So this is my first fanfiction - please be kind! Also, if you can let me know whether it's worth me continuing or not, I'd appreciate the feedback.

It had been an exhausting night. Callie had been paged to the hospital at two in the morning after a car crash that had left a drunk driver dead on the scene and the entire family he had crashed into fighting for their lives. Three back-to-back surgeries later, she flopped down on one of the couches in the attending's lounge.

"Torres, you look wiped out, when are you off?" came the voice of her best friend Mark Sloan, Callie looked up to see him leaning against the doorway with a cup of coffee and brown paper bag in his hand.

Callie just grunted in his direction, too tired to form coherent sentences right now. Mark walked over the couch where Callie was sprawled out and placed the coffee and paper bag on the table, "I heard about the RTA and figured you could use a pick me up". The aroma of the coffee pulled Callie out of her reverie and she sat up, thanked Mark, took a sip and sighed in pleasure as the hot liquid hit the spot. "So when are you off?" Mark repeated.

"I'm not even officially on yet" Callie replied. "I got paged in last night and I have a sixteen hour shift starting in", she checked her watch and groaned, "three hours". Callie peeked into the paper bag to find a glazed doughnut which she promptly took a large bite out of, "okay this tastes amazing and that coffee is definitely not from the cafeteria, where did you get these from?" she asked Mark.

"There's a new coffee shop that's just opened up around the corner, it's only been open a few days but it's a great place" Mark replied.

Callie stretched and stifled yet another yawn, "right well I'm going to grab some sleep before my shift starts" and with that she dragged herself off the couch and into the nearest on-call room.

Callie dosed in and out of sleep for two hours until she finally gave up trying, she was still exhausted but she just didn't sleep well any more with too many unhappy thoughts running through her head. Instead she decided that she would definitely need another coffee and some food before her shift started in an hour and the cafeteria just wouldn't cut it, what was the name of that place Mark had mentioned? As Callie came out of the on-call room she noticed that Mark was on the surgical board so she made her way over to OR Two.

"Torres! Here to see God at work?!" Mark boomed from behind his surgical mask.

"I don't think a boob job counts as God's work" Callie quipped, "I just wanted to know the name of that place you got my coffee from this morning?".

"It's called The Press and it's on the corner of Maddison, it was packed when I was their this morning though – hey listen, do you want to get a drink at Joe's tomorrow night? We can go cruising for some ladies!", Mark asked.

"Maybe another time" Callie mumbled as she turned to leave.

"Callie wait!", Mark called out. "Listen, we don't have to go cruising for anything, I know you're not ready for that and I know things have been tough lately but I miss you, I miss my best friend Torres and this existence you're leading lately just isn't healthy and it's just not you" Mark said looking at his friend with concern.

Callie scrunched her eyes closed and sighed, not ready for this conversation at all, "I appreciate your concern but I'm just not... I just can't right now okay?" and with that Callie turned on her heels and marched out of the OR.

The door jingled as Callie entered The Press, not that anyone could hear it, Mark had been right, this place was very busy but Callie liked the place instantly, it had a warm, welcoming feeling no matter how much hustle appeared to be going on. Just as Callie had reached the front of the line the lady behind the counter said "are you wanting to eat in? Because we don't have any free tables at the minute I'm afraid, you're welcome to wait though?".

Callie looked at her watch and just as she was coming to the conclusion that she would have to settle for the hospital cafeteria she heard a soft voice call out "you're welcome to sit here if you like? I'm here alone and there is plenty of room".

Callie looked around for the direction of the voice to find a stunning blonde woman with the most striking blue eyes that Callie had ever seen looking straight at her. After a few seconds Callie realised that she had been staring, words Callie, make words! she thought to herself. The blonde woman's expression soon went from polite to to quizzical as Callie remained mute in her presence, she soon managed to engage her brain and walk over to the booth in the corner where the blonde was sat. "Uh, thanks. I really didn't fancy having to subject myself to the cafeteria food where I work", Callie managed to spit out, her mouth just didn't seem to be working properly. The blonde just smiled politely at Callie before returning to her stack of pancakes and crossword that she appeared to be immersed in.

