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Chapter One

It's had been a year since the new ruler of the monster kingdom had been declared. None of the elder sibling would have ever guess at the route that Princess Sherwood had taken to win the throne, but she managed to do it without shedding any more blood than needed. Well, all that is expect Hime. With her never wanting the throne to start with, she had helped her sister gain control.

Thing seemed to settle in her mansion, and aside from the occasional bickering between Riza and Reiri everything seemed normal. It was peaceful not to have to worry about one's life anymore, but something still felt off to her. No she had not been threaten by anyone or thing since her sister took power. Yet thing still didn't feel like it should.

She looked out the window of the private dining room and watched the clouds roll by in the late afternoon sky. As she did she thought on what it was that felt off to her, and that impact point was when she noticed her half immortal soldier walking up the path, as he returned home from school. He had grown taller in the years since they had met, and even filled out a bit more as well.

Hime had seen the way some of the girls at his school and even how some of the older women in town looked at him. Yet there was something not right with Hiro. Ever since the day he had tried to kiss her in the alley Hime noticed a change in him. He no longer carried the happy carefree attitude that he once did before then. As she watched him walk towards the house and greet Riza, it was clear to the Princess that Hiro looked like a man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulder, and in his eyes.

A knock on the door brought Hime out of her thought about her immortal soldier and turned to see who it was. As she looked she noticed that her android maid Flandra had walked in and was carrying something that looked to be a note.

"What is it that you've got there Flandra."


"Hmm a letter from Sherwood." Hime said taking the letter and opening it. As she reads over it an eyebrow rose at the contents of the letter. Then there was another knock at the door. She looked up to see Hiro walking in.

"I am back your highness, do you have anything that I need to tend to" He asked her in a very even none emotional tone.

It had always disrupted her when he now addressed her in this fashion. As if everything that they had been through together meant nothing to him. She had tried to correct him many times but his response was always the same? 'I am your royal soldier and nothing more.' Every time he had told her that for some reason it really bothered her.

"I have nothing for you." She told him and noticed that he would nod and turn to leave. "However, it seems my sister Sherwood may have some use for you." Hime said and soon regretted the way she had phrased her statement.

"What is it that Queen Sherwood requires of a lowly servant?" Hiro asked once again in a very dry tone.

"She did not say exactly but she has requested your presence at her castle." Hime told him and beginning to worry about him.

"I am at the bidding of the royal family." Hiro said in response to the summons. "When does her highness expect me?"

"By tomorrow afternoon." Hime answered him.

"Then I should go and make preparations to depart first thing in the morning." He said with a bow of his head and turned to leave.

"Hiro wait." She said stopping him. "I need to recharge your flame."

He turned to look at her and then without another word walked over to her and kneeled before her. She bestowed upon him her flame of life and recharged him. Once it was done he stood but never looked at her, just as he never made eye contact with her anymore. For some reason this upset Hime more than she would care to admit.

"Thank you Princess, for giving me the gift of life once more. It is as always an honor to be able to serve you." He said before turning to leave.

"Fuga" Flandra said as the door closed behind Hiro.

"I am not sure, but whatever it is, it seems to be getting worse." Hime answered as she went back to sipping her tea.

Down in his room Hiro had stripped off his school uniform and began to get things ready for heading off to see Sherwood. As he did, a certain Vampire stood in his doorway and watched him. She like the others was concerned about Hiro lack of emotion over the past year and half. Reiri thought it was best to finally confront him on it.

"What happened to the Hiro I met and went on a date with?" Reiri asked causing Hiro to stop and let out a deep sigh. Yet he never answered her, so she walked into his room and sat on his bed. "What is it Hiro, you have changed and are not the boy I met before."

"I grew up Reiri." He said sharply. "That and always worrying about when you will die for good tends to change a person." He said with still of a bit of an edge to his voice.

"It is more than that Hiro, something has been bothering you for some time now and it changed you and not in a good way." She told him looking on with concern for her friend.

