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"Oh my god why did I agree to this!?" Banner yelled as he held onto Thor for dear life. He had never been afraid of heights but being in mid-air with no plane surrounding him was terrifying. But Banner was proud of himself of not vomiting yet because every time he looked down at the ground and saw how tiny everything looked, he became queasier.

"We are literally flying at twenty miles per hour," Iron Man informed him, trying to hold back his laughter since the sight of Thor carrying Dr. Banner, who was half-naked from transforming into the Hulk and back was a very funny sight to behold. Though, Tony couldn't feel too bad for Banner since it had been his idea to fly back like this instead of waiting from another quinjet to pick them up.

"It's not the speed," Banner murmured, peaking a look down at the ground before he closed his eyes again.

"One of us will catch you if you fall," Thor reassured him. Thor was also not particularly thrilled with this arrangement either because he did not want to be plummeted to the ground if Banner transformed into the Hulk in mid-air. Though, Thor did lose against Tony in the game 'rock, paper, scissors, shot' to decide who would carry Banner but in the long run, it was the safer option for Thor to carry Banner since he could take the Hulk's beatings.

"And I think we are near our destination, my friend."

"The speed we are going we won't get there until tomorrow," Iron Man mumbled under his breath. "But we can call in another quinjet if you want."

"I'm okay," Banner whimpered, re-opening his eyes but blinked when he saw what Iron Man was wearing. "Tony…what are you wearing?"

Tony Stark was wearing Superman's cape.

"What?" Iron Man shrugged, innocently. He had found it back at faculty after he and the Hulk had scared the crap out of the Council. They had actually found a lot of strange things in some of the rooms there.

"Why, Tony…why?"

"Don't worry I'm going to give it back to him…but for now I'm just exploring some fashion choices when I make a new suit," he reasoned, flickering the cape in the wind.

"You might offend him," Banner advised, shaking his head in amusement.

"Would you be offended if I wore your cape, even though I rescued it for you?" Iron Man asked Thor, eyeing his flowing red cape.

"I would not care but I am not Superman," Thor retorted, indifferently. "It could anger him so it might be wise to take it off."

"You really don't like him, do you? And not because he has kicked your ass a couple of times," Iron Man jeered since he wanted a reaction from him.

"I do not know him but he is a valiant opponent, I have nothing against him. He would be welcomed in the halls of Asgard," Thor answered in a monotone voice.

"Right surreee," Iron Man teased before flying in front of him, stopping him. "I think the real reason you don't like him is because he's with 'Wonder Boobs'…I mean babe, sorry."

"They are going out? How do you know that?" Banner inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Clint told me."

Thor made no response since that was new information to him.

"I wonder why she left out that little detail…"

Thor only grunted and flew around Iron Man.

"Oh come on, Thor it's so obvious you have a crush on her," Iron Man pestered, flying beside him. "I mean she is hot. If I wasn't with Pepper-

"I do not wish to crush her," Thor stated over him.

"Oh you know, what I mean," Iron Man retorted, rolling his eyes. "Don't pull, 'I'm from Asgard and your earthling ways are strange to me.'You know exactly what I mean."

"I would rather not talk about it," Thor growled in his face, ending the conversation as he flew faster. Banner gave Tony a stern look to knock it off.

"Okay fine, dropping it," Iron Man told him before quickly changing the subject back to his fashion choices. "But…I think I'm liking this cape, do you guys think it's a good look for me?"

Thor and Banner just sighed together.


"Bruce, Bruce?" Clark whispered, cracking the door open. The room was dark, which was no surprised since Bruce liked working in the dark but to Clark's surprise he found that Bruce was actually sleeping.

Okay, I'm really starting to think we are in the 'Twilight Zone,' Clark thought as he tiptoed to his bed.

The room had basic needs for a person sleeping overnight with a hospital-looking bed and small bathroom. Many shield agents used these kinds of rooms if they had to work long hours at the base so it was nothing fancy. Clark was sharing a room with Diana but he had slipped out after she fell asleep. He hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Bruce privately since they had busted him out the Council's grip. Diana had assured him that they could trust shield and the avengers but he wanted to hear Bruce's opinion of them.

When Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Superman had come back to the Shield headquarters, Nick Fury had suggested they all should get some sleep since it would be a while until Stark, Banner and Thor would be back. Superman wouldn't have obliged if everyone had not agreed since he wanted to see this 'tesseract' now but apparently, everyone was more tired than they all let on. Clark had been so sure Bruce was scheming in his room instead of sleeping but had forgotten Bruce was human too and needed basic human needs like sleep.

But when Clark tried to approach Bruce and gently touch his shoulder, Bruce pulled out a batarang and shoved it towards Clark's throat. He lowered it though when he saw it was only Clark.

"Wow and I thought you were actually asleep," Clark chuckled as he backed away and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I was," Bruce snarled, sitting up as he rubbed his eyes. He was a light sleeper and would jump into action if he heard any kinds of noises, he hadn't yet hit Alfred but there had been some close calls in the past. Paranoia was one of the disadvantages of being a crime fighter, especially a human one.

"And your not wearing your uniform," Clark noted since Bruce was only wearing his boxers. Clark was still wearing his suit, minus his cape since it had been taken away from him but he was still wearing his suit just in case anything happened.

"What's up with that? I honestly thought you wore that suit all the time except when you're pretending to be playboy billionaire."

"Its not comfortable to asleep in," Bruce snapped, while smoothing down his messy hair.

"Sorry I woke you up, you probably need the sleep," Clark apologized, sheepishly. "But I never got a chance to talk to you and if you actually-

"-trust these people?" Bruce finished for him. He knew Clark had wanted to talk to him since the moment they left that faculty so he had been half-expecting him to come. He just didn't like being caught in a vulnerable position, which that is why he was acting extra grumpy.

"Is it that obvious?"

Bruce only raised an eyebrow as he pulled the covers off himself and turned on the lights. He then went over to the bathroom to get a drink of water.

"Well do you?"

Bruce took his time filling a cup full of water before taking a big gulp of water and shrugging, "As much I trust every member on the Justice League."

"…you make that sound like a bad thing," Clark half-chuckled, not sure if he was joking.

"I would trust them all with my life, does that sound better?" he clarified in a kind of sarcastic tone. He then drained the rest of the water in the glass as Clark made a not-really face.

"You trust these 'Avengers' that much?" Clark exclaimed in disbelief. "I have to say I'm surprised."

"I'm surprised you are so suspicious," Bruce retorted as he set the glass down on the bathroom sink and leaned against the wall. "You trust everyone."

"I do not!"

"It's not a bad thing…"

Clark raised an eyebrow since he knew he was lying.

"Sometimes…" Bruce corrected himself. "But you know what I think is happening? I think I might be rubbing off on you and vice versa."

"Oh god…you might be right," Clark agreed, trying to contain his laughter. "I have been buying a lot of black lately…"

Bruce couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Diana seems to really like them," Clark pointed out. "…especially Thor."

Bruce made no response to that comment since he did not want to get involved but he had noticed that.

"…but uh what do you think about this tesseract?" Clark slurred, quickly changing the subject. Clark wasn't even sure why he even mentioned that to Bruce.

"Not sounds similar to a motherbox but I guess we'll find out tomorrow," Bruce shrugged, nonchalantly. He wasn't too worried, he knew they would get back home eventually.

"Wow…well if you're okay with all of this then I am too…" Clark finally decided, nodding his head.

"You're trusting my judgment?" Bruce asked, smugly.

"Of course, you probably have the best judgment out of anyone on the team," Clark responded, reciting Bruce's words back to him.

"I can't tell if you are serious or not…"

"That's a first!" Clark smiled, happily before standing up. "Well, I'll let you sleep but if they try anything tomorrow we can take them!"

"Yeah like we did last time…" Bruce reminded him.

