For a second, I felt as if I was already gone.

Then it came. I heard blood sharply splashing from a different direction. Beads of tears formed into my weary cerulean eyes in an explosion of pain and fear. Fighting to lift my eyes open, it widened into a sea of happiness and relief as I saw who was standing before me.

It was him. Claude. And I thought he had abandoned me and left me behind.

His golden-brown cat-like eyes were also vivid against the blinding darkness, and the warmth radiating from his luminous orbs seemed to frighten away the darkness in a mere second. The world seemed to have light again when I looked. The glasses askew his nose were shining, its light very blinding, chasing away my fear. Expressionless was his face - as usual. No matter how oblivious and uncaring they may be, they burned with a peculiar fire that melted all of the pain and torture I went through. Just looking at them made me forget all of the blood and the aching and the loneliness and the unbearable agony. I could see well again. Breathing didn't torture me anymore. My legs weren't numb and my body wasn't frozen and trembling anymore.

The thoughts were racing around and around my head. Claude looked at me, with an entirely new gaze that I couldn't quite comprehend. Then I suddenly found my body crawling towards his direction, the pain of the wound burned away. My fingers were tight as they hit the ground, to make myself feel again and to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. My head propped up, cerulean orbs locking with his gold ones. A terrified smile found itself to my dry lips, and my eyes were once again wide, blazing with vigor. They were still blazing with fear, as if I was still lost. My expression, I could feel, was so pitiful - so lost, so pathetic. Claude still had that gaze I couldn't understand. He just stood there, motionless as a marble statue, the wolf's blood still dripping from his powerful hands, staining his sheet-white gloves.

Not being able to bear it anymore, I clutched his right leg, clad in his strict, flawless butler trousers. The fabric was warm. I wrapped my arms around it tight, as if it was the very lifeline that kept me away from death. "You," I began intoning, with the voice I used when I was fearful and inconsolable beyond words, "you."

Claude's expressionless gaze turned to me.

"You...are the only one my world. Please...Please! Never leave me! Hoheo taralna, rondeo tarel, " I began chanting rapidly, as if my life depended on how fast the words escaped from my lips. "Hoheo taralna, rondeo tarel!"

His gaze was still expressionless, but I gave it no heed. I grasped his trousered leg tighter and tighter, and if he was human I believe his bones would have cracked. "Please...please...never leave me. Never again..!" The beads of tears on my cerulean orbs exploded, and my pale face was soon filled with tears, wetting his cloth-covered leg. With a voice that creaked and quavered a lot that I doubt he could ever hear, I cried out, "you...yourself...are my highness...!"

A gasp of shock escaped my lips when he removed his blood-stained gloves and put his fingers around my pale, cold face. His fingers were warm, and they moved gracefully hither and thither to wipe away my tears. His lips curled into a smile, a smile I did not like.

Then the next second, there was nothing.