Hiro said nothing. He kept going about what he was doing until he felt her soft hand on his arm. He once again let out a deep sigh, before grabbing more of his cloths and throwing them into a bag.

"It nothing for you to worry about and I'm not something to keep you entertained either." He finally said.

When he turned around he was greeted by a pair of angry crimson eye and a hand slapped across his face. Before it would have knocked him to the ground but now he just stood there and looked down at her.

"I didn't come here to amuse myself. I came here to see if I could help a friend, just like all the times that he has helped me." Reiri snapped. "But I see that the only change you have made is to become and ass."

"I'm sorry, it's just that…" He started then stopped.

"Just what?" She asked him.

"It's nothing, and nothing that you can help with." Hiro told her. "I need to finish getting ready. Sherwood asked for me and lord knows how long I'll be gone." He said then sighed. "Then again maybe it's best if I never came back."

Reiri looked at her friend and wondered what it was he was meaning by that. His back was once again to her, and as he looked at him he could see his shoulders start to tremble. She walked up to him and forced him to turn around. She could see tears start to bleed through even though he was fighting them back.

"Hiro what wrong?" She asked.

Reiri was used to seeing Hiro emotional at times but he had never been this emotional over the past year and half, so it concerned her. What had her friend so upset that it looked like everything he was holding back was not rushing out?

"Hiro you know you can talk to me. Was it something Hime did or said?" She asked.

"No, and even if she did what right would I have to be upset for, I'm her servant, and solider who's only job is to protect her. Nothing more than a tool for her to use." He said with a bit of bitterness in his voice. "What right does a servant have to be upset with his master?"

Reiri listen to him and was starting to see what the problem was. Hiro had deep feeling for Hime, that was clear to everyone and he was willing to do whatever it took to keep her safe. However, the war was over and she had never once told him to go out and kill anyone.

"You love her don't you?" Reiri asked softly

"What does it matter how I feel about her?"

"You have to tell her Hiro."

"It wouldn't do any good. I know what she sees me as. So there no point, At least with Sherwood I know where I stand."

"But what about your flame, Want you need to have Hime recharge it for you."

"Hime is not the only one that can grant me the flame." He told her.

"So, you are going to stay with Sherwood then." Reiri asked sounding a bit upset at this.

"I don't know yet." Hiro answered.

"Then think about it Hiro, think about what you really want, before you make your choice." She told him.

Hiro just nodded at her request. He understood why Reiri was upset, and as much as he wanted to believe her he knew that it was just not meant to be. He loved Hime that was for sure, but she didn't return that love, and he knew because of that it was growing harder to be around her and being treated as nothing more as a tool.

It was late evening and Hime was out on her balcony enjoying another cup of tea. As she enjoying her tea and the evening air, her mind was on her servant. She could still not place what his issue was and why he had turned so cold to her. A part of her was upset by his change, but she didn't know how to help him.

"Hiro, what is bothering you?" She said to herself.

"I may have an answer for you Princess, if you would listen to it." Reiri said as she floated down to the balcony.

"Reiri, and what is it that you think is wrong with Hiro?" She asked.

"You my dear Princess." Reiri said.

"Me, what do you mean by that?"

"That is something that you should talk to him about, but I would suggest that you do so before he leaves to see Sherwood."

"What are you saying Reiri." Hime asked.

"I'm sorry Princess, some things are only meant to be told by those involved, and I will not betray the trust of a dear friend." Reiri told her as she started to float up again. "But I would advise to act quickly Princess before it is too late."

Hime watched as Reiri floated away into the night sky and wonder what she meant. How was she the problem that Hiro was having? What was it all about? Granted he was not himself as of late, but how was that her fault. It was late already and she was tired. Hiro would have to wait till morning for her to speak to him.

The following morning Hime awoke and headed down to find Hiro before he left to see her sister. Upon getting to his door she knocked on it several times but he didn't answer. She was beginning to get aggravated at him for not answering her.

"Hiro I'm coming in." She called out as she opened the door.

