Sam's turn to torture

Such a good morning, Carly though as she woke up and reached out to stretch her arms but wait...What i can move my arms? Carly poke her head up from her pillow with her eye wide open. to her surprise from sleep was tied up by some kind of rope. looking around the room there stood her assailant or better yet her "Girlfriend" Sam.

Sam smiling sitting in a chair had her arms crossed. "Oh Carls, remember that day you tortured me? well i still do. When you mess with a Sam she mess with you" Walking over to Carly she traced her finger across Carly's body. "Does this rope burn you like my love for you does." Sam tugged on the knot to tighten the rope's grasp on carly's body.

"Oh by the way last night i read your diary and i learned you have a sorta fetish and an unknown personality i didnt know about." Sam looking down, "Imagine all the fun we could have had if i knew?"

"Well its never too late to try right, my little masochist" Sam took out a paddle. "See here i tied your arms up so you wouldn't struggle like you would? right." Sam using the paddle turned Carly over to expose her ass barely covered in her underwear.

"Wow Carly you got a g-string just for me" Sam looking surprised at the new discovery. Carly looking behind herself saw Sam getting ready to watch as she lifted the paddle up, Oh my this is going to be g-g-gooood.

Sam half way up stopped herself, "Wait first i want to explore that fetish of yours." Sam teased Carly with her first torture plan. Sam flipped Carly back onto her back again.

Carly felt one of her legs being lifted up by Sam's hands. her toes where being played with by Sam's fingers. She felt them being massaged by Sam's magical finger. Carly let out a moan from a certain touch from Sam.

"It weird to think you have a foot fetish but to have it towards your own feet that's kinky, girlfriend." Sam laughed as she continued to massage Carly's foot.

Sam continued to massage the foot then switching to give some love for the other foot. "Almost done honey" Sam reminded Carly now lying enjoying her foot being treated by Sam. Carly loved her feet and just felt herself getting hot and her nipples hardening but felt the pain from the rope then now stung her. Oohh that feels good, Carly now struggled a bit to feel the rope rub against her skin.

Soft. Sam's Breast felt as she placed Carly's foot on her own breast. Sam had removed her shirt and bra to place the foot in between her boobs. "You like that Carly?" She moved her foot to get a full feel of her soft c cup breast.

Foot massage, Sam's breast and a little pain on the side. Its perfect, Carly moaning with the pleasure of her experience. The rope dug deeper on her skin not enough to make her bleed but to leave a burn mark that she enjoys.

Sam picked up on her torture and began to slowly lick Carly's foot. She licked in between her toes and around watching her struggle as the pleasure was too much for her to handle.

"SAM p-please let my arms go i need to stretch this is too much for me," Carly begged her to feel the pleasure.

Sam smiled at her word, "But Carly im not done yet" finally stopping her foot work and returned to her paddle in hand.

To Be Continued...