Part Three

Eric remained kneeling on the mattress for a few moments after Pam fell into Tara's arms, looking down at the two women thoughtfully. However, when Pam buried her face in Tara's neck and tightened her arms around her progeny, nuzzling into Tara like she was trying to burrow her way into her, Eric knew that they were done for the night and he lowered himself onto the mattress beside Pam, settling down with his arm bent behind his head.

"You look pleased with yourself," Tara commented, looking at Eric over Pam's prone body.

She was sated and relaxed now, very relaxed, and after all that the three of them had all shared over the past few hours, hesitance and shyness were now concepts that Tara was no longer familiar with.

"Shouldn't I be?" Eric asked, turning his head to the side to meet Tara's eyes before his lips curved up cockily.

"You did aiight," Tara drawled nonchalantly, shrugging as if it weren't a thing.

"Alright?" Eric asked, arching a pale eyebrow at Tara. "We've been fucking for hours. You squirted on my face. Twice," he added smirking, and Tara shrugged. It was true. She had come, a lot, they all had. "I'd say that's more than 'aiight'," Eric continued, imitating Tara's southern drawl as he said that last word, which made her smile.

Over the months they had been living together it had surprised, and amused, Tara to learn what a little shit Eric could be at times.

"Also, Pam may be dead again," Eric went on smugly, focusing his eyes on his progeny who hadn't moved at all during his conversation with Tara.

"Fuck off," Pam muttered immediately, cogent enough to have heard Eric's comment. "Or you'll find out how much damage my teeth can do to Valhalla," she murmured, moving her hand towards his crotch only to have Eric easily bat it away before she could make contact with his pride and joy.

"You fight dirty Pam," he commented.

She was joking currently, but he knew for a fact that if she was truly displeased she wouldn't have hesitated to use her fangs on his most sensitive area in a decidedly unpleasant way.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Pam replied immediately, "But you didn't mind dirty when it had you coming on my tits," she drawled, and Tara's body shook beneath her with silent laughter.

Her comment caused Eric's passion to stir once more, and deciding to try his luck, he moved his hand to Pam's hip. However, before he could even slide it high enough to graze the side of her breast, Pam's hand covered his and then pushed it off of her.

"Go away," Pam murmured, snuggling further into Tara.

Her body was still humming with low levels of arousal that could be quickly fanned to flames, but she was done with Eric and his relentless Viking fucking. Pleasurable as it had been, it was almost dawn, and she wanted to spend some time alone with Tara before they had to sleep.

"I'm not tired," Eric said, shifting his gaze from Pam to Tara, who met his eyes though her expression was neither encouraging nor discouraging.

"I didn't tell you to go to sleep," Pam drawled dispassionately. "I said 'go away'."

"If we wore you out and you need your beauty sleep, Tara and I could …" Eric began and finally Pam roused herself enough to lift her head from the cozy nook of Tara's neck so that she could turn and glare at him.

"You and Tara nothing," she said firmly. "You had your fun," she continued, looking at him pointedly. She was accommodating when it came to her maker, but she still had her limits. "There's only an hour left before dawn. I plan on spending that hour with my face buried between Tara's thighs, and I don't need an audience," Pam stated, and behind her Tara smiled widely, very much liking what Pam proposed.

"Mean," Eric muttered.

Pam smirked at him and then shrugged.

"You know you like me best when I'm cold and heartless," she drawled, and Eric had to smirk. He had said that. "Besides, my peevishness is nothing compared to the bitch fit Nora will throw if she finds you in here," Pam continued, smirking knowingly at her maker. "She'll be back soon and it'll definitely be better for you if you don't smell like you've been fucking us for hours. Thanks for stopping by though," she went on in a perky tone. "It was fun," she concluded, her smile overly sweet.

"Fine," Eric muttered, knowing that what Pam said about Nora was true.

They'd had to choose their night of indulgence carefully, choosing a night when Nora had business to attend to and would be out of the house. If Nora got wind of what they had been up to when she was gone, Eric knew he'd never hear the end of it. He suspected that Nora wouldn't have minded taking Tara for a ride herself, and therefore wouldn't have objected to him getting to know Tara better, but Nora and Pam had not learned to get along over the past months, and if Nora found out that he'd been in his progeny's bed his sister was likely to draw blood.

Eric stared at Pam militantly for a moment, and then he reached out and shoved her shoulder petulantly before he slipped out of the bed. She might have been right about it being a good idea for him to leave before Nora got back, but she didn't have to be so obnoxiously jubilant about it.

Once he was out of the bed, Eric made quick work of gathering up his clothes, and Pam watched him, smiling gleefully.

It always greatly amused her to see Eric in a snit, especially when she had caused it.

"Ladies," he muttered, bowing at the waist as he clutched his clothes in his hands. "Goodnight."

"Out," was Pam's reply, and Eric's eyes narrowed at her for a few seconds before his lips curved up slightly, indicating that he was amused rather than offended by Pam's insolence.

"As you wish," Eric murmured indifferently.

He focused his gaze on Tara, and smiled winsomely at her, then he turned towards the bedroom door and in a flash, he was gone.

"You can be so mean," Tara said once Eric had left the room, though she was smiling as the words came out of her mouth.

To be honest, she was surprised by how well Eric had taken being so summarily, and rudely, dismissed. Then again, if he and Pam had engaged in as many ménages a trois as Pam had led her to believe, then he had probably suffered through Pam's curt post-coital dismissals before and had made peace with them.

Pam shrugged.

"He served his purpose," she drawled apathetically, before turning back around to face Tara and nuzzling back into Tara's neck.

"Mm," Tara hummed. "Agreed," she breathed out thoughtfully a moment later, "But I think I'll keep you."