What greeted her on the other side was nothing but an empty room. His bed was neatly made, and it looked as if no one lived in there at all. Where was he, was the thought going through her mind, knowing that he normally was never up this early. Heading back upstairs, Hime headed to the kitchen, in hope that he would be up there. Yet as she stepped through the door she only found his sister and Flandre.

"Sawawa, have you seen Hiro?" She asked in a tone that was slightly upset.

"He left a couple hours again to go see Sherwood." Sawawa answered.

"I see." Hime answered.

She turned and left the kitchen and though it did not show on her face, she was clearly upset that Hiro had left the mansion without saying a word to her about it. What was his problem, because clearly whatever it was, it had nothing to do with her, as Reiri was trying to tell her last night? While he had grown and gotten stronger, he still acted so immature and his leaving like this, this morning was just more proof of it. She would be sure to scold him about his action when he returned.

In the Monster Kingdom a black unmarked couch arrives in front of the palace. One of the house servants steps up to the carriage and opens the door for it passenger. The young man with brown hair and brown eyes steps out and looks about. Royal Guards could be seen all over the place and Hiro smirked at this. As he watched some of the servants take his bags into the palace a blonde haired women approached him.

"Hiro it is good to see you again." Sherwood said as she went up to greet her old friend and crush.

"Your Majesty." Hiro said then kneeled before her. "I thank you for granting my request." He said.

"Hiro rise." Sherwood said with a smile. "We've know each other to long for you to have to kneel before me."

"I am sorry Your Majesty, it is only right for a servant to kneel before the Queen of Monsters." Hiro responded as he stood up.

'Oh Hiro what has my sister done to you.' Sherwood thought as she watched her crush rise. "Come, I will show you were you will be staying."

"Your Majesty, he is but a Blood Warrior, you should not be the one to escort him to his room." An advisor said.

"Shut up you, Hiro is a dear friend and he is staying in my home now, so I will be a good hostess and show him to his room." She snapped at the advisor then linked her arm in Hiro's. "I was a bit surprised but happy when I got your letter to come and stay with me." She said hugging onto his arm tighter.

The pair walked into the palace followed by a couple of guard and Francesca. Sherwood guided them towards Hiro's room and once there she told her guards wait outside. Stepping in Hiro was impressed with the size of the room as well of the fact that there were windows and a balcony. His bags were already unpacked and his cloths put away.

As he looked about his new room Sherwood watched him and began to worry even more than before. The way he carried himself was different, and it was no longer the happy and carefree person that he was before. It was like there was a wall around him that he was using to keep everyone out.

"I hope you like it." She said with a warm smile.

"Thank you, your majesty it is better than I deserve for a servant." Hiro answered back as he now looked out the large window.

"Hiro stop, when it just us please call me Sherwood." She told him as she walked up to him and leaned against him. "I'm happy you are here, but we do need to talk about your request." She told him which caused Hiro to look down at her. "But that will come later for now rest, you've had a long trip and dinner will be served soon."

"Thank you, your…"He started but stopped when she gave him that look. "Thank you for everything Sherwood."

Sherwood smiled brightly back at him and then hugged him one more time before walking out of the room. Hiro smirked when she heard her yelling at someone out in the hall for the way they had treated him. When the yelling died down he looked back out the window to the setting sun, and let out a deep sigh.

"Hime…" He said quietly to himself. "I'm sorry for everything I hope that you can find a warrior more suited for you than I was." He closed his eyes as the pain of breaking heart ripped through him. Tears started to streak down his cheeks. "I will always love you Hime, more than a servant like me should his master, but it will never be."

He rested his head on the glass and tried his might to keep his emotions under control. It was just not meant to be. The love he had for her, he knew would never be returned. This is why he had come to Sherwood. If she would have him she would be his new master, and while he could not fight as good as her royal guards, he was sure there were other ways that he could serve the new Queen of the monsters.

A week had passed since he had arrived at the palace, and Hiro had no contact with Hime or the rest of the girls at the mansion. He did however send a letter to his sister the other day, but he was not sure how long it would take for mail to reach the human world from the monster realm.

