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Canon story (takes place during episode 31)

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Jack's POV

My head was burning, and not only my head, but also my body. I felt like thousands of needles were hitting me inside. Like someone poured poison in my veins. My shoulder was killing me with pain too, but none of those things bothered me more than that feeling in my heart.

My mind ran back holding a single thought; a fact which hurt me more than anything: I lost the duel against Yuusei. Only that mattered; not the battle I gave with the help of this girl Carly in hospital, nor that I lost my title as King, or the entreaties of Mikage to follow her back home. I didn't care what people would say about me, or how many newspapers would write big articles dedicated to my defeat.

The poison that flowed inside me wouldn't ever leave unless I managed to defeat Yuusei. But I felt so lost and I was suffering in my heart. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was thinking about my life and the decisions that I had to take, even if that meant that I had to abandon friends and bonds. I wasn't a fool—proud, yes; but never a fool. A smart man always grabs a good chance that life gives only once. I betrayed my friends, I took Yuusei's favorite card and I run away, escaping from my old life in order to become King. I did many things, but not without a good reason. It was too good a chance to let pass. I never regretted my choice, not even now because none of those things really matter anymore.

There was only one place I wanted to go and my feet were leading me there almost mechanically as my mind was lost in thought. I didn't care if anyone saw me on the streets. I wasn't a coward who locked myself in a single room, crying for the bad turn of my life.

"You were trying to come here from the very start, weren't you?" I heard that girl Carly asking me.

Now I realized how stubborn she was. I pushed her away from me, yet she was still following me. At first I thought it was a part of her job as a reporter, but something in the tone of her voice surprised me. I felt something different from pain and suffering in my heart; something warm. I didn't answer and kept looking away at the horizon.

"You can't see Satellite from here."

Her words shocked me. She knew? Was it possible for her to understand me so well; reading me like an open book? I felt something breaking down inside me and the words that came out of my mouth surprised me, but I didn't pay attention. For one more time I followed my instinct.

I told her my story; the decision I had to take. How I gave up everything to be a King. I didn't care if she was going to think that I was another stupid guy who thought only of himself. After all, I wouldn't blame her if she did believe that of me, since it wasn't a lie. I finally opened my eyes and I was looking at the truth. I followed a path to become a foolish duelist who had forgotten who he was.

"Why don't you just start your life over again?"

She was right but that wasn't easy to do.

"The old Jack died in that battle with Yuusei. Now it's time for the real Jack Atlas to live."

'The real Jack Atlas' she said. She was right again. I wasn't the same man that Yuusei defeated. Her words filled my mind with memories of my hometown, my old friends and Yuusei, too. I had friends once. I fought with them and for them.

I closed my eyes. Maybe I made a wrong choice two years ago, but I am strong enough to overtake my past. I am Jack Atlas and I am not weak or lost anymore. I can stand up on my feet and keep going once again.

"You are right," I told her, feeling free from my old self. I took a deep breath, taking off that stupid hat that Carly had given me to hide my true identity from the media. "I will press forward on my path."

"Jack!" she shouted with joy and smiled at me.

"Write what you want about me." I wasn't afraid to see the truth anymore or if everyone found out my true story and past.

"I've made a decision too," she announced, "I won't write an article that would hurt you or hurt any other duelist."

"Do as you will," I told her and I walked away.

I didn't care about what she was going to write. Back then I didn't realize that I was starting to fall for her. The only thing I managed to realize was the poison that flowed in my veins was starting to fade, but not completely lost. It would always flow through me until the day I beat Yuusei in a riding duel.

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