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Cantarella and Passion

Chapter 1: "Must I be wed to him if I don't love him?"

She didn't know it but a young man was watching her as she slowly forgot about the real world as she dance alone in her balcony. Françoise Armoul was the only child to the Court and Countess Arnoul and is best known for her dancing skills around Compu-Utopia Kingdom. It was her passion to dance. It felt peaceful to do; she will always forget about the stress and boredom as she falls into a rhythm of her graceful moves.

Other great things about her were her beauty and kind manners but can become a stubborn person for the right reasons. She had blonde hair that reach down to her shoulders and wore a bright red headband—a gift from her Grandmother before she had passed away. She had her mother's green eyes and blonde hair which Francoise will hear a lot from all the men made her attractive to them.

She was so lost in the flow of her dancing that she didn't hear him clear his throat to catch her attention. After doing a twirl did she hear him—he also cleared his throat a bit louder this time. Francoise flinched badly and mistook a step and slip forward. She closed her eyes and prepare for the worst, her shrieking caught in her throat. But then she felt a man's arms pulling her to himself. Her head to his warm chest and arms wrap around his upper back as his own were around her slim waist.

Blushing a shade of light pink Francoise pull away from the man, tilting her head back to look at his red hue eye she open her mouth to speak—maybe to say "thank you for catching me from falling" or "Am I needed for the meeting?"—but what came out of her mouth was unexpected, "Joe, you weren't staring were you?"

She just wanted to take back those words right away, to reject saying that as she saw him blushing a dark crimson-red shade on his cheeks. He understood what her outspoken words meant. Feeling a cold breeze on her bare shoulders, arms, and legs Francoise wish she was wearing a night-time robe over her thin silk night dress that stop only halfway down her thighs. Joe sense this or maybe he saw her shiver for he quickly went inside.

Seeing this chance the young blonde lady put back on the strips over her shoulders in a rush manner. Groaning to herself she couldn't believe she said that. She was train to become and behave like a proper lady than to be one of those lustful woman, yet just a few seconds an ago she had blurted out if Joe was staring at her form. Instead of saying that she could have at least told him if he could go fletch her night robe—he was her personal servant after all.

She shook her head on that statement only when around her parents, other staff members, and to the guests was he known as her "personal servant," but to her and him alone they were best friends since they were younger (around the age eleven for Francoise and fourteen for Joe). Plus it would be rude if she told him to fletch her robe than thanking him after all.

Joe came back outside with a light creamy pink robe and helped her put it on. "Thank you," She whispers softly. He nodded and took a step back to give her space. The young lady looked at him to see him wearing his tradition servant uniform, a black tux with a yellow tie tuck in nicely; like always his long reddish-brown bang was covering one of his eyes.

"I'm sorr-"

"It's okay Miss Francoise." Joe quickly said, giving her a small smile.

She pouted and said, "You don't have to call me 'Miss' when we are alone Joe –we're best friends, remember? Just Francoise is nice."

"Okay, okay Francoise." His smile widens and Francoise couldn't help but look at his lips with an unknown feeling fluttering around in her heart. Suddenly Joe had remembered why he was at her room and turns serious again. "Your parents called for you, saying this was an important matter. They are at library room Francoise, waiting for you."

He turned around ready to leave before saying, "I'll leave you to change," A short pause. "Is this all for tonight—for my service, I mean?"

"Yes, it is; thank you Joe and good-night." They both went inside her room with the young personal servant closing the doors to the balcony for the young lady.

She didn't know why but she had looked up at his face to stare at his ruby eyes. He was staring back at her. There was another feeling to get closer to him and feel his warmth from his body and to taste his lips. Stop it Francoise! She looked away to her closed cabinet to break away the spell. What is happening to me? Why am I acting like this around Joe now? "See you tomorrow, Joe." It said more like a question when it came out of her mouth. In the corner of her eyes she saw him nodded and turned around.

He closed the door after him with a soft click.

Waiting for a few minutes to hear the fading sounds of his footsteps Francoise finally step away from her spot and went toward the cabinet. She opened it to reveal at least twenty dresses, half a dozen coats, and scarfs neatly hanging. There was one that instantly caught her eyes through. This dress is new… I don't even think I had owned this one before ever. Pulling out a light purple dress that was knee-cap length down with thin strips for the shoulder, Francoise couldn't help but think it was lovely. She took off the robe and night dress and tossed it on the floor near her.

Putting over the lavender dress over her head she fixed it and looked at herself at the mirror when she was finish. Looks nice on me, Francoise tilt her head, but I don't think the head-band goes. Letting out a sigh she whisper out a sorry to her grandmother while taking out the head-band and putting it on her drawer.

