Chapter 1 : The momment I met you

Jin was on the middle of his battle between his Father and Grandfather , it was Kazuya his Father and Heihachi His Granfather .Then they started to stare at each other with a huge anger inside their heart , the three of them started to attack with a punch straight to each other and the attack didn't missed when those attacks collide the place was then pitch black . Jin can't see Kazuya and Heihachi anymore and theres no source of light everywhere he look . Then he feel someone on his arms . Then the place started to go brighter and brighter when he saw who was the person in his arms ... It was his Mother , Jun . He was so shocked when he saw his Mother with white clothes full of red blood then he heared laughter that was familiar to his ears . The laughter went louder and louder . He feels like he was going crazy and he shouted then his eyes became red , his skin turned pale , his black wings growed , his hands turned to claws and Jin became Devil Jin ...

Then he woke up from that terrible nightmare , he catches his breath and suddenly came to reality , he looks at where he was , he sat on the bed and examined the place . It was not the place on his dream . The place was very simple that reminds him of his old house where he growed up with his mother . He also felt weird , he has bandages in parts of his body . Then someone knocked on the door and opened it . He looked at the person who knocked and was shocked when he saw a woman . The woman wears white longsleeves and skyblue pants , she has skyblue eyes , with an angelic face , blonde hair . She holds a tray and walked towards him and said ...

" Woman " : so you have already woke up , but you need to rest in your condition " Jin turned his attention to the place and said..."

Jin : where am I ? How did I got here " then he suddenly turned to the woman and she said..."

" Woman " : I found you in the woods , when I got there the place was distroyed and I don't know why the forest was burned , I search the place to found out what happened and then I saw you in the middle of the forest and I brought you here in my house

Jin : Where is this place ?

" Woman " : this house was near the forest where I found you " Jin looked at the window and saw the moon glacing upon them and he turned to the woman and he asked ..."

Jin : What's your name ?

" Woman " : My name ... My name is Lili . what about you ? " Jin was silent and he answer.."

Jin : Jin ... " then Lili placed the tray on a little cabinet on the side of the bed and said ..."

Lili : you should eat now " then she walks away towards the door when she was out of the room she turned and said ..."

Lili : you should sleep after you eat " then she closed the door and Jin looked at the food that was on the tray and it remainds him of his Mother when he saw sushi , sashimi and onigiri's on the tray . After he eat his dinner he tried to sleep but he can't then he sit on the bed and suddenly stood up and picked up the tray and walked outside the room . At the hallway he examined the place it was very simple and very quiet also the house was a little big for one person . He tries to fined where the kitchen was then he came across a room and he took a step back to look at the room , finally the Kitchen and he saw Lili washing the dishes and he walked towards her then Lili turned and said ..."

Lili : Why are you here ? you are supposed to be asleep by now " Lili tooked the tray from Jin's hands and she started to wash it then Jin replied ..."

Jin : I can't sleep and I usually don't " Lili halted and said..."

Lili : well thats unusual " then Jin looked at her then turn away . Then Lili turned to Jin and asked ..."

Lili : who are you ? what are you doing in the forest ? " Jin looked at her but he didn't answer for a few momment he replied ..."

Jin : I'm a nobody " with those three words Jin left Lili on the kitchen and headed back to his room , a momment later Lili can't actually sleep she turned to her right and then to the left she was really bothered by what she saw earlier at the forest . Then she finally fell asleep ."

Early in the morning at Dawn , Lili woke up , she took a bath after that she headed to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator and thought of what will she cook today then she figured out something . An hour later she finished cooking , she cooked some riceballs , sushi then some fried fish . She walked out the kitchen and headed to where Jin's room is and when she was infront of the door she knocked and a few seconds she opened the door when she see Jin was still asleep and she walked towards the little cabinet on the side of the bed and took some medicine for an injured person and she washed a towel and then she tried to wash Jin's head . Then suddenly Jin woked up and Lili said ..."

Lili : oh I'm sorry to wake you " then Jin turned to Lili and said ..."

Jin : No , it's ok " Then he saw medicines on the cabinet and turned back to Lili then he sit on the bed and said ..."

Jin : What are those for ? " Lili turned to what Jin was reffering to and then turned again to him and said ..."

Lili : those are for your wounds , may I ? " Lili was reffing for her to wash his wounds on his shoulder . Then she started to remove the bandages on Jin's arms then she uses the towel from before to cleance his wounds . The room was very silent when Jin said ..."

Jin : so do you have a family ? " Lili halted for a second then she continued and replied ..."

Lili : actually I'm all alone ... What about you ? do you have a family ? " Jin turned to Lili with a shocked face then turned away with sadness in his face , Lili turned to Jin and she heared his reply ..."

