Invisible Magic

Summary: When Harry Potter was 9, he was involved in a car crash with the Dursleys who died on site. Everyone believed him to be dead while Harry was raised in a way Dumbledore surely would not approve of. At the sorting ceremony six years later the wizarding world got the shock of their lives to see their BWL still alive. Dark Harry. Harry/Draco friendship, eventually slash. Horcruxes do not exist (Voldemort really is dead).

Genre: Romance/humour

Warning: Slash, but nothing too explicit. Dumbledore & Weasley bashing.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to me, I think we all know that by now though.

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Chapter 3

Harry POV:

It's been now three weeks since Harry has woken up in the Malfoy manor and Harry was still trying to wrap his head around everything he has been told from Severus and Lucius. They said he could call them by their first names in privacy, but if he was in public he should call them Professor Snape and Lord Malfoy. Apparently it is pureblood etiquette.

Harry still couldn't believe that he was a wizard and that he could finally have a place to live where he would feel welcome. It was like a dream come true and it all finally made sense now. He always wondered why he could do things like set the curtains on fire or heal very fast when he had gotten a beating from his uncle. Severus said that Harry was going to be staying with him in his Manor to properly train how to be a powerful pureblood wizard before he would join with the rest of the wizzarding world. He had asked him why he couldn't immediately live in the presence of other wizards to which Severus explained to him how they would exploit and manipulate him because he was inexperienced. It made sense to Harry and he did feel the need to be better prepared before meeting more trained wizards. Finally he felt like he fit into the world he was living in and he was going to try as he hard as he could to make sure that he would gain approval from Severus and Lucius at all costs.

Today Severus had said that he was going to go through a few tests with Harry in order to see what his magical inclination was and how strong his magic actually was. Severus said it was necessary in order to train his magic with the proper techniques that suited his magic.

Harry was already very excited for this testing and he was currently sitting on a large couch in the third living room area of the Malfoy manor in order to wait for Severus.

While he was wondering what this testing would entail, Severus had silently creeped in through the door behind him. 'Severus probably thinks that he is going to surprise me, but really? I can feel his dark presence a mile away," Harry thought amusedly to himself.

Not waiting for Severus to do something, Harry casually drawled without turning around, "Really now Severus I thought you have learned by now, that there is no way you can creep up on me". Harry heard a silent "damn" before Severus moved around the couch to sit opposite to Harry. Severus frowned at him. "I don't understand how you catch me out every single time. I was sure that I didn't make a sound this time". Harry rolled his eyes at him disbelievingly before replying, "And I thought I was the one who didn't know anything about the wizarding world. You told me yourself that everyone's magic is distinct and I clearly recognized your dark energy when you stepped into the room."

After he said that, Severus' mouth could be compared to that of a fish.

"What?" Harry asked him. "Hmm," Severus said with a glint in his eyes, "You shouldn't be able to do that yet. It usually takes wizard years to perfect the art of recognizing another wizard's magical signature". Now Harry was starting to become a little anxious. "Does that mean that I am a freak even in the wizarding world?" Harry asked a bit stressed.

Severus looked at him in a way that made him feel a bit better. "You are not a freak Harry," Severus said with certainty, "That just means that you are and are going to be a very powerful wizard. You should be ecstatic really as it also enables you to learn faster and you are able to do spells that weaker wizards are unable to do."

"Oh," Harry said with embarrassment. He couldn't believe that he got worked up over something so stupid.

"Don't worry about it," Severus said ",since you are a bit new to all of this, I can understand if you are a bit nervous about some things. Now however, I am very curious as to how your testing is going to go."

Severus then led Harry to a large room which was covered only in black tiles and had a few manikin's and other instruments he couldn't identify in it. Severus turned around and looked at him with an expectant expression. "Now, do you still have any last questions before we begin?" Harry thought about it and replied, "You were saying something about the inclination of my magic. What does that actually mean?"

Severus looked like he needed to think about how to explain it best before he answered, "Everybody's magic is different. There are three kinds of magic a person can have an inclination for. Namely Dark magic, neutral magic and light magic. Now, there is neither good nor bad magic. Dark magic is mainly called dark, because a dark wizard who practices dark magic is generally attracted to the dark. This does however not make it bad or even evil. A dark spell can kill someone just as easily as a light spell can. Neutral magic is usually practised by muggleborns, as they have no parents that are magical and could pass on the inclination for either dark or light magic.

Some people are more neutral while others can be extremely dark or extremely light. I for an instance am a very dark wizard, which mainly stems from coming from an ancient dark family. The exercises we will be doing today will test were your inclination lies, although I do suspect you having an inclination for light magic, as both your parents were light wizards."