She took a step back and did a twirl, letting out a smile feeling the dress spinning after her over her thighs. "Now what shoes should I wear?" The young dancer said to herself looking at the closet floor at the ten different color shoes. It took a few seconds but Francoise decided on the silver low heels and sit down on her bed to put them on. There I'm all proper now, the young lady thought happily to herself.

She got up and left her room to the lit hallway from the small candles hanging on the walls with a few maids and servants walking and being polite by saying hello to her. She gave them all a charming small smile to each one and saying hello back to them. There was one vase full of pink roses being feed water from one of the maids who happen to be talking to a young man that look a lot like Joe. The older maid had let out a laugh. He then said something faint and the woman shakes her head at the young man with a smile on her face. Francoise looked over her shoulder to see if it was really Joe but they had started walking away.

She shook her own head remembering what Joe had said. Her parents wanted to speak to her. Joe had said they were at the library room, she remind herself. Taking the left hallway down, Francoise didn't want her hopes go up or down if her parents wanted to discuss her birthday for tomorrow. Tomorrow she was going to be seventeen years old and her parents were going to have a Masquerade Ball for her, inviting everyone rich to come tomorrow night. She mistook a step when she remember that then she will be the age to be wedded to a man that her parents would assign to her.

That wouldn't be till later on, so I don't have to worry about that now. She was all alone on the hallway, making her way down the stairway to the first floor from the second floor. Trailing the stair rail with her fingertips she felt it disappear even when she knew she had reached the end of the stairs. Going down to the north side of the Main Floor she could see the library doors closed. Few lights were on around the doors making the light brown walls glow warmly at her, beckoning her to come forward.

There was a thin string of light with a shade of black underneath the doorway peeking through. There were no maids or guards near the double doors to open them for her so she grabs the doorknob and open it herself. The lights were turn on from the ceiling and there was a fire turned on in the fireplace just by her hearing a crackling and popping sounds coming from the fire, hided from the bookshelves. All the bookshelves were fill top to bottom with books, all different in sizes and hues that some were collecting more dust than the others.

Francoise entered the warm room and made her way to where her parents were probably were at: sitting down near the fireplace on the other side of the room. They were exactly where she had thought they would be at. Her mother was looking up on the fireplace wall where a painting of a house near a small river was hanging. Her father was reading a long paper with his reading glasses on while his smoking pipe was hanging between his fingers in his right hand unused.

Clasping her hands together in front of her she clear her throat and said softly, "Father, Mother you wanted to see me?" They both snap out of their traces and look at her. Smiling at how their young daughter look beautifully in that dress in the fire's light.

"Francoise, my daughter, glad to know you like that dress, and to wear it for us to see you in it," Francoise's father cheerfully cried out. "You must have read the letter then. Good, good! It will make it easier for us to talk to you."

Francoise's face fell. There was a letter in my room, how could I have missed it? "What do you mean Father? What letter?"

Her parents look at each other before her mother spoke to her.

"Your fiancé, Sir Carl, had sent you that dress for you to wear when he gets here dear—which will be two days from now, sometime at the noon he will arrive." Francoise was speechless on those words; her mouth was a bit open but she quickly closed it into a thin smile.

So I'll have to marry an older man after my birthday, Francoise sadly thought, it's that a nice surprise to me? She had meet Carl once before but she was only ten years old and he was twenty-four years old yet she can't really remember how he look like expect she knew that she didn't like him at all.

Then who do I like? Francoise questioned to herself, frowning. Without a warning an image of Joe flashes in her mind. Joe? Why would I think of him? She realizes that her parents were waiting for her to say something for a while now.

Down casting her sea-green eyes to the carpet floor she asks them a question from her mind that had pop out, "Must I be wed to him if I don't love him?" Putting her hands together to stop them from shaking or trembling she took a breath. Don't cry, Francoise thought to herself, I am a strong lady and I will not cry just because I going to be wed to someone I don't really know. I knew this was to happen since I was a little girl.

"Yes," Her mother replied calmly. "Don't worry if you don't love him right now; you will love him soon in enough, my dear."

Her father spoke up,"Besides it will keep us rich and living like this Francoise!"

She didn't want to hear anymore. She had to leave or else she will lose control! Saying a quick good night to her parents she took off from that room, not stopping when her parents call her back. Passing and dodging every maid or servant the tears were starting to fall one by one down her cheeks.

Once she was at her room she closed the door and locked it in place. She kicked her shoes off and fell on top of her bed. Pulling a pillow underneath her head she closed her eyes and silently cried herself to fall sleep.

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