*Devin's POV*
"DIE YOU SONOFABITCH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, my eyes burning from not blinking for hours. With a click of my mouse I wiped out a Creeper and robbed the dungeon with my bud William. This is how we spend our weekends, playing Minecraft dawn 'till dusk. He had just destroyed the mob spawner when I logged on, and the place was well lit with torches. "Sorry I was late, my mom made me finish up my science project that was'nt due for another month." I told him through my headset in a sincere apolegy. "Its okay man, I was well stocked (mainly cause I raided your chests." He snickered in a supicious way. We continued to mine until I decided to break him the good news, after all, a bit of great news goes with a great game. "Will, guess what I managed to do." I said in a smug tone. If I could see him right now, his face would have looked very reproachful. "What the hell did you do Devin?" He said in a reproachful tone. "Well, you know how the Yogscast are our biggest heroes? And almost no one could get on their private servers?" I said in a giddy voice. I was practically jumping out of my chair in excitement. "Yes..." Was all he could manage to get out before I burst out "I HACKED THE SHADOW OF FUCKING ISRAPHEL SERVER!" I said befor laughing my ass off. It sounded like he fell out of his chair. "Thanks for breaking my ear ya dumb ass. But you for real did that? Give me the I.P adress to see." He told me skeptically. I repeated the code to him before logging on myself. In a matter of seconds we were both looking at the Yogcave ruins, the nether portal's remains lay just to our right. "Dude. I AM SO GLAD WE'RE FRIENDS! Once again your computer skills never cease to amaze me." He told me in a voice mixture of disbeleif, excitement, and curiocity. Eventually we got kicked by Lewis and we rturned to our server for another few hours. "Oh man dude its 12 in the morning I gotta go to bed," I told him with a obvious fake yawn, "Me too see ya tomarrow, make sure you are here on time." I replied with a silent nod and shut down my laptop for the day.

*Israphel's POV*
"What the hell. IM ALIVE!" The dark lord yelled, finally free of his real world master's control. The cause? The breach in the server's coding created by Devin. "Those fools just open up the way to my victory once and for all.