Chapter 5: Pip Jackson

Pirate Princess Jackson wasn't named by Vala, or me. She was named by Cameron Mitchell, whom I will never forgive for the god-awful name he's bestowed on my baby girl. Poor Pip is only 3 years old and doesn't yet know how cruel kids can be.

Vala had a terrible time with Pip's birth. She was ill for a while after our daughter's birth so Cameron named our baby. I would've thought the man had some sense. Princess is a given he's always called Vala that and because it's only a middle name I really have no problem with it.

In fact I would've preferred it if he'd given her Princess as a first name, especially over Pirate. I don't know what he was thinking when he gave her that name. I suspect he took leave of his brain and just picked the first word he could think of when Danny asked him what Mommy used to be like.

Pirate isn't even a name, much like Action and Darling aren't but at least there aren't many negative connotations to the names (except if you call Ace 'Action Jackson' then he sounds like a porn star and a bad one at that). It's a terrible name and no matter how much Vala and Cam disagree I will never ever change my mind.

We didn't really decide to give her a nickname, it just sort of happened. I couldn't call my little girl Pirate so instead I called her Princess. It wasn't a problem because I don't use the pet name for Vala. She's been a Goa'uld Queen, for crying out loud, so I wouldn't dare.

I really hope that Pip when she's old enough will decide to change her name on her own because I can't fathom how it's going to sound on her wedding day. Not that she's ever getting married of course, she is my baby girl.

I tried unsuccessfully to argue my point with Vala and it got a little out of hand. She asked if I was ashamed of who she used to be and I ended up on Jack and Sam's couch yet again when the disagreement became blown up out of proportion.

Pip (whom I will never, in a million, million years call Pirate) is ironically the spitting image of her mother. She has blue-grey eyes and hair just as black as her mother's and just like Vala and Amy I can't say no to her. I can tell our son's no all day long and they've stood and screamed at me until they've gone blue in the face but I've never wavered in denying them something or punishing them. Vala says I'm too hard on them and that I favour the girls. I don't, really I don't. It's just so damn hard to say no to them, especially when they start crying with real tears.

I think Vala purposely taught the girls how to get their own way, even more so when the person in their way is a man and it's not just me either. They get their own way with Jack, Cam, their boys, Teal'c and our own sons.

That's how our 6 children got their names. I'm kind of hoping we don't have any more so my wife and my friends can't give them horrible names. And well if we do then I'll quit my damned job before I let someone else (besides Vala) have any say in naming my children, because apparently I'm surrounded by idiots. Lovable as my friends are, they are idiots (with the exception of Teal'c).

A/N: I wrote all five of these chapters in about an hour, with my two year old running around, so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes and although I intended to use Daniel, Claire, Indiana once I started with those I couldn't help but think about other stupid names to call your kids. I just had this weird desire to name the baby of the Jackson family Pirate Princess. Action and Darling are almost as bad as that.

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