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At Elm Tree House, there was an unexpected ring on the doorbell. Tracy answered, wondering who it could be, and wasn't surprised at all. It was the man from the café in town. He looked angry. Tracy thought that she knew what had happened just by looking at his apoplectic facial expression.

"One of the kids just knocked over a stand in my shop. They flew into it when leaving with another one."

"I'm sorry, do you know who they were?"

The man answered, "No idea. But one was walking and talking funnily."

Tracy had an idea of whom they could have bee, "Liam! Frank!" Tracy called.

They came down, revealing themselves in the doorway.

The man was confused. "I'm not sure about that one," he pointed at Liam, "because he's about the height, but I'm pretty sure the second was a girl."

Tracy was curious. "So why do you think they were here?"

"I saw the girl enter. She looked scared."

"Well this is all we have so I'm afraid you must be mistaken. She shut the door.

She was confused. Who else could have been at the shop if they'd entered?

The teen looked at Toby. She had explained who she was and what she was doing with that horrible boy.

Toby asked, "Why did you bother staying with George?"

"Because he told everyone we were going to stay in a flat he's going to move into soon."

Toby continued to storm her with questions. "What are you doing with him in this? You're a kid, you can't go to prison. There's plenty of options for a lass like you to be doing instead of kidnapping kids like me."

She looked sad, as if she couldn't answer him. "I've been a care kid most of my life now. If I try and run away, he would hit me and leave me." She looked like she would cry but she had control of herself.

The Crime

Elektra looked at Liam. She was in her brown dress and hat, and he was in his jacket and pink top. "So, where 're we garn then?"

"Follow me," Elektra instructed. She smiled, despite her terrible decision to obey George. She hated doing this but with Toby being taken and George stalking her forever at stake, she wouldn't back out.

George was hiding in the van—he was too young to drive but he had sorted it out, or rather, stolen the van—round the corner. He had changed into his jacket and pink top, bought that morning. He just hopes that his Flower was having a better chance.

The girl looked at Toby from the hideout. "I'm sorry," she said, "but he insists you stay here."

Toby looked at her. He knew she was being made to do this, roped in as an accomplice. "What's George making Elektra do?"

"I can't say. But I will say that you'll definitely be free by tonight."

Elektra, her heart thumping, looked at the van at the end of the road. She knew George was there, she would be brave and hoped Liam forgave her. Then, as they turned, she heard the door sliding open. She didn't look round, not wanting to see it, as Liam was pulled in by his collar.

She heard him shouting and the van banged. Before, everything was quiet. Then, a tall figure in a baseball cap got out. He smiled at Elektra.

He was dressed like Liam, but it wasn't him. "Elektra, ready for you night in town?" he asked.

"Yeah." Elektra looked upset.

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