"How gracious of you," Pam muttered and Tara smiled at her before bringing her hand to Pam's chin so that she could tilt her face up for a kiss. "Though I suppose I can find it in my cold dead heart to forgive you," Pam sighed, her lips helplessly curving up in a small smile minutes later when Tara finally pulled back from her mouth.

"You okay?" Pam asked softly a minute later, brushing her lips lightly over Tara's clavicle as she spoke.

She could feel contentment and relaxation flowing into her from Tara, but there was some other emotion lingering around the edges of those more dominant feelings that Pam couldn't quite decipher. She didn't think that it was a bad emotion, whatever it was, for she couldn't sense any distress in Tara, but she had to ask anyway. She needed to make sure that everything was okay with Tara.

"Me?" Tara asked, sounding faintly surprised by the question as she glanced down at Pam. "Yeah," she breathed out, "I'm good," she continued, offering Pam a small, sweet smile. "Why?" she asked curiously a moment later. "What are you feelin' from me?"

"I don't know exactly," Pam murmured honestly before pressing her lips to the underside of Tara's jaw. "It's soft and warm, but also … relieved?" she breathed out uncertainly, not sure that she gotten exactly the right word to describe what she was picking up on from Tara. "Nothing happened tonight that you didn't want did it?" Pam asked seriously, pulling back a bit from Tara so that she could see the whole of her face.

"No," Tara breathed out immediately, feeling Pam's anxiety through their bond though on the surface her maker looked calm. "Tonight was good," Tara whispered. "It was really good," she added, unable to stop a wide smile from touching her lips, and upon seeing Tara's expression, Pam smiled too. "I'm just happy to be alone with you now," Tara continued gently a moment later. "I like being with you like this, just me n' you," she murmured, stroking Pam's cheek tenderly. "I like 'Pam: Behind Closed Doors'," she purred, smiling fondly and impishly.

"'Pam: Behind Closed Doors'," Pam repeated softly, thoughtfully. "What's she like?"

As soon as the words were past Pam's lips, Tara beamed at her maker like the moon rose and fell with her; she smiled at Pam like she was every star in the night sky.

"She's nice," Tara said softly, casting her eyes down shyly even as a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "She's gentle," Tara whispered; her voice awed and full of love. "She's thoughtful, and playful, and she makes me feel warm and safe … and loved," Tara continued, blinking quicker as blood began to fill her eyes.

"You are," Pam whispered fiercely. "Completely," she added, taking hold of Tara's face so that she could look directly into her progeny's eyes. "Never doubt that."

"I don't," Tara told her, losing her battle against her tears. "I know. You show me. Every day you show me," she breathed out.

And it was true. Pam's love wrapped around her like a blanket, warming her all of the time, whether they were alone together or at Fangtasia during the busiest part of the night. Since they had become lovers – or more accurately once Pam had lowered her guards and let Tara into her heart as well as into her bed – Tara had never felt alone. Since that night, Pam was always with her, always inside of her, and it made Tara feel at peace with the world in a way that she never had before.

"Good," Pam replied, her voice rough and choked with emotion as she blinked, fighting back tears.

Tara was precious to her and she wanted Tara to know that. She wanted Tara to know that her love for her was unconditional and eternal.

"She's," Tara began softly, wanting to lessen the charged atmosphere in the room, "'Pam: Behind Closed Doors' that is," she continued, her voice stronger now as she gazed at Pam, "She's funny, and smart," Tara murmured, "And she's really fucking good in bed."

"Is that so?" Pam asked, smirking at Tara, grateful to her progeny for lightening the mood.

She would never again deny her feelings for the Tara the way she had tried to at the beginning of their relationship, but talking about her emotions was still not something that she was entirely comfortable with. She preferred to show Tara how she felt as opposed to talking about it, so conversations about their feelings still left her feeling somewhat distressed.

"It is," Tara purred in response.

"And I suppose you want me to prove it now, hmm?" Pam asked knowingly when Tara's foot began to trail seductively up her bare thigh.

"I do," Tara replied not interested in denying a thing. "And I seem to remember you saying something about burying your face between my legs until dawn, so…" she breathed out, her meaning clear though she didn't finish her sentence. "Unless of course Eric was right and we wore you out," Tara continued teasingly. "Pam sleepy?" she inquired in a babyish voice and the icy glare Pam leveled her with would have made anyone not named Tara Mae Thornton cry.

"You know, I'm not actually sure I want to greet the day with my head between your legs anymore," Pam muttered darkly, eyeballing her progeny with displeasure.

"I'm sure I want you to greet the day with your head between my legs," Tara replied and Pam eyes narrowed even further though Tara could feel through their bond that Pam was amused by her comment.

"You've got a mouth on you, Tara Mae," Pam murmured shaking her head.

"I'd like to have your mouth on me," Tara responded immediately, and that time Pam couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"Shut up," Pam told her, narrowing her eyes at Tara as soon as she was able to wipe the smile off of her face.

"Shut me up," Tara sassed, smirking at Pam when she felt Pam's arousal begin to build again.

Over the months, Tara had discovered that nothing turned Pam on quite like her sassing her, and as Tara was naturally inclined to sassiness, this suited her just fine.

Pam made a show of ignoring Tara for a few seconds, but those embers that had been glowing within her after her last orgasm had been fanned into lusty flames by Tara's insolence, and Pam wanted her, badly.

"Fucking lay back and spread your legs," Pam growled, finally giving up on pretending like there was something other than burying her tongue inside of her progeny that she'd rather be doing.

"Yes'm, Missy Pam," Tara smirked, obediently parting her thighs for Pam.

Within seconds Pam was nestled between Tara's legs again, and when her mouth descended upon Tara's most private place, her sassiness left Tara and all she could do was moan.

The End

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