By the end of Severus' long lecture, Harry was extremely intrigued and he could only nod in wonder. "Okay then," Severus broke Harry out of his thoughts ", let us begin."

Severus led Harry to a long black table that had many different objects such as vases, cutlery, gemstones and other curiosities placed on it. "What am I supposed to do with these?" Harry asked in confusion.

Severus raised an eyebrow and replied, "In order to know which kind of magic lies within you, we need to see your reaction to different kinds of magic. I want you to touch each object and concentrate on what you feel when you touch them. After you have touched all object, you will tell me exactly which object made you feel in what kind of way."

Harry looked at the objects doubtingly, but proceeded to do as Severus had told him. Every time he touched an object, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling the energies of the objects gave him. 'Severus is right' Harry thought, some felt so uncomfortable to him, that it nearly felt like he was physically being burnt while others made him feel like he was being caressed and protected.

When Harry was done, he opened his eyes and saw Severus looking expectantly at him.

"Alright," Severus said rather impatiently, "tell me what you felt then."

Harry scrunched up his nose in order to exactly remember his reaction to all the objects before he began. "Well, umm… the first vase, the gilded fork and the blue stone felt pretty normal. I could feel the energy within them, but they didn't affect me in any way. I am not sure why."

"That is, because these objects were enchanted with neutral magic which usually affects muggleborns only," Severus said, "at least now we know that you don't only have a light affinity, but rather a very strong affinity to either the dark or the light."

Harry stood silent with a thoughtful expression before he continued. "Then the second vase, the gilded spoon, the purple stone and the red figurine made me feel horrible. It felt almost like acid washing over me when I touched those items and I had this nauseating sickly sweet taste in my mouth. Was that the dark magic?"

"No, I wasn't," Severus answered him with a very confused and thoughtful expression on his face, "It was the light magic that was spelled into these objects. That is very odd. That means that you have an affinity for dark magic even though both of your parents were light wizards."

Severus was pacing the room for the next 10 minutes mumbling on about heritage and what not before he turned around and faced Harry again with a question on his lips. "Tell me what you felt when you were touching the objects imbued with dark magic."

Harry thought back to that wonderful feeling he got before he answered, "It gave me a wonderful feeling that left me longing for it after it was gone. I felt really safe when the energy was swirling around in my body and I felt a connection with it."

"It seems as though my guesses are correct," Severus said, "You are not only a dark wizard. You are a very dark and also very powerful wizard. It looks like I will have to rethink my training strategies as I had you as a light wizard in mind."

"And you can determine all of that by me touching a few objects?" Harry asked disbelievingly.

Severus looked at him slightly insulted and said, "Of course I can. Salazar Slytherin himself developed this technique to test his scholars."

"Sorry," Harry Backtracked, "So what will I be doing now?"

"Now," Severus said while leading Harry out of the training room into his personal study, "now we are going to do one of the most exciting things a wizard does in his life. We will purchase the perfect wand for you in Knockturn Alley. I first wanted to take you to Ollivander's, but since you are a dark wizard, I believe Knockturn Alley to be the more appropriate option."

If Harry was excited before, it was nothing to how excited he was now, now that he was going to get his actual wand. Severus passed him floo powder, which he learned about a few days ago, before they disappeared with a shout of "Knockturn Alley".


"Everything seems so dark and secretive here," Harry said as they were sweeping through the streets of Knockturn Alley. Severus replied softly, "This is the main shopping area of dark wizards. Dark wizards are seen as taboo in the wizarding world at the moment. What did you expect?"

"Right," Harry said before they stepped into a dark ominous store called 'Lord Lorian's Wands. The store was as dark as everything else in the alley and the only light was a dim one that hung over the store's counter.

"Ahh Severus, it is nice to see you again," a dark powerful voice said from the back of the store, before a tall thin man dressed in a black robe stepped into the light. 'That must be Lord Lorian then,' Harry thought. When Lord Lorian stood in front of them, he raised his hood off his head and bowed to both of them. "I assume this is not a social visit then Severus," Lorian said softly while glancing at Harry who was standing next to Severus. "So, what can I do for you today?"

Severus returned the bow to Lorian before replying, "Indeed Vadimir, I did not come here for a talk, but young Harry here needs to purchase one of your finest wands here today."

It seemed as if those words have awakened a light within Lorian, as he suddenly had a bright, if not slightly scary, smile on his face and took Harry by the arm to lead him to the back of his store. "It always enlightens me to be able to choose the perfect wand for a fellow dark wizard," Lorian said while sliding out more than a dozen boxes out of a shelf.

Then a small dwarf looking creature came up to Harry and started measuring all sorts of his body parts, including the length of his teeth.

