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Elektra looked out of her window. Just one month ago, she was out there in danger. Right now, she was still thinking if there was any way that George would come for her. It was likely. After all, she didn't think he hated her. He never hit her, it was just his flower who he's threatened.

But had things changed? Was he seeking revenge on both girls now? They made a show of him to the police and he'd never been played before by any of his girls.

Elektra knew where he was. But the question was: dare she meet him again? She was still thinking, even though the drama was over.

"I won't tell Liam," she said. "He'd only worry about me.


"George you have a visitor," Ms Stanhope called to me from the door of my room. She was the head of this centre.

"A visitor? For me?" I looked up at her. Then my thoughts sank. "Is it my appropriate adult? What does he want? I'm not gonna talk to him anymore."

"It's not your appropriate adult, it's a girl." A girl? "A blonde girl, that is."

Hm. Layla. She's coming back for more, is she? Well, I'll give her that. I'm flattered that she wants to keep in touch. Pity she doesn't know what I plan to do to her.

I let Ms Stanhope escort me to the visitor's room. There was no one in that room except for my blonde. She was behind a transparent screen, separated from me.

Ms Stanhope spoke to her through the airholes. "Hello, we sometimes record the conversation here, but otherwise, you have your privacy." I saw the blonde nod. Why wasn't she speaking? Was she still self-conscious about her condition?

Ms Stanhope left the room and I sat on the chair, opposite the girl. "Hi George," she said to me, speaking perfectly. This was not Layla.

Was that a wig, or was it dyed hair? I couldn't tell. Elektra's face was hiding behind the blonde coiffure. "Elektra! You came back for me!"

"Yes George. This was risky, but I had to see how you were doing."

"It's not going well," I said back to her. "I need to get out, and YOU'RE gonna help me escape. I'm going to change my whole identity and find Layla."

"No can do," said Elektra. She wasn't smirking, she looked a bit afraid of me, still. "You're horrible. You have an obsession with me, George. You need help. I know you showed Layla all my photos. You can't hurt me anymore."

"I never did hurt you," I said. "You were always loyal to me."

"I can't stay long, George. I'm not meant to be here anyway. I just wanted to know if you were mad at me or not."

Mad? I was livid! Elektra dares come here, and not to escape with me?

"You're helping me come out of here Elektra. I'm only 17, and we're gonna have a life together."

"In your dreams, you will," she replied, getting up.

I banged my hand against the glass. "Elektra! Wherever you are, I'll follow you. I'll get you one day. I wil ltry to hurt you if I ever. Now come back." Elektra looked back, her blonde hair becoming loose. Then she walked out of the room. I continued to pummel the glass, but it wasn't shattering."

Ms Stanhope came in. "George, stop it." She took me away, back to my room.

And I started to concoct my plan. I will, somehow, get her. No one has ever crossed me as bad as Elektra or Layla did.

C'mon George, it's time to think of your best scheme.

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