boy Blunder?" He blushed slightly and walked up next to her and leaned into the rail.

"I've actually been "trying" to design a more...mature uniform...but it's been tough. Cyborg wanted to go all out with technology, Starfire wanted yet another...bright outfit, and Beastboy, let's not get into that!" They laughed, picturing BB's outfit choice. "What about your design Ms. Roth?"

"Hmmm, I suggest you go with some black and maybe some other color...I don't know...but definitely black. It will make you look more mature." Robin smiled, Raven always knew what he liked. He turned Raven's chin towards him.

"I want to show you something I haven't shown anyone...ever!" She nodded. Robing began tearing his mask of his face. Raven gasped as she stared at his beautiful cerulean blue eyes. They were so mesmerizing to look at, Raven felt like melting into them. She smiled kindly at him, never looking away.

"Black and Blue." Raven said in a hushed voice.

"What?" He asked confused. She chuckled.

"You're uniform should be black and blue." He nodded, a smile plastered on his face. They stood a while watching the night stars and the lit moon. They felt at peace in one another's presence.

"So Raven, what's life been Violet? What's her life been like? Does she have a babysitter? Does she go to school or something?" Raven laughed at his questions.

"Well babysitter she does, and Robin...she's only two, she doesn't got to school yet." Robin scratched the back of his head laughing.

"Oh yeah. What's her babysitter like? Is she nice?" Raven sighed smiling, and nodded.

"She is...well you would have to meet her to actually know. It's hard to describe her...very deranged personality, but nonetheless she has been a great friend." Raven smiled slightly as the thought of her friend warmed her heart.

"You would have to introduce me sometime." Robin said yawning, causing Raven to also yawn. They looked out into the balcony for a while longer, just gazing into the brightly lit sky.

"Robin?" Raven asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" He answered, snapping out of the calm feeling he had experienced. She waited out, trying to find the words to say.

"Do you think we'll manage to one day get back to us? We have had to mature quite a lot...when we weren't exactly ready yet you know. I don't want for us to just be together because we have a child, but I want it to someday mean something again. I don't want to rush into things, before we aren't even ready and-" Robin put his finger to her mouth, silencing whatever she was about to say. He smiled tenderly down at the worried figure.

"We'll just take it day by day Raven. let's not worry about the future, but about the present." With that he led her back into the warm house, both clearly exhausted by the days events. Little did they know the dark figure lurking in the shadows, awaiting the perfect moment to lunge.

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