"Hey, we were caught off guard last time!" Clark exclaimed, going towards the door. "We can take them!"

"Yeah sure," Bruce scoffed, crawling back into bed. "Hey turn off the lights!"


-The Next Day-

"I'm sorry Director Fury but Loki didn't mention anything about dimensional travel…when I worked for him," Dr. Erik Selvig informed over a videoconference from the Medical Center in Bronx V.A. in New York. He was staying there because he hadn't been doing well, mentally after Loki had processed him. Dr. Selvig felt responsible for the attack of New York since he had opened the portal and let alien invasion in. He had huge bags underneath his eyes and it looked like it had been a while since he had combed his hair but he was trying to keep it together in front of Fury anyways.

"You mean when you were his captive," Director Fury corrected him, softy. "It wasn't your fault. Please don't blame yourself."

"That's what everyone keeps telling me," he mumbled, looking away. The thing is he did know what he was doing while he was under Loki's control. It was like he had been following his evil thoughts and emotions that he dare never act on but the possession had allowed him to do so. "I hate to tell you but Loki probably knows the tesseract more than anyone on this planet."

"So I have been told," Fury also mumbled in annoyance. "Thank you Doctor, feel better soon."

Dr. Selvig nodded before the screen went black.

Nick Fury sighed and rubbed his temples as he sat down in one of the chairs in the conference room. Dr. Selvig was a good man and was sad to see he wasn't doing well but he was only one of many whom had been affected by this tragedy. He knew he would drive himself crazy if he thought about every single person this tragedy had hurt.

Fury tried to push his guilt and anxiety away when the doors of the conference suddenly opened and Agent Maria Hill walked in.

"Sir," she nodded. Fury gave her a strange look instead of greeting her since she was wearing more make-up than usual and had her hair down and stylized.

"No trouble I presume?" he asked, referring to returning the helicarrier to base. The helicarrier was only used during emergencies like war or when a crazed demi-god is trying to take over the world.

"Yes, sir."

"Good but I didn't need you to come here to tell me that…is there something you want?"

She blinked but kept her composure. "Well, I only hoped I could help in the current situation, sir."

"Is it Batman or Superman you want to meet?" Fury asked, grinning a little. He was very good at reading people so it was only too obvious to him what Agent Maria Hill wanted. It wasn't often he poked fun at Agent Maria since she was always professional and serious but he couldn't resist.

"Ummm…I…," she shuttered, sounding embarrassed since she had been caught in her intentions but then just sighed, "Superman…sir."

Nick shook his head as he cracked a smile, "Fine. I could use your help anyways."

"Of course, sir," she nodded, trying to hide a grin. She didn't know what about Superman she liked, it was mostly because she found him attarctive but she wasn't going to miss this opportunity to meet him.

Director Fury and Agent Maria then began to prep for everyone to arrive when the doors opened Stark and Banner stepped in, which was odd since Tony Stark was always fashionable late.

"Fury, you seriously have the worst breakfast here," Stark commented as he entered the room. He looked a lot better today since he was fully rested now and some of his bruises had faded. He definitely hadn't dressed up for the occasion since he just wore a band t-shirt and jeans.

"The coffee is good though," Banner mentioned, politely, raising the cup up before spilling a bit of it on the floor. "Oh sorry."

"This isn't a five star hotel," Fury told Stark, though he had to admit the food here wasn't the greatest but he wasn't going to tell Stark that.

"Where is all this government money going to then-

"Is that Superman's cape?" Agent Maria interrupted, loudly when she saw Stark had just set down a red cape on the conference table. "Did you take it from him? Stark, what is wrong with you!? You are unbelievable-

"What did he do now?" Steve Rogers asked as he entered the conference room since he could hear the commotion from outside. He then saw Superman's cape in Stark's hands. "Hey, where did you get that? Did you steal that from him?"

"Why does everyone assume I stole it?" Stark snapped. He then began to fold Superman's cape, standoffishly. "No I recuse it for him. I was going to give it back to him because I am so nice."

