He was long, he was tall, he was bendy; he was thin.

He had a hat full of fun; with fun you can win.

He bounded into the house with a massive smile,

He made himself right at home; then stayed for a while.

Our mother was away so he gave out a shout,

"Thing 1, Thing 2 come have fun while Mother is out."

The popped out of thin air; identical and small

With mischievous grins and hardly 3 feet tall

From nowhere they came, the saw, then they wrecked the house.

Crazy and childish they even scared away the mouse.

There was nothing in our power to make them stop.

We trapped them with nets, out of the way they'd hop.

So we shouted and we pleaded, got down and begged.

The Cat sat and did nothing but still we were out-legged.

Then into the house came a mysterious crate.

I wanted to explore but that would have to wait.

The house was a wreck; curtains, plates – we were tied up.

The crockery was smashed not one single good cup.

Our fish was talking, crying, moaning in despair.

My sister had cake mix on her dress and her hair.

We untangled ourselves and took off her net,

And put the key from the crate onto our pet.

The Things were ecstatic –their element was fun.

Outside the dull, rainy day had started to sun.

Thing 1 took our dog, threw him out of the window.

'Stop,' had no effect, dog landed where the grass grew.

The Cat was alarmed when he saw the lock was gone,

The effects of what had happened began to dawn.

The dog and lock had to be found – that much was clear.

Although he could be anywhere; city or pier

We searched through neighbourhoods, the house and all the streets.

All the usual places, where he sleeps, where he eats

We searched for hours before we found our target.

So we took the dog home and what a sight we met.

The mother of all messes had destroyed our home.

Our stuff was flying, shoes, jackets, TV and comb.

We had to close the crate and we had to quickly.

Sally was blown away; it was all down to me.

I put the lock on the crate and closed the lid.

House was such a mess and I was only a kid.

Cat was shooed out of the house; we'd had too much fun.

Sally was with me; I wasn't the only one.

We were both prepared to tidy and take the blame.

That was why the cat returned with another game.

As we had both learned from our personal mistakes

So we righted the house and cupcakes we did bake.

Then into our spotless home our mother walked in.

Gone was the Cat who was as tall as he was thin.

Our Mother looked around and gave out this smile.

"A cleaner house there never was for a whole mile.

So what did you guys, really do while I was gone?"

If it's so right to tell the truth, they would not wrong.