Wolf Lake ep. 12

[Matt and Vivian in Vivian's office]

Vivian: Luke hasn't discussed any of this with me, I have no idea if he's serious or not. He just lost his father, he might be reaching out.

Matt: I'd prefer it if he reached in a different direction Vivian. (runs his fingers through his hair aggravatedly)

Vivian: Come on Matt, we weren't that much older when I knew how I felt about you. Is it that hard to believe she could be meant for Luke? That our children would find their way to each other because we never did?

Matt: Oh come on Vivian that's ridiculous. Everything I know about your son is bad news, and him sniffing around Sophia before she has even flipped does not look good.

Vivian: We can all smell it Matt, she's close. You need to stop fighting it and start preparing her. You can't stop it.

Matt: Dammit Vivian. I promised her mother she'd be normal. This isn't how her life is supposed to be!

Vivian: I know Matt, but this is what her life is. You telling her all about her normal life is making it more difficult for her to flip and the longer she waits the more dangerous it becomes, you know that.

Matt: Just try and find out what Luke's intentions are, please. I'll check in soon.

Matt walks out the door before Vivian can respond.

There is only ten minutes left before lunch. I never thought I'd wish geography would go over time, but I'd rather keep the image of Luke in my head begging me to let him hold my hand than the reality of him forgetting about lunch. I wish he'd stay like this, but he's so hot and cold I wouldn't put it past him to up and change his mind. Oh no, the bell…

When Sophia walks out of class last, she doesn't see Luke leaning against the lockers and starts walking towards the lunchroom.

Luke: Man, I knew you didn't believe me, but I'm not an illusion Sophia.

Sophia stops mid-step and turns to see Luke laughing while walking towards her. Luke takes her books and puts his arm around her.

Luke: (puts his nose against Sophia's) Hey.

Sophia: (Shocked look on her face) Uh hi. I wasn't sure you'd show up.

Luke: Yeah I figured as much, but now that I am here let's make the best of it. (winks and leans in for a kiss)

Sophia: (Lets Luke kiss her very softly) So…lunch.

Luke: Yeah, I figured I'd take you off campus.

Sophia: Luke, I can't leave school. I'm not pack it doesn't work that way for me.

Luke: You'll see.

Luke takes Sophia's hand and walks her out the front door past the security guard who gives Luke a nod without saying a word. Sophia's mouth drops and she lets Luke drag her to his car still in shock.

Sophia: Well now I know why you're flunking most of your classes.

Luke: (leans against his red car and pulls Sophia against him in between his legs) You don't even know the half of it. (laughs)

Luke kisses Sophia long and deep keeping her body pressed against his.

Sophia: (pushes away from Luke and steps out of his reach) Ok, Luke you know that's not fair, I'm trying to understand exactly what you want out of this and so far I'm only picking up sex. Would you mind filling me in on the rest of it?

Luke: (Walks over to Sophia) Alright alright, I'll try and restrain myself, no promises though. Hop in. We're actually heading to my house, I figured you might like to see where I sleep. (laughs at Sophia's disgusted expression)

Sophia gets in the car, the same car Luke took her for that thrill ride in not so long ago. They drive to Luke's house, but Sophia is starting to worry about going inside.

Luke: Hey come on, I promise I won't bite. Not until you can handle it. (grins mischievously)

Ok I shouldn't be here, my dad would freak out if he knew…can I trust Luke? Once we're in his room will I be able to stop him? Will I want to stop him?

Luke: Get out of your head! You know when you flip I'll be able to hear your thoughts. (smirks)

Sophia: What! All of my thoughts? I figured it was only when we were in wolf form…(blanches)

Luke: (giggles) Well it depends on how deep of a connection you have with the other person, and mates are practically the same person. (grabs Sophia's hand) Come on turkey sandwiches await.

Sophia: I could eat something.

Luke: That's what I'm talking about! (leads her through the front door with a giant goofy grin)

Vivian: Well hello there Luke, nice to see you're studying hard. (unamused) Oh Sophia, it's nice to see you.

Luke: Hi mom, don't worry we will be back at school right after lunch! I doubt Sophia would let me skip anymore class, she's quit disappointed with my school attendance. (smiles softly at Sophia)

(Sophia blushes)

Vivian: Well I guess I could make you some sandwiches as you show Sophia around. (tightly smiles)

Luke: Really! Wow thanks mom, we won't be long. Could you make turkey?

Vivian: Sure thing. (watches them walk away and tears smart at her eyes)

Luke: So for the grand tour huh?