"I'll vouch for him," Banner spoke up for him.


"Though, he did wear it…"

Everyone rolled his or her eyes at Stark while Steve added, "Seriously, Stark?"

"Please behave, Stark I'd rather not have one of the most powerful men pissed at us again," Fury warned, shaking his head.

"Don't worry, I'm all charm today," he reassured everybody as he sat down and put his feet up and his hands behind his head.

"I can't help but feel worried," Steve mumbled, taking a seat. "But Superman is not that bad, he's actually pretty normal."

"Normal?" Tony questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Lasers shooting from someone's eyes is normal to you?"

"You know what I mean, he acts like a regular nice guy," he shrugged. "He was raised here and not on Krypton so that's probably why."

"Krypton is his home planet?" Fury asked, fishing for information. He barely had any Intel on these people so any information on them was valuable. "Did he say anything else about it?"

"Oh um well apparently it exploded right after he was born and he is the last of his race."

"Oh wow that sucks," Banner commented, suddenly not feeling as bad about his situation.

"And this S on his chest is actually a family crest, which means hope in their language or something like that."

"So shouldn't he go by as 'Hopeman' then?" Stark chortled, thinking he was pretty clever. "…nah it doesn't really have a nice ring to it like Superman does-

"Yeah I never thought so either," Superman retorted when he entered the room with Wonder Woman. He had heard him through the wall with his super hearing.

"Okay that is something I cannot get used to," Tony murmured, putting his feet down.

"Yeah it can get annoying," Wonder Woman agreed, catching Tony off guard. "But him being able to see through things is even worse."

Stark then abruptly stood up and chuckled a little. "You can see through things?" Stark asked, Superman in awe. He then took a quick peak at Wonder Woman and thought, lucky bastard.

But before Superman could answer him Director Fury intervened and greeted him and Wonder Woman, diplomatically, "Good morning, I hope you two feel fully rested."

"Very rested, thanks," Diana smiled before she went around greeting everyone and asking how they are.

"Well enough, thank-you," Superman also replied back, politely. Though, he wasn't feeling as sociable as Diana and just wanted to get started.

"Uh hi," Agent Maria suddenly squeaked, coming behind Superman. "I don't think we-

However, Stark interrupted Agent Maria when he came in between her and Superman. "I found your cape," Tony announced, handing it to him as a peace offering. "It was locked in a cage like it was animal back there. It was really weird…but sorry about before with us attacking you and all. Nothing personal big guy so no hard feelings?"

"Ohh thank you," Superman slurred, eyeing Stark as he took his cape back. Clark then quickly X-rayed Stark since he remembered he had injured him in battle beforehand. "Yeah sorry about burning your shoulder and breaking your arm."

"It's okay and you didn't break my arm," Stark chuckled, rubbing his bandaged arm. "Speaking of which, where is your bat friend?" He then abruptly crossed his arms over his chest like a girl covering her breasts when he realized Superman had just X-rayed him.

"He was gone when we checked on him so we assume he was here…" Diana piped in before realizing she shouldn't have said anything. She then gave Superman an uh-oh look as everyone else gave each other uneasy looks.

"So he's sneaking around Shield?" Tony said out loud to which everyone was thinking. "Well good luck to him. This place is hard to crack." Shield had made it a lot harder for any hackers to break into their system after Tony had hacked into it a few days ago. He tried hacking into again out of boredom this morning.

"I can guarantee he's not doing anything bad," Superman explained to Fury. "He just likes to be informed but if you are doing something bad…then I cannot guarantee he's not going to do anything."

"It's okay," Fury reassured, giving Superman ensuring pat on the shoulder.

"It's okay?" Tony repeated then snorted. "Are we sure Fury is not from another dimension?"

However, the doors to the conference abruptly opened and everyone looked thinking it was going to be Batman but it only turned out to be Black Widow and Hawkeye.

"Good morning all-

"Have you two seen Batman?" Captain America immediately asked, cutting Hawkeye off.

