Kronos was coming back. He was going to burn away Luke's body. He was so close to being a proper immortal, in one piece. We couldn't fight them off. Our army was hopelessly thin. Most of us dead or too tired to fight.

Luke didn't look good. Annabeth's knife was in his hand. He was going to stab himself in his Achilles heel. He seemed to be arguing with himself in his mind. But, when Kronos is controlling you, I don't think that would be easy. Kronos, who wanted to rule the world and all, would defiantly not want to go back to Tartarus.

How are we going to fight this? I thought.

At that very moment Luke started glowing. Brilliant white light blinded us all. Gleeful laughter echoed off the walls.

"Foolish demigods" Kronos's voice boomed, "You knew you couldn't stop me!"

The throne room was rubble. We had failed. The poor mortals would be killed along with us. I felt terrible. The reason I fought this war was for the mortals and my mother.

Now all he had to do now is kill us. How would he kill us? I hoped not in a slow and torturous way.

"I could've killed you already, but I've other plans in mind. I will let you all live." Kronos said. "Whatever is left of this country will be called 'Panem' .It shall be divided to 13 districts. Each year, 2 tributes, a girl and a boy of ages 12-18, will be sent to play The Half-Blood Games. You will fight to death; the last person standing will be rewarded with riches. Every 24 years, the winners will play the Quarter Quell. May the odds ever be in your favor" He finished.

That was his plan. He would make us kill each other. Slowly, all of us would be dead. It would be perfect entertainment for Kronos.

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