I made this last year. I was in year 10. May 2011? It's an OK not-serious story. This story is called Tessa/Maxi but it has other working titles like "Is Maxi back-si?" "Spall Falls" "Tessa dressed as Maxi kills Betts"

Tessa Spall was going to escape to G wing to kill Karen Betts. Since her HIV plan failed, she had to think of a way to get revenge on Karen. When it was night, she unpicked the lock of her cell and quietly found her way to the screw's office. She grabbed a bunch of keys and made her way to G-Wing. Then she heard a movement behind her.

A screw! She quickly ran to the nearest cell and unlocked it. Inside was Al McKenzie, sleeping on the top bunk of a bed. Tessa locked the cell and jumped into the bottom bunk.

Karen Betts finished snogging Jim and she went to G-Wing. Helen Stewart came up to her. "Karen, we've got an escapee from the Muppet Wing!"

Karen said "Oh no, not Podger Pam!"

"Worse. It's Mad Tessa Spall."

Karen fainted at the memory of Tessa holding her hostage and being hosed by Jim and Dom. Helen picked up her walkie-talkie. "G Wing, like-a-virgin stairs. Code yellow."

Al McKenzie woke up. She saw Tessa under her. "Who the frig are you?"

Tessa instantly woke up, grabbed Al's neck and pushed her against the wall. "Listen, bitch. Have you got any make up?"

Al got so scared, she handed her pink handbag which Tessa took. She emptied it and put so much make up, her face was changed. "Listen again, bitch! Do my hair."

Al said, "I don't know how to do your hair. The two Julies will do it."

"Take me to them!"

Karen woke up in Dr Nicholson's medical room. "Er, what happened?"

Dr Nicholson said "You fainted after Helen told you that Tessa Spall had escaped." Karen fainted again...

The Two Julies got rudely awakened by Al and Tessa.

"Who are you?" they said together.

Tessa said "I escaped from the Muppet Wing and you better do my hair or I'll kill you!"

The two Julies did her hair. When she looked in the mirror, the rest saw that she looked exactly like Maxi Purvis.

Al said "Maxi... but... I killed you."

Tina finished bouncing like a rubber ball and went to speak to the Julies about stuff. She entered their cell and saw the Julies, Al and... Maxi?

"Maxi! I thought you were dead."

The Julies quickly said, "Oh it was Al. She used her special powers to bring her back to life like she wanted."

Al said "Yeah, now we can be the Peckham Boot Gang again!"

Tessa said "No! I've come back for only one thing. I'm going to kill Karen Betts."

Tina said, "Er, what had she ever done to you? It should be Shaz you should be killing."

Tessa said, "Who's Shaz? Anyway I'm going to find Karen now!" With that, she walked out of the cell and said Hi to Barbara.

She punched Shell, then went up to Helen. "Where's Karen Betts?"

Helen said "Who are you? I thought you committed suicde by eating tissues."

Tessa said "Well, I'm alive now, show me where Karen is."

"Karen's at Dr. Nicholson's office."

"Take me there or I'll tell someone that you're a lesbian with Nikki."

Helen took Tessa to Dr Nicholson's office, which only had Karen in it.

Helen said, "Maxi Purvis wants to talk to you."

Karen looked up. "Maxi? I thought you killed yourself by eating tissues."

"Listen bitch! I'm Tessa!" Tessa undid her hair and took her make up off. Tessa grabbed a knife and cut Karen's head off. Helen ran screaming and called the heavy mob to get Tessa.

They got Tessa and dragged her back to the Muppet Wing, chained like a dog.

Karen's body was buried, and Tina was crying cos she thought that Al actually brought back Maxi.

Voila. I liked this story. It's funny and dramatic.