NCIS: Los Angeles

This Changes Things

Chapter Four

Deeks smiled as he watched his two boys run around the indoor play area he had taken them to. It had been two weeks since Sarah had showed up on his door step and since then he had actually had the paternity tests done proving that both Elijah and Paddy were his sons. He was watching them in the ball pit when he saw Sarah walk in. They were meeting there for coffee to talk things through. He smiled and waved at Sarah who walked over and sat down at the little table with him. Sarah looked around and smiled when she saw her boys playing in the ball pit with each other.

"Hi Marty," Sarah said with a smile. Deeks smiled in return.

"Hello Sarah. How was your day away from the boys? Relaxing?" Deeks asked with a smile. Sarah smiled and nodded her head.

"Very quiet but it was nice. I don't think I could get use to it though," Sarah said. Deeks sighed.

"Sarah, I want to have contact with the boys and I want them to be able to stay with me. I'm their father and you denied me 4 years of their lives. I deserve to be able to have them," Deeks said. Sarah sighed.

"I know but I don't want to lose them either. They're my sons," Sarah said.

"I don't want to take them away from you Sarah, I just to be able to see them whenever I can and I don't know, have them for the weekends or something when I'm not called in," Deeks said.

"Marty, you a cop. You could get called in at any stage and you could get killed at any stage. I don't my boys to get attached to you and then have you die!" Sarah said. Deeks looked at her fuming.

"Sarah! They are my boys as well! And as for being a cop, shouldn't the boys get to spend all the time they can with their farther in case that happens? You can't drop this sort of bomb shell on me and then expect me to just walk away from them!" Deeks said clearly frustrated.

"I can see you're frustrated and maybe we should talk about this later but I have to go. Drop the boys off home when you're done Marty. And then don't come back. I'm not going to have you dictate how much time you get to spend with them. They are my sons and I gave birth to them and they were fine without knowing who their father was and they will be fine without you!" Sarah said in a huff before standing and walking away from a fuming and devastated Deeks.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Kensi, Sam and Callen were sitting at their desks trying to concentrate and finish up the last of their paperwork. It had been two weeks since Sam and Callen had witnessed Kensi break down and then 2 days later Deeks took holidays from the LAPD and therefore NCIS and he wasn't sue back until the end of next week.

Sam and Callen were trying to treat Kensi as normal as possible knowing that she was finding it hard still. They didn't want to send her over the edge with something they said and they were glad that the week had been fully loaded with cases. It meant there was less chance of them saying something that could get them into trouble with the junior agent.

Kensi could tell that the two men were being careful around her and she could also tell that Nell and Eric were doing the same. The only person who would openly talk to her about these things was Jack. She had had an amazing day at Disneyland with him and it was like old times sake but both knew their relationship could never get back to what it had been. Kensi had been to hurt by everything and Jack was a changed man and he knew how much he had hurt Kensi.

Kensi looked at the time on her laptop and sighed. It was 6:30 and they still had quite a bit of paperwork to get through and Hetty had decided that they weren't to leave until it was done. Kensi felt and heard her stomach rumble.

"Did you guys want some food? I'm gonna grab something and come back and finish this paperwork off," Kensi said as she stood. Hetty walked in and was standing at the entrance way to the bullpen. Kensi turned to look at Hetty hoping that Hetty was going to allow them to eat.

"Why don't you all head out and grab a meal and take Mr. Beal and Miss. Jones with you before coming back to finish this paperwork off," Hetty suggested. The agents quickly stood before she could retract her offer. Callen informed Eric and Nell before they all walked out and got into their respective cars. Sam and Callen were riding together with Eric and Nell and Kensi was taking her own car, saying she wanted to do something before she headed back to the office.

Kensi was leading with Sam and Callen behind her as they headed towards the diner that they had all fallen in love with. They were almost there when Kensi drove through the last intersection before car was slammed into by another SUV that had failed to give way when they were meant to.