"This will be especially enjoyable today, seeing as you have a light wizard parent and you seem to be a particularly dark wizard."

"Wait, how did you know that?" Harry asked, but he never got a reply as Lorian just continued inspecting wands, murmuring to himself and selecting a few to lay them on a table. After about 5 minutes Lorian pressed a thin brown wand in his hand before saying, "12 inch Hawthorn wood with a veela hair's core. Well then, give it a wave."

As Severus already explained the wand choosing process, Harry knew what to do and gave the wand a big wave. Immediately all the windows exploded in the room and Lorian quickly snatched the wand out of his hands again. "Evidently not that one," Lorian said with glee while clapping his hands. Harry really couldn't understand how somebody could be happy if a customer broke all his windows. 'It must be a wizard thing' Harry thought as Lorian came back with a new wand. "Alright," he said, "try this one then. 13 inch Ash wood with a dragon heartstring core."

This time the ceiling suddenly started dripping with black sludge. 'Looks like this isn't the right one either' Harry thought while he was trying to dodge all the sludge raining down upon them.

The same procedure went on for 42 more wands without success before Lorian said "Enough!"

Harry looked at him with a shocked expression. "Does that mean I don't get a wand?" he asked and looked at Severus slightly despairingly.

"Do not fret young Harry," Lorian said, "I simply have gathered that you need something more powerful to channel your energy. I can't believe I haven't seen this before."

"What do you mean Vadimir?" asked Severus who himself was starting to become slightly worried.

"I mean, that Harry needs a custom made wand that contains more than one core. Follow me to the back room," Lorian said and then opened a hidden door next to the shelf.

Harry didn't understand why Severus seemed so stumped, but he guessed that a custom made wand was a rare occurrence. 'So much for being a normal wizard,' he thought.

When they were in the back room, Lorian showed them to two tables standing next to each other. The one table had a whole lot of different wooden sticks on it, while the other table contained scales, hairs and other things Harry didn't recognise.

Lorian looked at Harry and said, "Now, I want you to concentrate on all those different woods on the first table and then I want you to tell me which wood you feel most connected to. When you have done that, I want you to do the same with the wand cores on the other table."

Harry closed his eyes, and did the same thing he did that morning when Severus was testing him for his inclination. When he was certain of his preferences, he pointed to all the objects that he felt truly connected to.

"Hmm," Lorian said, "this will be a truly powerful dark wand that you will be wielding."

Then Lorian began to chant in Latin and all the selected objects started to lift into the air, move towards each other and then fuse together to form a black sleek wand. Lorian then handed it to Harry and in his hands it started to glow darkly and he felt a rush of power flow through his body.

"Yes," Lorian said eerily quietly, "this is the perfect wand for you. 12 inch Blackwood with three cores of a basilisk's tooth, a dragon's heartstring and the scale of a wyvern. This truly is the most powerful wand I have ever created for anyone."

Harry was so relieved to finally have gotten a wand, that he didn't even notice Severus paying and then leading him out the store until Severus said, "Alright Harry, let us head to Spinner's End so that you can make yourself start to feel at home."

They used the floo again to arrive at Severus' manor. Since Harry didn't own anything beforehand, he didn't need to fetch anything from the Malfoy's manor.

Severus showed him to a large homey room that was going to be his in the foreseeable future.

"Make yourself at home," Severus told Harry, "I will be in my potions lab, so I ask you not to disturb me there. I will be out by four." With those words Severus almost made haste to his potions lab.

S. Snape POV:

Severus walked as fast as he could towards his potions lab. In his hand he had one of Harry's hair clutched. 'It just doesn't add up' Severus raged in his head. 'Lilly and James Potter were both very light wizards and yet Harry Potter is very much the opposite. And then there was this incident in the wand store. Vadimir had said that he had a light wizard parent and not that he had light wizard parents'.

Severus had to see for himself what exactly was going on, so he was going to brew a parentage potion. For that he would need Harry's hair which he had plucked from him when he was too preoccupied with his wand to notice. Thankfully he still had a parentage potion in stock. Those always took ages to brew.

In his lab he fetched the needed potion from one of his abundant cabinets and laid out a parchment on his brewing table. He opened the vial and placed harry's strand of hair into the potion. He waited for the potion to turn from its green state into a clear liquid, before he poured the contents onto the parchment. After a few minutes the results started to appear on the parchment and Severus' vial shattered on the floor as he looked upon the shocking revelation. 'How is this possible?'

Full name: Harry James Potter

Blood status: Pureblood

Father: James Potter (Pureblood)

Mother: Viperia Slytherin (Pureblood)

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