Wolf Lake

Episode 10

Luke has just thrown Sophie's date off her, and in return Sophie threw Luke onto his car. Her eyes won't stop flipping, and Luke notices. In the street in front of the pizza joint.

Sophia: Scott I'm so sorry, you should probably just go. (Starts to cry) I'll be fine.

Scott: Ok. I'll call you later. (Tyler walks away)

Luke: Sophie you can't stop it!

Sophia: Luke it's none of your concern, leave me alone.

Luke: Sophie I don't think you understand who I am

Sophia: No, I know exactly who you are, Luke, you are a possessive jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself. (Starts walking away)

Luke: Sophie! Wait, just listen to me.

Sophia: why should I? You've never told me anything worth while, everytime I talk to you I'm left more confused. What could you possibly say to me that I need to hear? (People are starting to stare)

Luke: You need to hear this, can we go somewhere else?

Sophia: Luke…I

Luke: (walks over to Sophie and puts his hands on her arms) Please I'll go wherever you want you just have to hear this, please!

Sophia: Ok fine, just let go of me. (Luke smiles) Don't get too excited we're going to my house. (Luke still smiles)

Sophia and luke are in her house standing around the couch.

Luke: Are we going to sit down? (Taking a step towards sophie)

Sophia: (Slides away from Luke's advances) No, I think your mouth still works standing up.

Luke: (Smiles) Alright, once you hear what I have to say you'll change your mind.

Sophia: Before you make me sick (Makes a disgusted face) start talking.

Luke: Has your father told you anything about your second nature?

Sophia: No, he has left that conveniently out of my upbringing. You know I'm only half right? He thinks I won't change.

Luke: I've done my research. Did you know our pack history is written down?

Sophia: What that's insane! How could it be written down and why doesn't anyone else know about it?! And How could you have read it?

Luke: (Scoofs) That's why I wanted to talk to you. You've heard of the alpha at least, I mean that's one myth that is true.

Sophia: Ok yes, I know there is an alpha in the pack.

Luke: Sophie I am the alpha, and you are my mate.

Sophia: (face drops, she sits on the couch with her mouth open) That's not possible Luke, out of all the girls in the pack why do I have to be your mate?

Luke: Time for another legend… This one's much less well known, Sophie, have you ever heard of the white wolf?

Sophia: I can't be the white wolf! Ruby has the gene, I thought only the white wolf herself could give birth to another.

Luke: Yeah that's written down in the book too.

Sophia: (Stands up and walks around the couch) Luke wouldn't you have thought that book would have helped me in understanding this, accepting it? How can you just stand there and tell me all this without proof? I knew you were horny but this is a new low even for you.

Luke: Dammit Sophie can't you just forget about the Hill for one second? I'm sorry I didn't want you to see that it was before I realized who you were.

Sophia: So you know who I am before I do? Great, this is wonderful. (She sits back down on the couch in a huff, putting her hand over her face and burying it in her knees)

Luke: (Sits down next to Sophie and starts rubbing her back)

Sophia: (Tries to shrug Luke off)

Luke: (Huggs Sophie with strong arms, not letting her wriggle out of it) Please Sophie, let me help you.

Sophia: How can you be thinking about sex at a time like this?

Luke: For once I'm not, I want to take you to my house.

Sophia: What? (Whipping away tears) And you're not trying to sleep with me?

Luke: That's not what I'm saying, I'm always thinking about that. Come on, we'll have to walk though you kind of ruined my windshield…(laughs a bit)

Sophia: (smiles shyly) It was well deserved, you did throw my date to the floor!

Luke: I didn't mean to hurt him, you saw how hard it was to control your strength. Once I found out who you were I couldn't stand you being with anyone else.

Sophia: Lets just drop it Luke, I need to see that book.

Luke: I said I'd take you to my house , you can't read it.

Sophia: Lucas what the hell! (Angry hand motion) I thought you were done playing games with me.

Luke: When did I say that? (smiles)

Sophia: Whatever, you can leave now. My dad's going to be home soon. (starts walking towards the door, holds it open)

Luke: Sophie, I don't want to leave. You can't, please. (pleading look) This is your life I need you to know I can't keep it to myself anymore.

Sophia: Luke you've tried this before about three times now. What would you have me do? I told you in the beginning that I wouldn't let you treat me like one of your play things.

Luke: (Stops her) I'm sorry. Your father is almost home, he can't see me here. Remember that night I came through your window?

Sophia: Yes, and then ignored me the next day?

Luke: Yeah I won't do that again. But I will come to see you, keep your window open tonight. (Opens the door)

Sophia: I won't hold my breath. (Rolls her eyes)

Luke: (standing outside, holding onto the door, Sophie is inside doing the same) I will earn your trust back, I promise. (closes the door)

Tyler Creed is pacing in his house thinking about where Ruby could be hiding this time. He has a guard posted outside John's house so she's not leaving town any time soon.

Tyler: (Aside) why can't she just accept that we are supposed to be together? That's how it has always been since we were teenagers, we were the strongest meant to be together. I can't lose her again.

Buddy: Tyler we've been looking everywhere, don't you think you should just give up.

Tyler: (Eyes glow golden, he snarls) Never, she is my wife Buddy, my mate, and I am never going to stop looking for her. But I think it is time I started looking myself you idiots obviously can't handle this simple of a task. I mean you couldn't even keep her locked up! (Storms off, taking his clothes off as he gets to the backdoor, he flips)

Tyler is running, visiting every spot him and Ruby used to go to on their late night runs.