It had been a long time since Callie had felt was she was feeling as she sat across the table from the blonde. This woman was gorgeous, there was no other word for it, in fact, there were lots of other words to describe the beauty of this woman and they were all currently running through Callie's head while she stole surreptitious glances at the blonde as often as she could get away with. Or at least she thought she was getting away with it, "do I have food stuck in my teeth or something?", the blonde asked without looking up from her crossword.

"Huh?" was all Callie could eek out, smooth Torres, real smooth.

"Well you keeping looking at me and I was just wondering why?".

Callie could feel a furious blush come across her cheeks as she was busted from her silent perving on the woman in front of her. "I uh, I wasn't, I mean" she stammered trying to latch on to some excuse, "I was looking at that picture behind you, yeah, it's lovely".

The blonde shifted in her seat to look at the picture behind her head, it was a picture of a coffee cup, just a coffee cup, the blonde simply raised an eyebrow and said "okay then". They continued to stare at each other, all the while Callie was wondering what the blonde was thinking. They were soon interrupted when the waitress brought Callie her food and by the time she had left, the blonde had returned to her crossword.

Callie was thinking that she should just eat her food and leave before she embarrasses herself again in front of the beauty that sat before her, for all Callie new this woman was probably straight but she just couldn't bring herself to leave. There was something about this woman that she couldn't describe, like the fog she had been lost in for so long was lifted. So instead she sucked in a breath and stated, "I think that we got off to the wrong start, Hi my name is Callie, it's very nice to meet you" and offered her hand out.

The blonde looked at the offered hand for a moment but didn't take the greeting, instead she said "I didn't realise that we were starting anything" she stated, at the look of mortification on Callie's face the blonde let out a tinkling laugh with dimples that made Callie fall just a little bit more under this woman's spell. "Relax Callie, I'm teasing, it's very nice to meet you too. Are you always this articulate in social situations?".

As the blonde took the offered hand, Callie immediately felt a jolt that caused her heart to race, something she hadn't felt in a long time and certainly never after such a short space of time in the presence of another person. Callie grinned at the woman and said "I promise I am not usually this inept at making conversation". Callie paused as she made her decision, "listen, can I buy you another cup of coffee?", she held her breath as the blonde looked at her for a moment, only releasing her breath when the woman flashed her a dazzling smile and opened her mouth to say something. Just at that moment Callie pager started bleeping, "Dammit" Callie muttered to herself as she saw that it was a 911, "I'm sorry but I'm a doctor and I'm being paged back to the hospital, I know this is a little forward but maybe I could buy you that coffee another...", Callie's voice trailed off as she caught the look of anguish on the other woman's face.

"Your a doctor?" the blonde whispered.

"Uh yeah I am" Callie responded feeling thoroughly confused at the woman's new demeanour. She cursed as her pager went off again, "so about that coffee"?, Callie asked.

"No thank you" the blonde replied before beginning to pack up her things.

Callie felt herself deflate, she could have sworn that blonde was going to say yes before they had been disturbed by her pager, "Oh okay then".

As Callie's pager blared for the third time the blonde looked even more tense "I think you should get that" she snapped at Callie.

"Yeah" Callie said, "Thanks for letting me share the table" and with that she walked out of the coffee shop.

The blonde packed up her things and made to stand up, reaching out for the cane that had been hidden from view behind the booth she was sat in. She used the cane to haul herself up, all the while putting most of her weight on her right leg before balancing out on the prosthetic where her left leg had been only a few months before. She looked up when she heard the tinkle of the door to the shop only to see the miraculously beautiful woman she had spend that last hour with walking back towards her.

"Can you at least tell me your name?", the Latina asked, too immersed in the blondes shockingly blue eyes to notice the cane that had fallen to the floor. Callie sighed as the blonde remained silent with only an appraising look on her as though she were judging her, "okay then" Callie said before turning and leaving once more.

The blonde stared at the doorway that the raven haired beauty had just exited from and whispered, "Arizona. My name is Arizona".