Strictly speaking, this isn't actually my story. It was written by breather89 a long while ago. breather89 deleted it, so I asked permission to put it back again because I really liked the storyline and the characters. This is also my version to because I may add my own description, I hope breather89 wouldn't mind me altering it (I won't change the storyline though)

I don't know why they deleted it, I hope you enjoy it as much I do. The only reason this copy is safe with me is because when I found it, I printed it out and it's staying with me forever.

I'm guessing that this story takes place somewhere in the latter part of series 2 of Tracy Beaker Returns, hence the characters, Toby is in it. And there's someone special you may remember. Watch out for them!

Thanks, breather89, you're the best. xx

I stood at my Care Home. I remember being told to leave. I was glad, this place was useless. There were locks everywhere, as if it were a prison, not a care home, and it was a mess.

I looked at someone across the hall. A boy called George.

George asked me, "Where you going?"

I hesitated before I answered. "Some place called Elm Tree House."

George thought that through. I know he'd make sure that he didn't forget the name. "Remember to visit."

"Course I will." I didn't know whether those words I uttered were a lie or not.

George thinks that I'm his girlfriend. I'm not.

I exit with my social worker. He's going to take me to my new home.

Home. That word, in my sense, has a lot of meanings. People expect home to be one place, that you love. But no. I don't suspect that this place would be more interesting than the last.

At Elm Tree, I'm in the main room. There are lots of kids, all different. They don't look very nervous to me. I'll change that.

I ask, "Who's in charge?"

They all look at me, their faces dropping. A boy in a pink t-shirt stares. He's about the same height and weight as George, but he's no older than fourteen and George's going to leave soon.

I run up, push him off the table. Everyone stares.

I say, "Come on then!"

That was ages ago. I feel guilty now. Yes, you heard me. A girl you wouldn't expect to will feel guilty later on. And I'm starting to feel like home here. I don't want to leave. I act like I do but I'm not going to leave.

I like this place but George thinks that I've forgotten him. He's an obsessed idiot. He's coming after me. Well, he's not going to hurt me, he's just called up and said, "Hey babe. Want to see me again?"

"George, I'm not interested."

"A new girls arrived a few weeks after you left. She's a blonde beauty."

I imagine one of those pretentious girls at school like Lucy, Roxanne or Skye. Those ones who always fuss about their hair or clothes.

"George, I don't want to see you. No, I mean you're nice, but you're obsessive."

His tone was angry. "You said you'd visit! I'm coming to get you." He said it like an evil child, and put the phone down.

So, that was chapter one. It's a sort of prologue, breather89 didn't sort it out in chapters, but I will to make it easier to read. I don't want to see you all put off my a lot of writing.