"No….why?" Hawkeye asked, picking up the tension in the room. "Is he up to something? God, its like we need a leash on that guy."

"I'll go find him," Black Widow volunteered with no hesitation.

"No, its fine," Fury told her, giving her a warning look with his one eye.

Black Widow returned a strange look since he had specifically asked her to keep an eye on him.

"Oh hey, Superman or do you prefer Clark?" Agent Maria intervened as everyone discussed the state of Batman. "I don't think we met, I'm agent Maria Hill."

"Uhh nice to meet, you can call me Clark if you like," he answered kind of distracted but shook her hand anyways.

"Do you need help putting your cape on?" Maria asked since he hadn't had the chance to put it back on. Her eagerness to help him had ulterior motives though since she really just wanted to have a view of his behind.

"Oh um that's okay."

"No really it's not a problem-

"I think you guys are being too hard on him," Captain America stated, regarding Batman. Banner nodded in agreement.

"He's dangerous and unpredictable," Black Widow injected, even though she kind of liked him but that didn't mean she trusted him.

"Thor isn't here yet so he can be with him," Diana suggested but no one was listening and if anyone was, they highly doubted it.

"If you guys are the good guys then all you have nothing to worry about," Superman snapped, interrupting Maria. Agent Maria then looked at Wonder Woman, who was staring at her and exclaimed, "Wonder Woman right? Nice to meet you! I'm Agent Maria Hill."

"Nice to make your acquaintance," Diana responded, not sounding nice at all.

"Uhh…er I love your bracelets. Where did you get them?"

"They were forged from the remains of Zeus's Aegis shield," she answered, apprehensively. She didn't like how Maria was looking at Clark but she rather be allies than enemies. Though, she couldn't blame Maria, Superman was a very attractive male.

"Wow…I wish I had me a pair, all the bracelets I have turn my wrists green," Maria chuckled, nervously since she wasn't sure if she had upset her.

Wonder Woman decided to smile, even though she didn't know what she meant by that. "Themyscira makes the finest jewelry, you are welcome to it if you ever visit."

"Well if I am…I may have to take you up on that," Maria winked, trying to play it cool. She honestly didn't want to get on Wonder Woman's bad side so she was going to back off.

"It's not like it matters if finds anything out, they are going back to another dimension," Captain America continued on as the argument progressed.

"What if they don't leave?" Hawkeye pointed out.

"We will," Superman reassured everybody.

"How do you know that?"

"We have done dimensional travel before!"

"Then why can't you-

The doors then suddenly opened and it revealed Thor and Batman, whom both seem to be in a deep conversation.

"You still have hope in this Jason Todd, even after all he as done?" Thor asked in disbelief. Thor also looked particularly good today like he had put more care into his appearance as his hair was combed and he had groomed his facial hair.

"Call it a weakness if you want," Batman shrugged and was going to say more when he stopped talking abruptly.

"I would not call it-

Thor also stopped talking when saw everyone in the conference room was staring at them. "Uhh…is something wrong, my friends?" Thor slurred, raising his hammer up as if a threat was near.

"Was he with you the whole time?" Clint asked Thor, cautiously.

"Yes, he helped led the way. There are more halls here than Asgard!" Thor joked but no one laughed. "Yes well…thank you, my friend."

Batman nodded but then asked, innocently, "Are we in trouble?"

Superman shook his head in embarrassment since he knew Bruce had been up to no good.

"No, of course not," Nick answered in a neutral voice, even though he wanted to smack that smug look off Batman's face. He knew he had been snooping around but he was going to let it go…for now. "But since we're all here now shall we begin?"

A couple of hours later…

Loki quickly tried to rub his tired eyes out when he suddenly heard movement outside of his cell. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night, actually he couldn't remember the last time he had gotten a good night's sleep since every time he closed his eyes, imagines of The Other and Thanos continued to fill his dreams. He didn't want to appear weak or ungodly so he tried to his best to stay composed but he couldn't control the bags under his eyes or his messy hair.