Jin : I growed up with my mother , we have a very simple life in the forest where we live , we were really happy to have each other . " Jin stopped his sentence then bowed his head down then Lili said..."

Lili : then ... What happened ? where is she ? " Jin looked at her and replied ..."

Jin : she's gone " Lili was shocked and sad for a reason even though she just met him yesterday she was still affected maybe because ..."

Lili : I know how you feel " Lili was head was down and she slowly turned her attention to Jin and said " I lost my Mother when I was a little girl ... she died in the day of my birthday " Jin's face where a little shocked when he knows that was the same thing that happened to him but Lili's Mother died when she was young but his Mother died when he was 15 years old . then Lili asked ..."

Lili : what about your Father ? " That question made Jin to look angry and he tightens his grip then she turned to Lili then he slightly cames back to normal when he saw Lili was crying and he asked ..."

Jin : Why ? ... Why are you crying ? " Then Lili wiped her tears and replied ..."

Lili : I just remember how it feels to have a family ... " Then they started to look at each other then Lili turned away and looked on Jin's wounded arm and put some new bandage , The she stood up and said ..."

Lili : I'ts so early on the morning you could still sleep and rest

Jin : Thank you " Then Lili walked away and closed the door then she headed to her room and she changed her outfit and she left . Jin was not sleepy yet so he decide to have a tour in the house , first he headed to the living room , seccond to the other rooms and finally he saw a room that was not wholely closed he opened the door and he walked inside towards the bed and he saw a photogragh on the little cabinet beside the bed . The photo that he saw was a photo of a family , a Man on the right and a Woman on the left then a little girl on the middle in between them . He stared at the little girl and something just snaped inside his head ..."

" Jin : this girl is Lili ... so this is her room "

Then Jin placed the photo back above the cabinet and he turned around to face the door and walked away and he leave the door slightly open and he walked straight to his room . A momment later Lili came from the market to buy some ingredients for the next weeks and also for her patient . Then she took a tray with food for Jin then she walked out the kitchen to Jin's room , inront of the door she knocked and a few seconds she entered the room and she saw Jin on the couch on the corner of the room then put the tray on the little cabinet beside the bed and said ..."

Lili : you can't sleep , do you ? " Jin was silent then he asked ..."

Jin : how long do a normal human recover from injury ? " Lili was silent then she replied ..."

Lili : normally about a week but if it's really serious it will last about a month I guess " then Jin stood up and walked towards Lili then he sat on the bed then Lili said ..."

Lili : so go on eat " Jin took the tray and tasted some of the riceballs and sushi's then he asked ..."

Jin : How did you learn how to cook ?

Lili : I learned how to cook when I was 5 but I don't know why " Then Lili walked away and she closed the door leaving Jin alone . Later after Jin finished he stood up and tooked the tray to the kitchen . He saw a calendar on the kitchen and he saw that today is saturday then he saw Lili and asked her ..."

Jin : Lili ... How old are you ? " Lili asked ..."

Lili : why did you asked ?

Jin : nothing " then Lili looked at him and replied ..."

Lili : I'm 16 ... What about you ?

Jin : I'm 21 ... do you still go to school ?

Lili : no I don't anymore " Hours later Jin stayed at his room staring at the window watching the sunset then he suddenly looked at the clock and saw it was 4:45 pm . He was really bored then he realize it was alraedy 7:30 pm then he rushed out the room then he saw Lili outside his door when he opened it then they were silent and then Jin asked ..."

Jin : can I go to the Living room ?

Lili : well ... of course " then the both of them walked straight to the living and then Jin opened the T.V . On the news ..."

Reporter : The Iron Fist Tourament 4 Or Tekken 4 came to an end with the death of Heihachi Mishima now the new CEO of the Mishima Ziabatsu is Jinpachi Mishima , Heihachi's Father ... " Then Jin changed the channel of the T.V and now he was watching a movie about martial arts then he turned off the T.V . Then Lili said ..."

Lili : I wonder why they want to fight each other " Jin stared at her and then turn away and said..."

Jin : Maybe because they wanted freedom " Lili stared at Jin and then she said ..."

Lili : Dinner is ready " Jin turned to look at her and he stood up and followed her to the dinning room and she said ..."

Lili : do you want to eat dinner here or ..." Lili stopped when Jin said ..."

Jin : I want to eat down here

The both of them eat together on the table when they finished eating then Lili took the dishes and she walked straight to the kitchen and washed the dishes and Jin was on his room . When Lili finished washing the dishes , Lili went to her room and she tried to sleep but she can't and something was on her mind that momment

' who is he ...really ? ' . Then she closed her eyes and later on fell asleep .