Season 5 Christmas episode. I don't own BH 90210

"Ouch." Kelly Taylor pulled away from Brandon Walsh's touch on her shoulder.

"Sorry." Brandon said.

"It's okay." Kelly winced.

"It's not. Isn't it time to change the dressing?"

"I'll just go home; let my mom do it."

"Why won't you let me help you?"

"You don't want to see me like this." Kelly shook her head with tears in her eyes.

"I don't want to see you like this, being hurt. But you are, and I want to help."

"I'm not perfect, Brandon."

"Kelly, that isn't why I love you. It has nothing to do with whatever anyone else may think perfect should be. It has everything to do with the fact that you are perfect to me. Isn't that enough?"

"It should be, and if I hadn't been on such a high pedestal with the modeling thing this fall, it probably would be. But I feel like it's not. I know that's not fair to you, but it's how I feel right now."

"Kel," Brandon pulled her gently toward himself and slipped his arms around her carefully. "Please know that I love you, no matter how you look, or feel, or even how you treat me. I'll leave you be if you really want it that way, but I'd be honored if you let me in. Let me help you."

"Okay." Kelly nodded, and shrugged off her sweater so she could expose the wrapped skin.

Brandon's stomach churned as he watched Kelly begin to unwrap her shoulder and arm. She handed him the gauze as it came to the part she couldn't reach. Inwardly, Brandon was in shock. Outwardly, his face gave nothing away. How could Kelly cope with this raw pain?

Brandon knew, in that moment, that Kelly was stronger than anyone had probably given her credit for before. "You're beautiful." he whispered in her ear as she handed him the bottle of medicine to treat the wound.

"Thank you." Kelly had heard those words a thousand times, but none had mattered more than just now, coming from Brandon.