*I highly suggest reading the author's note before reading!*

Author's Notes: This is crossover story of the Justice League, (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) the new 52 versions of them and The Avengers, (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor & Black Widow) the movie versions of them.

I picked these specific versions of them because I thought it would be easier to write about them when they both just became teams. And I thought using the comic book version of 'The Avengers' would become too messy and confusing to write about so yeah bam.

Oh and this will NOT be a sex/slash story, I may have some mature themes in it but it will only be between characters who are actually together in the comic/movie like Superman and Wonder Woman *wink wink* New 52?



"So that's Superman?" a Blackgate Penitentiary guard mumbled as he stared at Batman and Superman, whom were dropping off various intimates that had escaped in the recent breakout.

The criminal known as the Black Mask had caused a massive breakout at the Penitentiary by setting off a bomb so he could release some of his thugs; however, other prisoners were able to slip out as well. Usually, Batman and some of his other allies like Nightwing or Huntress would assist him for an overwhelming job like this occurred but it was a surprised to all of Gotham City when Superman aided him instead.

"For an alien he looks pretty human," a co-worker remarked, cocking his head at them. These two guards were supposed to be processing in the intimates that had been brought back in but instead were standing off to the side, watching their colleagues and these two 'superheroes' do their jobs.

"But he's not very big in person like how he's shown on TV."

"What are you talking about?" his friend hissed back. "Did you see those lasers come out of his eyes?! He's not human at all, he's a freak of nature and it's scary and unnatural."

"I find Batman scarier, his stare could pierce a soul."

"He's not super-natural scary though-

"Are you sure about that?" They both suddenly heard Batman's virile voice say over them, making them freeze in their spots.

"This alien just did your jobs, you could be a little more grateful or maybe talk somewhere he can't hear you," Batman said in a monotone yet chilling tone before he walked away back towards Superman.

"You didn't have to do that," Superman mumbled low, feeling slightly embarrassed. "I'm used to it."

"Not while you're in my town," Batman stated, walking away towards the exit, leaving the guards to do the rest.

Superman gave Batman a surprised look and then smiled, feeling a little touched that Batman had stuck up for him. Everyone on 'The Justice League' thought Batman was cold, emotionless and even callous but ever since Superman began working with Batman outside the team; he was finding Batman wasn't like that, not all the time anyways. He actually was okay and found himself trusting Batman more than anyone on the team, except for Wonder Woman, of course.

"Well I guess I'll see you around," Superman said, following him out. "If you need help again, you know how to reach me…" He then began floating up into the air when they had exited the Penitentiary. "…I think this took longer than my lunch break allows, Perry is going to kill me."

"Too bad I was thinking we could actually have lunch for once," Batman retorted, almost too casually.

Superman stopped and floated back to the ground in disbelief of what he had just heard. "Wait, are you serious?"

"When am I not serious?"

"Is something wrong with you...because was that just a joke?"

"You coming or not?" Batman asked over his shoulder as he made his way back to his batmobile.

"Ummm…okay!" Superman smiled, widely, even though he knew that Perry was going to kill him for missing so much work but Batman asking him to lunch outside the cape, probably only happened once in a lifetime.

And he was not going to miss out on that.


"So tell me how is it to date an Amazonian warrior?" Bruce asked as Clark sat down in the booth opposite of him with his sandwich.

Bruce had suggested Gotham's best deli restaurant for lunch and now here they were both of them out of costume. The whole thing was very strange to the both of them but Bruce wasn't showing it though, he was actually being very friendly. Clark found it strange and even suspicious but he liked seeing this side of Bruce so much, he didn't question it.

Clark's smile fade into a baffled expression before he chuckled, "I guess I shouldn't be surprised you already know about us."

"I have been called 'the world's greatest detective," Bruce winked as he sipped his water.

"I hope you didn't tell anybody on the team though…we just want to keep it on the down low, you know?"

"Sorry, I already told Green Lantern."

Clark hesitated before he let a laugh out since Batman and Green Lantern did not get along at all. "Another joke? I'm really starting to think you have been affected by something."

Bruce only grinned as took a bite of his sandwich.