Why couldn't she just remember how good it used to be? Living in the pack was not that terrible she would practically be queen ruling at his side! I love her I do, I just don't know how to make her love me again.

There she is standing at the bottom of the revine he remembered so well practically waiting for him, as he approached she didn't even flinch.

Talking to her through the pack link: Tyler: I've been looking everywhere for you. Please come home.

Ruby: home?! You call being a hostage being at home? Why won't you let me leave? I married you, I agreed to stay.

Tyler: Ruby I can't take the chance of you walking out on us again. We need you, you are our white wolf the strongest female and I need you by my side as the strongest male. The pack looks up to us they need you here to help them survive.

Ruby switched back to human form standing naked in front of tyler's wolf form. Tyler quickly changed himself just looking into her eyes begging to be let in to her head, understand what he did that was so horrible to her.

Tyler: Ruby I've missed you please come back, I want you in my life.

Ruby: (Walking in a circle around Tyler) You can never make me happy. Everything you do is to get ahead you can't just be can you? I want a quiet life Tyler I didn't ask to have white fur I was not expecting to be given such responsibility.

Tyler: (moving closer to Ruby, he places his hands on her shoulder) I'm sorry, you can't change it. (Gives her a hug) But I want to help you deal with it. Please let me show you who I am again.

Ruby: (Crying into Tyler's shoulder) Tyler I love him, you have to know that.

Tyler: You can never be yourself with him. It would have never worked. What would have happened if you had children, look at Sophia Luke says she's about to change. You would not have been able to escape your fate for long. Sooner or later you would have had to return to the pack.

Ruby: (Pulls away from tyler with a hurt look on her face) Couldn't you have waited till that day? Why was I dragged here. If you were so certain I would have come crawling back why couldn't you just wait?

Tyler: (Following Ruby trying to lock eyes with her) I couldn't wait. I needed my mate with me. Even if you question my reasons for bringing you back you can't question my love for you. I was your first, we are meant to be together. You cannot deny your feelings for me Ruby! (His eyes start to glow)

Ruby: (finally stops moving and allows Tyler to put his hands on her cheeks) That was a long time ago, I have grown up.

Tyler: (locking eyes with Ruby) At least let me show you how I feel. (he leans in to kiss her waiting for the explosion, but there is none.)

He kisses her slowly, gently letting it sink in. She is naked and her skin gently rubs against his, a small whimper escapes her lips. He pulls back and see that she is crying.

Tyler: What is it?

Ruby: what are we going to do about John?

Tyler: (huge smile, kisses her one more time a quick peck) Why don't we go home and discuss that. No guards this time. (rests his forehead on Ruby's) Thank you.

Tyler and Ruby change back to wolf form and start running toward home. Sophia is sleeping in her room, but she wore her cute pajamas just in case Luke actually came to see her. Luke jumps through sophia's open window.

Luke: That a girl Soph I knew you'd leave it open.

Luke: (Standing naked in front of Sophia's bed) Sophia, Sophia!

Sophia: (Jerks awake and covers her eyes when she realizes Luke is naked) Jesus Luke you could have brought some pants with you or something. (Disgusted face, she hands luke a blanket)

Luke: I remembered how much you liked to see me naked so I figured you wouldn't mind. (Winks at her, then sits down on her bed. Sophia makes a gag noise) Anyway, have you thought about what I told you earlier?

Sophia: I tried not to. No matter what our legends say I am a half breed no body knows if I'll even flip. You can't be sure I'm your mate.

Luke: Oh you'll flip alright. It's just time for you to decide if you want it the easy way or the hard way.

Sophia: Gross Luke, I thought you were going to stop trying to sleep with me.

Luke: When did I say that? (Big smile on his face) I said what I was telling you wasn't to get you in bed I didn't say I wouldn't try other forms of persuasion. (He quickly bent down to kiss her, he caught her off guard.)

Luke put both hands of either side of Sophia's face keeping her firmly pressed against his lips, at first she refused to kiss him but as she heard him growl her instincts took over. He was massaging her tongue with his exploring her mouth and lips. He had waited a long time for this moment and he wasn't going to let it go easily.

Sophia: (firmly grabbed luke by the shoulders and pushed him backwards, wiping her mouth) Come on really?

Luke: (Smiling) I thought you'd like that.

Sophia: Well you thought wrong. Even if you've forgotten what happened on the hill I haven't I mean seriously Luke you cannot be that dense. Do you really think I'd jump at you because you showed up here with a story about us being inevitable mates?

Luke: (looking hurt) I'm sorry Sophia. I don't know what else to say.

Sophia: Its not what you say Luke its what you do.

Luke: Ok so tell me what I need to do.

Sophia: (rolling her eyes) I don't want to have to tell you Luke that's the whole point of liking someone. You like their actions, their thoughts, their friends. Its more complicated then me telling you what to do.

Luke: (a pained look on his face) You have to know I care about you. Please tell me you believe that.

Sophia: I believe you want to sleep with me. But as for me as a person, you don't even know who I am anymore.

Luke: You are still the girl who I used to play with when we were kids. The girl who wants to get out of this town go explore. I know you Sophia I really do.

Sophia: Then hang out with me.

Luke: Excuse me?

Sophia: Start hanging out with me, you want to be my friend maybe something more put in the effort.