Regardless Hiro did his best to keep himself busy and make himself useful to Sherwood, which was after all not that hard. Sometimes it was just a matter of him being there next to her as she talked with some of the other lords that resided in the monster realm. Other times it required him to serve her meals. Regardless of whatever task it was, Sherwood made sure to show just how much she appreciated him being there. Something that he had wished Hime would do. Yet he knew that would be asking too much of his master. She really showed any emotion.

Hiro never let on that he was hurt from this fact. He had severed her faithfully through the war, or at least as well as he could for someone who was not a fighter like Riza or cunning like Reiri was. He was only human after all, which was another thing that he never let on, that it affected him when he was called a mere human. He could not help what he was, and if he could he would change himself. Maybe then Hime would look at him differently. He shook his head no at this thought knowing that it would not change how she looked at him. He was nothing but her servant and shield when a fight happened.

"Hiro, the Queen requests your presence at once." A royal guard told him bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Very well." He answered with a nod.

It was evening and Hiro was in his favorite spot in the palace gardens. It was a place that he could come and think when Sherwood didn't require him of something as she did now. Getting up from his crossed legged position Hiro followed the guard to his chamber. He was a bit puzzled by this. He thought he was being taken to see Sherwood, and if that was the case why would she be in his room. HE thought on this and could not figure the reason as he nodded to the guard and opened the door. What he saw shocked him, though it really shouldn't have. Sherwood was seated by the fireplace dressed in her light blue evening attire. Something, that, even for her age Hiro though she was growing to be a very attractive young woman. He had seen her in it and sleepwear she had under it several time before so he was use to it.
No it was the person seated next to her that surprised him. He had never expected her of all people to show up.

"Reiri what are you doing here?" Hiro question with a shocked and little annoyed tone.

"I invited her," Sherwood stated. "She had been asking how you were doing in a letter and I told her to come and see for herself." She said then got up and walked over to Hiro locking her arm in his and pressing her body close to him. "As you can see Vampire he is do quite well and is very well cared for by me personally."

"That is very generous of you your highness, I'm sure your sister will be happy that you are taking good care of her servant while he is hiding here."

Hiro knew what Reiri was meaning by her comment and he narrowed his eyes at her. He was no longer afraid of her like he was in the past. To him she was just another girl that used him to get what she wanted. He had a lot of time to think of these things while he was here and it dawned on him that his sister was the only one that was not using him for personal gain.

"I'm not hiding, so go home." He said not moving from next to Sherwood.

Reiri got up from where she was seated and looked at Hiro. He had changed since he had arrived to stay with Sherwood. He would have never snapped at her like that before. She studied him for a moment and noticed that unlike before he was not pulling away from Sherwood nor blushing to the point of passing out with her pressed against him body like she was. He was even holding her hand. Was it already too late for Hime or was he only making a show of it so that she would go back and tell everyone.

"I will take my leave then." Reiri said moving towards the window. "By the way your sister told me to give you her love and said that she misses you."

"Thank you for telling me that and tell her I feel the same." He told her gipping Sherwood's hand a little.

"No other messages that you would like me to convey to the rest of the house."

"None accept for Hime to expect a letter from me in a few days." Hiro said then looked to Sherwood. "Come your highness, I will accompany you to your chamber." Hiro said turning his back to Reiri.

"You are too good to me Hiro, I'm sorry my sister was to blind to see what a good man she had with her." She said as they walked out the door.

Reiri stood there in the window for a few minutes and was worried how Hime would take this news. What she had thought was an act at first was just proven to be true. Hiro had finally accepted the feeling that Sherwood had for him. Yet maybe it would still not be too late for Hime to turn this around and get Hiro back. She floated up into the sky and headed for home.

"I will do no such thing." Hime said flatly.

"Princess, you can't seriously just let him go." Reiri said in return.

"She's right Hime, Hiro your servant. You can't tell me that you're okay with this." Riza added.

"Look you two. Hiro is old enough to make his own choice." Hime told the calmly after taking a sip of her tea. "If a life with my sister is what will make him happy then I will not force him to come back to me."