Clark beamed back, happy to know Bruce did have a sense of humor, even if it was twisted.

"But to answer your question it's going very well with Diana," Clark retorted, cheeks turning slightly pink. "It's just so refreshing to be with someone who get its, you know what I mean? I don't have to hold back with her."

Bruce nodded but not as friendly as before while he continued eating, silently.

"Are we noticeable? You know, when we are with the team, do we act differently than before-

"Yes but that's only because I know but I hope you two won't let this 'relationship' of yours affect the team in any way."

"No, of course not," Clark answered without a second thought as he stuffed the rest of his sandwich in his mouth. He looked up back at the menu near the front, deciding on what he should order next since one foot-long sandwich could not fill his Kryptonian appetite.

"I just have a feeling this dating within the team will be our downfall," Bruce muttered so low only someone with super-hearing could hear it.

Clark swallowed his sandwich down hard since the comment Bruce just made hit a nerve. He then hissed back, "Is this why you wanted to have 'lunch' with me? To lecture me about how me and Diana's relationship is going hurt the team?"

"Yes and no," Bruce said simply, setting his napkin on the table from his lap since he was finished eating. He didn't break eye contact with Clark, which angered Clark even more.

"You know, Bruce I thought you were actually showing some emotion for once and just wanted to get to know me without any ulterior motives," Clark sneered as he stood up and grabbed his coat. "But obviously I was wrong. You maybe able to think like a villain with your cold calculating ways but sometimes I think you actually are one-

"Quiet," Bruce interrupted since his attention was caught by a sudden news flash that appeared on the restaurant's TV.

Clark turned around and to his horror, saw Darkseid coming out of a boom tube portal in Metropolis before using his omega beams to destroy a building. There was no sound coming out of the TV since it had subtitles on instead but Superman didn't need to read the subtitles when Darkseid screamed, "Where's Superman!?"

Clark looked back at Bruce but he was already gone.


"Bruce, Bruce?" Superman said through the communicator as he flew to Metropolis. "I want to apologize about earlier. I just-

"Not now," Batman snapped back. "We have bigger problems, I can't get a hold of anybody, its like the whole team disappeared off the planet. I can't even get a hold of Cyborg who is practically a walking cellphone tower."

"What? No one?" Superman repeated as stopped at the outskirts of Metropolis. That was weird.

Batman's batwing flew right past him into the heart of the city. "No one, Kent, it's the just the two of us."

"Shit," Superman murmured low so that Batman couldn't hear him but he heard him anyway. Clark usually never cursed since his parents are taught him better than that but he knew they were in deep trouble since he last time Darkseid came, he managed to defeat the whole Justice League. So he knew Batman and him couldn't possibly take down Darkseid alone.

"Don't worry I have a plan," Batman reassured him on the communicator, pulling Superman out of his thoughts.

"You mind telling me?" Superman asked as he flew towards the chaos Darkseid was creating.

"Just give him everything you got and I'll do the rest."

"What? What does that mean? Don't leave me in the dark, Bruce-

"SUPERMAN!" Clark suddenly heard Darkseid bellow at him before Superman was pushed back from Darkseid jumping in front of him. The impact of Darkseid's jump left a giant crater in the middle of the street and the batwing was no where in sight, which worried Superman.

"Surrender yourself to me or I will destroy this pathetic planet," Darkseid commanded in a surprisingly gentle voice as he floated up to Superman's level.

"What do you want with me? Why do you want me?" Superman asked, out of curiosity since he had never seen or heard of Darkseid before the day he came and the Justice League first fought against him. He didn't understand what this eight-foot tall, stoned face being with awesome powers would want with him.

"Because you belong to me," Darkseid simply stated like that was the obvious answer, eyes glowing red. "And I am your master."

"We'll see about that!" Superman yelled before lunging himself at him, deciding to go along with Batman's instructions. He went to punch Darkseid in the face but Darkseid instead flew aside and knocked Superman down into the ground before zooming down to kick Superman further into the ground.