Sam, Callen, Eric and Nell watched in horror as Kensi's car was slammed into a power pole and the other car slammed into by an oncoming car. Traffic all around stopped and it felt like so slow motion to Nell as they got out of the car to help the drivers and Kensi. Eric was already on his phone calling for an ambulance and then calling the LAPD. Sam had stopped all traffic while Callen and Nell had ran towards the accident site.

"Nell, you check on Kensi and I will check these two," Callen said as he ran towards the last car to be involved. The driver was still conscious and was getting out of the vehicle when he arrived. Eric then came over and Callen put him in charge of making sure she was okay while he went to check on the driver that had hit Kensi.

Nell ran around towards the driver's side of Kensi's car with her heart pounding and a lump in her throat. That definitely did not seem like a crash you could just walk away from, and that scared her. As she reached the driver's side which was slammed up against the power pole the smell of blood hit her.

"Kensi!" Nell whispered as she got a look at her best friend. Her head was leaning against the steering wheel and she had cuts and shards of glass all over her. Her legs were pinned and she could see a large shard of glass sticking out from her stomach with blood pouring out of the wound. This was not good. Nell didn't want to say it but she knew that it was going to take nothing short of a miracle for Kensi to survive this. There was too much blood that she could see and that didn't count the internal injuries she would have sustained.

Callen walked up behind Nell and placed a hand on her shoulder as he looked at his little sister. Nell turned in his arms and cried. There was nothing that they could do. They couldn't get her out until the medics got here and the rescue workers cut her free. Eric had called and had the power turned off to make it safer.

"Nell," Callen said quietly. Nel pulled away from him.

"The other drivers?" Nell asked.

"The one that hit Kensi was pregnant and she's already gone but the other driver is with Eric. She seems fine but a little shaken," Callen said as he tried to get closer and tried to open the door to get Kensi free.

"G it's not going to work. The ETA of the ambulance and rescue workers is a minute," Sam said as he walked towards the pair. Sure enough a minute later there were 3 ambulances, 4 LAPD cars and 2 rescue trucks. Sam, Callen, Eric and Nell went with one of the LAPD officers to tell them what happened while they watched as the rescue workers worked to free Kensi.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Deeks had just strapped the boys into their seats before getting in the divers side door when his phone rang. HETTY LANGE. He sighed before hitting the answer button.

"Hello," Deeks said.

"Mr. Deeks. There has been an accident and I think it would be best if you came to the Mercy West Hospital so we can talk in person," Hetty said and Deeks could hear the strain in her voice and he knew that never meant anything good.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. I have to drop the boys off," Deeks said.

"Bring them with you Mr. Deeks. Miss. Amour was involved," Hetty said. Deeks couldn't understand why Hetty would being telling him if Sarah had been in an accident.

"Why are you calling me about Sarah?" Deeks asked.

"Miss. Blye was also in the accident," Hetty said. That was all it took for Deeks' heart to break. In one night he had been told that he wouldn't get to see his boys anymore and now Kensi had been involved in some sort of accident and Hetty wanted him to be at the hospital. After saying goodbye to Hetty and hung up and drove towards the hospital.

The twins, sensing something was wrong with their dad were quiet throughout the trip and didn't say a word as he parked the car in the hospital parking lot. It was only when they were walking towards the big double sliding doors that Elijah spoke.

"Daddy, why are we here?" he asked. Deeks looked down at his sons. He really didn't know what to tell them. All he knew is that Kensi and Sarah had been involved in some sort of accident.

"There was an accident and you're Mommy and a friend of Daddy's was involved. We're here to see them," Deeks said as he bobbed down so that he was the same height as the twins.

"Is Mommy kay?" Paddy asked. Deeks sighed.

"I don't know buddy. I really don't know," Deeks said sadly looking down at the pavement before he stood and took a hand from each of the boys and headed towards the door and then towards the reception area.

End chapter four.

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