Sophia: I've been in your house before Luke…

Luke: Yeah but this time you get to see my room, and that is something to brag about. (Laughs at himself)

Sophia: (rolls her eyes) How can I argue with that?

Luke opens the double doors to his bedroom. The walls are dark blue and the floor is a dark wood. His bed is enormous with a canopy connected to the four giant wooden posts, covered in lighter blue bedding, with a ridiculous amount of fluffy pillows on top. He has pictures of him and his dad on the dark wood dresser and his clothes are scattered around.

Luke: (looking at Sophia expectantly) So what do you think?

Sophia: I think someone's bed is ridiculous…and comfortable? (Sophia jumps on the bed laughing)

Luke: (watches open mouthed and quickly follows)

Sophia: Hey, why was your mom so cool about me being here?

Luke: (keeping his distance on the bed) I think she likes you. I mean she thinks you'll be a good influence on me…

Sophia: Yeah and my dad hates you for the opposite reason. He's convinced you'll turn me to the dark side. So now would be the time to tell me what exactly you want.

Luke: (staring at Sophia with a scared expression) I don't want to scare you.

Sophia: What does that mean?

Luke: Ok well the point of having a mate is to get married and ya know all that. I haven't asked my mom what she thinks about it yet, but I know what I feel and once you flip you'll feel it too.

Sophia: So you want to marry me?

Luke: Well eventually yeah…the sooner the better I mean if I'm going to be alpha I need a strong women beside me and I also need the pack to know I'm committed to the future.

Sophia: (looks hurt) So I'm a means to an end? You are only pulling this mate crap so you can look good for the pack? (starts to get off the bed in a huff)

Luke growls and in a blink he's pinning Sophia to the bed with all his weight on her. Staring into her eyes.

Luke: No. You are mine and I want everyone to know it. I've been drawn to you for years and maybe subconsciously I knew why so I stayed away because I was scared, but I'm not scared anymore and you are what I want, screw the pack.

Sophia: (looks petrified) Luke…I…this is too much.

Sophia pushes Luke off her and is out the door before he can follow.

Sophia: Dad can you come get me? I'm at the Cates'.

Ruby is taking a shower while Tyler sleeps, she knows what she has to do but it isn't a pleasant thought. No matter what I feel for Tyler can I really tell John I don't want him? Maybe Tyler should go with me…at least that way I won't do anything I regret. But John has fought so hard for me, he at least deserves a proper goodbye. Ok I am going to the police station so he knows I'm not afraid to be seen and that I won't be hiding anymore.

Ruby walks over to sleeping Tyler and kisses him lightly on the forehead thinking how harmless he looks like this.

Ruby: If only you were like this all the time.

Ruby drives to the police station and thinks about her relationship with John.

Flashback: Ruby and John are in his apartment and he's proposing, she's so overjoyed jumping up and down. What John doesn't see is her face as he hugs her. She looks disturbed and it's because she can't stop thinking about Tyler.

Even then I knew we wouldn't work out. I prayed that somehow I would stop feeling a sense of absence that this nagging feeling would go away. No matter how angry I am at Tyler for the way he brought me here I know it was the right choice.

Ruby goes into the police station and heads directly for John's desk.

John: (Bewildered and ecstatic expression, jumps up to hug Ruby) You're here, I knew it I knew you were here this whole time!

Ruby: (puts her hands out in front of her to stop his advance) Hello John.

John: (looks beyond hurt and angry) Ruby why aren't you happy to see me, you look sad.

Ruby: John I'm sorry, living like I did with you was wrong. I always knew I'd end up back in Wolf Lake even when I agreed to marry you I knew deep down it would never happen.

John: What! Ruby they've brain washed you, we can leave right now I'll take you wherever you want to go.

Ruby: John I want to stay right here. I have something to tell you. (Ruby holds up her left hand)

John: (mouth drops open) You're married? But Ruby…

Ruby: I know I'm sorry I loved you, I really did. I thought I did. But you can't be part of my life you aren't the right person for me. I know you probably have the lowest opinion of Tyler possible, but I love him. I was too young to settle down, and that's why I ran from here, but after I realized that I wanted to get married it hit me that it was always going to be Tyler.

Hey readers, I was wondering if you like the story line with Tyler and Ruby or if you want me to add a double deception and have Ruby be playing tyler all along? Also does it make sense for Sophia and Luke to be happy right away or should there be a bit of separation before bliss?