"Need something else, brother?" Loki smirked when he saw Thor standing in the doorway when the cell door finally opened. He then saw Wonder Woman entered in after him as the doors closed behind them. He hadn't notice before but she was very tall almost as tall as Thor, who was six foot four, though her heels might have added a few inches. She was indeed an interesting specimen to look at all over as well.

"Oh," Loki grinned as he stood up and straightened his armor out. "I do not think we have officially met, you might have heard of me I'm Loki of Asgard-

"Yes, Thor has told me all about you," Diana responded, giving him the up-down look. Her face stayed neutral so Loki couldn't tell if his influence was working on her as he tried to use his powers on her.

"Only good things I hope," he jested, charmingly. "Where are you from because I know you cannot be a Misgardian since none of them could match your beauty-

"Loki, this is Princess Diana Prince of Themyscira also known as Wonder Woman," Thor announced, loudly over him. "And your charms will not work on her."

"Oh I should have known you were royalty…" Loki complimented, ignoring Thor as he bowed his head at Wonder Woman. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Princess."

"Uh-huh," Diana dismissed, making Loki's face fall since he realized his influence wasn't working on her. "We are not here to make pleasantries with you."

"Yes I figured," Loki retorted, smugly as he turned his glaze on Thor. "You need my help…again. Let me guess it has something to do with the tesseract."

"Yes," Thor snarled through his teeth. "But your inability to tell the truth, makes me second guess whether you will actually help us, even if I offered you more leniency on your sentence-

"Are you sure you want help from me?" Loki sneered, crossing his arms. "With all the favors you are asking me, I'll eventually have no sentence to serve."

"You killed over thousand people, trust me you will have plenty of time to serve," Thor growled, stepping forward in his face.

Loki didn't flinch and continued to smirk, daring him to make a move before Diana stepped in between them.

"You two really are brothers," she sighed, rolling her eyes. "But let me do what I came here for, Thor." Thor reluctantly backed off and Diana gave Loki a devilish grin as she unhooked her golden lasso off her belt. "I'm very persuasive, you know? And I think I can convince you to help us."

"Oh will you now?" Loki smirked, giving her an up-down look as well. She kind of reminded him of Lady Sif, which could be either a bad thing or good thing and with the current situation, he couldn't guess either.

Diana nodded, slowly before she got uncomfortably close to him.

Loki chuckled and gave her response just equally as uncomfortable, "You are tempting, my dear but-

"I heard you are the god of mischief…and lies," Diana whispered into his ear.

"I have been called that a few times," Loki answered, modestly, even though he relished the title.

"Well I'm really curious to see if this will work on you then," she told him, glancing down at her lasso.

Loki also looked down at the lasso too, wondering what she meant before she pushed it against his chest. He backed up a little but Diana then pushed him down on the bench and kept him in place.

"Can you deny my lasso of truth?" she asked as the lasso began to glow.

"No…" Loki heard himself say. He then blinked in confusion, not liking what he just felt and said.

Thor and Diana smiled at each other, which Loki knew was not a good sign for him.

"I did not think it would work," Thor confessed but was glad he was proven wrong.

"You seriously need to stop underestimating me," Diana winked, flirty to the point Loki noticed.

"How…are you doing this? I have never felt compelled to tell the truth," Loki gritted through his teeth. He didn't mean to say that but it came out from his mouth anyways. "I-I do not like this and I feel v-vulnerable-

"Good," Diana sneered before she pulled the lasso away from him. "So if you don't want to be in this position again, you will cooperate and answer every question we ask truthfully because if you don't, not only will I make you tell the truth, I will also make you spill your deepest darkest secrets as well. Are we clear?"

Thor couldn't help but smile like an idiot, he was enjoying this was way too much. He had never seen Loki so uncomfortable before.

"Of course," Loki finally responded, trying to hide his new found contempt for this woman. "How could I lie to you…fair Princess?"

"You can't."


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