However, Superman flew out of the crater he had created from the impact and was able to avoid his attack. Darkseid though, grabbed him by his cape as he flew by and slam him back into the ground and stepped on his chest as he pushed down hard, knocking the wind out of him.

"You do not stand a chance against me, Kryptonian-

Darkseid let an abrupt grunt out when Superman fired his heat vision lasers at Darkseid's head. He jerked backwards in pain as Superman dove at him and punch him across the face as many times he could before Darkseid threw him off into a building.

"You like to tell me that plan of yours yet?" Superman huffed through the communicator to Batman, pushing himself out the rubble.

"You're doing good, just keep him busy for a little longer."

"Easy for you to say, you aren't the one fighting him-

Superman didn't get to finish his sentence since Darkseid bolted in the building and picked up Superman by the throat before backhanding him in the face, repeatedly.

"Just hold on, Kent," Batman said to himself as he circled around the bank building, waiting for the moment to execute his plan. He actually wanted Superman to lose the battle so when Darkseid opened the boomtube portal, he could blast Darkseid away into with some special missiles of his making before pulling out Superman with some cables.

Superman stop struggling against Darkseid as he went limp in his grip since he couldn't take anymore of his hits, they felt like solid concrete hitting his face over and over again.

Darkseid smirked at him before he threw Superman's half-conscious body over his shoulder and took out a motherbox from his belt. He then opened the boomtube portal as pink wormhole swirled into sight.

Batman looked down at the scene from the Batwing as he readied his missiles and cable shots but stopped when he saw a figure with a sword slash Darkseid across the chest in lighting speed. Darkseid stumbled back and dropped Superman's body as he avoided another swipe of the sword.

Dammit, Diana.

"You aren't taking him anywhere!" Wonder Woman yelled, loudly at him before hurling her sword at him. He blocked the sword from hitting him in the chest but it lodge itself in his arm since he put it up to block it. He grunted and said something in a different language as he pried the sword out of his arm.

"Diana you made it," Superman smiled, weakly as he pushed himself up.

"You think I would miss this?" Wonder Woman smirked before picking up a piece of rubble and flinging it at Darkseid who wasn't able to block it in time. The force of the impact threw Darkseid backwards into a few walls.

"Are you okay?" Wonder Woman asked, zooming over to Superman to help him up.

"I just need a minute to heal," he reassured her, giving her a toothy grin. "I'm just glad you're here…I missed you."

"Me too."

They both smiled at each other and were about to kiss when Batman yelled through their communicators, "Clark! Diana! Get Darkseid near the portal so I can blast him in."

"Is that what you were planning, for me to beaten half to death just so he would open the boom tube portal and you could blast him in?" Superman growled, annoyed. "I could have-

"We can't defeat him-

"Don't be so sure about that Batman," Wonder Woman interrupted, picking up her fallen sword and leaping towards where Darkseid had been thrown.

Wonder Woman was thrown back though when flash of Darkseid's omega beams burst through the walls. He then jumped at her and got her into a choke hold before rumbling, "Superman surrender yourself to me or she will die."

"No! Don't do it!" Wonder Woman choked out, face turning blue from the lack of oxygen.

"No stop let her go!" Superman yelled in a panic, flying over to him. "I'll-

"Clark, stop he's just baiting you!" Batman shouted, loudly in Superman's ear through the earpiece. "Just think for a second."

Superman ignored him as he landed in front of Darkseid whom loosened his grip on Wonder Woman because one more squeeze would have crushed her throat.

"Clark, this is exactly what I was talking about you can't let your feelings-

"Bruce, shut up!" Superman snapped, viciously as his eyes glowed red before hissing at Darkseid, "Darkseid. I'll go with you if you let her go."

Darkseid said nothing but grinned, widely before leaping backwards in boomtube portal.

"Diana!" Superman cried, flying in after them.

"Clark, you idiot!" Batman growled as he shot a cable at Superman so he could drag him out.

Superman didn't answer and Batman wasn't sure if the cable had even wrapped around Superman but it appeared so since Batman's plane was suddenly dragged into the portal after Superman. Batman tried releasing the cable but it was too late, he was sucked inside the portal as well before everything went black.