"I can't believe him, after everything you did for him and this is the way he thanks you." Riza said angered by Hiro's actions. "I'm going over there right now and knock some sense into him." She said getting up and making her way to the door.

"Riza stop." Hime commanded after putting her cup down. She got up from the chair and walked over to the window in the dining room. "Hiro never asked for the life I gave him, and with the war over, I can no longer hold him here." She said her voice still as calm and unemotional as ever. "It is true that if he wishes to keep on living that he must be close to either a royal, but it does not have to me to continue to grant him his life." She turned and looked to them her crimson eye not showing any emotion what so ever. "He has made his choice and it is clear that my sister can give him something that I never could."

"But still it just not right for him to do this to you." Riza said.

"The discussion is over with and I will not here any more of it. Are we clear?" She questioned looking to them both who nodded yes in return. "Good, now I wish to be alone." She told them then turned to look at the window again.

Reiri and Riza looked to the Princess for another moment before both turned to leave. Neither one of them liked this in the least bit. It was just wrong.


"I'm fine Flandra."


"No, what's done is done." She said taking another cup of tea and sipping it while she looked off in the distance. 'Hiro, what I've I done to cause you to break your promise to never leave my side?' She thought to herself. 'Am I that uncaring that you had to look to my sister for the comfort you desire.'

She let out a soft sigh now that she was alone and looked toward the setting sun. Her thoughts were on here servant not being with her anymore. Not being able to see his smiling face and his upbeat personality anymore made her chest tighten in a way she had never experienced before. He was gone now only a week and as much as she never wanted to admit it, she missed him. Another sigh escaped her lips, as she was now at a loss for what to do to fix it. A soft knock on the door made her turn and reply for the person to enter.

"Mistress is there anything you require before I turn in for the night." Sawawa asked as she walked in.

"No you are free for the rest of the evening." Hime told her with a light smile.

"You know it kind of quite around here now that Hiro not here." She said off hand.

"Yes it is, too quite." Hime agreed as she looked to the window again.

Sawawa was about to bid Hime good night and leave, when something caused her to stop. She stood there for a moment and watched Hime as she looked out the window to some far off place. Not really think much of it she spoke.

"I'm sure wherever he is, that he is thinking about you right now." Sawawa said with a warm smile.

"Who might that be?"

"Hiro, you know he loves you very much." She told her.

"Is that so?" Hime said stunned a little by what Sawawa just told her but it never showed on her face.

"Yup," She answered with a big smile. "Every time he sees you walk into the room his face lights up and he seems so happy. At first I thought he just being himself, but then I notice his eyes when he looked at you."

"Oh and what was it noticed." Hime asked, desperately wanting to know for a reason she could not fathom just yet.

"There was nothing but pure love in his eyes when he looked at you, and not just any love either, it was pure. I knew then that he was growing up, because it was the same look our father looked at our mother with."

Hime would have been floored by this revelation. Yet she was a master of never showing what her true feeling where on the outside. She didn't want to believe it, but she knew that Sawawa was never one for extraction or lying. What Sawawa was telling her was that her servant Hiro was in love with her, but if that was true then why did he leave her and go to palace to be with Sherwood. Then his sister spoke again and when she heard made her feel like someone just stabbed her with a dagger in the heart.

"At least that's how he looked up until recently. I don't know what happen, but that shine in his eyes started to dull and almost vanish completely. Think something might have happened or he started getting sick or something." Sawawa said mostly to herself. "Oh look at the time, I best get to bed, got to get up early to make sure I get the best choice of vegetables at the market in the morning. Goodnight mistress."

As quick as she came she was gone again and Hime was left with the words that Sawawa had told her. Her last comment for some reason hit Hime like a sledgehammer in the gut. The Princess sat down heavy in her favorite chair in her private dinner room. He thoughts from before were just proven right, she was the cause for her once faithful servant to leave and his melancholy mood. How could this have happened and how could the thoughts of it be affecting her so much. She needed time to think and process this information before she could act.


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