Invisible Magic

Summary: When Harry Potter was 9, he was involved in a car crash with the Dursleys who died on site. Everyone believed him to be dead while Harry was raised in a way Dumbledore surely would not approve of. At the sorting ceremonie six years later the wizarding world got the shock of their lives to see their BWL still alive. Dark Harry. Harry/Draco friendship, eventually slash. Horcruxes do not exist (Voldemort really is dead).

Genre: Romance/humour

Warning: Slash, but nothing too explicit. Dumbledore & Weasley bashing.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters. I'm just sending them off to a different universe.

A/N: This is going to be my first chaptered fic. In this storey Voldemort died at that faithful night when Harry was a baby and had no horcruxes in order to revive himself. If anyone has any more questions about the history of this universe, you are welcome to ask so I can clear up any confusions some of you might have.

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Chapter 1

Harry POV:

Harry was sitting cramped up in the cupboard under the stairs when he heard his fat uncle screaming at him and kicking his door. "Get up you lazy, useless boy. We don't have all day. I want to see you in five minutes outside ready to go." He immediately started pulling on his nicest clothes, which were the least loose of the second hand clothes he got from his cousin Dudley, and scrambled out of his cupboard. He knew how easily his uncle could get enraged by him and didn't want to start getting him mad so early in the morning already. He didn't have food in over three days and certainly wasn't planning on spending another one starving and locked up in his cupboard.

In a matter of three minutes, he was standing outside of the house waiting for the rest of his "family" to get ready. They ended up needing 20 more minutes in order to get ready.

When the rest of his family finally came out of the house, Vernon took Harry by the sleeve and dragged him behind the red car. "I wan't you to be on your best behaviour today. This is Dudley's special day to go to the fun park where I want everything to be perfect. This means no talking, no wandering off and I definitely don't want any of your freakishness showing either." Harry stared at his uncle with wide eyes and just nodded. His uncle's eyes narrowed to tiny slits while saying in low threatening tones, "If I even see so much as a tiny light bulb flickering, there will be no food for you for a week." Harry who knew his uncles words to be dead serious was quick to reply with a "Yes sir".

Uncle Vernon nodded his head and threw Harry into the backseat of the car.

S. Snape POV:

Severus who was under a disillusionment charm watched the fat man who called himself Harr..Potters caretaker shout at the little boy before heading with his equally fat son to a fun park. Severus' sneered at the car in distaste as it drove away.

He had watched Harr…Potter…oh for Merlins sake, Harry goddammit. He had watched Harry living with his muggle family for weeks now and he just couldn't bring himself to call him Potter anymore. It was Lucius who first suggested watching the "Potter boy" for a while. Lucius was very adamant about trying to free Harry from the headmasters influence. He wanted Harry to grow up as the pureblood that he is and maybe "mould his more cunning side, if you know what I mean". Severus shook his head. He only reluctantly agreed to this in the first place, as he knew that James would be rolling in his grave if he would be able to sway James' golden-boy to behave like the proper pure-blood he is.

Their plan was to analyse harry's upbringing, so that they would know which methods to use in order to bring him over to their side.

The first time Severus came to Privet Drive to spy on Harry, he was utterly shocked. He expected him to live the life of a spoilt arrogant brat who got whatever he asked for whenever he wanted. What he witnessed was something he didn't expect at all.

He saw the boy being starved, beaten and put to work until his hands bled. He saw Harry being teased by bullies and what angered Severus the most is, that Harry was completely ignorant of the wizarding world and was being punished for any magical talent that he showed. To say that Severus was livid was an understatement. He knew this was all the headmasters doing. 'Clever,' Severus thought. 'The headmaster knew the boy could be easily manipulated if he came from such a household'.

After this shocking revelation, Severus decided he would do everything in his power in order to rip Harry from Dumbledore's clutches.

When Severus couldn't see the red car of Harry's muggle relatives anymore, he decided to follow them with his broom. Still under the disillusionment charm he raced after the car at a 50m distance. After 20 minutes of following the small family car, he saw a blue Polo classic loosing control on the opposite lane of the car Harry sat in. Before Severus could react in any way, he saw in disbelieving horror how the Polo rammed into the red car making it spin out of control, off the lane and hit a big oak tree at the side of the road.

Everything was silent before the car with Harry in it suddenly burst aflame. This broke Severus out of his stupor and with shaking hands he descended to the ground and raced to the car to check for any survivors. The Dursleys and the driver of the Polo all seemed to have been killed the moment the car crashed. None of them semmed to have worn their seatbelts.'Stupid muggles,' Severus thinks. When he reaches Harry, he is relieved to feel a weak pulse on him. 'Thank god for magic'.

Severus carefully carried the small unconscious body out of the car, took him in his arms and flew off with him on his broom. As an afterthought he incinerated the other car as well in order to ensure it looking as if all bodies have been burned to dust and getting rid of the evidence in the process.

He would bring Harry to the Malfoys. They had a decent mediwitch who would not blab and would ensure Harry's safety.

Severus looked at the boy who seemed to be more or less stable and smiled. 'It looks as if getting the boy out of Dumbledore's clutches was easier than I thought.'

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