Blazer Blue

Meh. This certainly is NOT my best work, but I decided to post it anyway. Please, R&R, and no flames, please.

Noel navigated around the crowds of people. It was a very busy time in Orient Town, and she was having difficulty getting to her destination. "Gah! Why is the so important anyway?" She muttered to herself. Rush hour didn't make it any better.

She had to shove to get through the crowd. "Excuse me, pardon me, I'm sorry." Gosh, all this for HIS birthday. He IS a criminal, so shouldn't we be trying to arrest him, and not give him BIRTHDAY PRESENTS?

"Excuse me." Noel then saw an opening to a back ally. She sprinted for it. She sprints she scores! Noel walked, trying to catch her breath. "Wo, that was fast." She said to no one in particular.

Still gasping for air, she noticed a shadow. "Who's there?" She said. Was she just imagining things? "I am an officer of the NOL. I demand you to reveal yourself!"

Then, for the shadows of the butcher's shop, the black blob showed. Yes, it was Arakune.

"I s y u, t e hol r of th azure. W at i i nd?" Arakune asked.

"What? I can't understand you," Noel said.

"W ur and?" Arakune repeated.

"Umm... I still can't understand you," Noel said, "I have to go."

Noel walked away. I'm so lonely Arakune thought to himself I think I'll go stalk Litchi now. He stalked back into the shadows.

Noel made it to an actual road. The sunlight was strong, and it wasn't that busy. There was just a few pedistrians walking. She went out into the cool air. Noel was close.

In just a few more blocks, she made it to his house. She hang the doorbell. "Special delivery for a Mr. Ragna the Bloodedge."

Ragna opened the door. "If it's another box with springs that are going to pop into my face, just forget it! Just because it's my birthday doesn't mean I want to be pranked every 3 minutes!"

"No, I think this is legit," Noel said. She shook the box. "It doesn't sound like a prank."

"Who is it from?" Ragna asked.

"Major Jin Kisaragi," She answered, "He made me run through the rush hour traffic just to deliver it!"

"Fine," He finally accepted the box. "Let me find some scissors." He went back inside, leaving the door ajar. Through the crack, Noel could see that Ragna is more modern than she expected.

He came back, a pair of orange-handled scissors at hand. He cut the red bow, and white tissue paper. A tag was in the middle of a brown cardboard box. "I hope you like it, Brother." Ragna shivered. He could hear Jin's voice.

"Well, open it!" Noel exclaimed. Ragna thought it would be something inappropriate, but it was something quite unexpected.

"A blazer?!" Ragna held the clothing up, letting the paper scraps fall to the ground.

"And it's blue!?" Noel exclaimed. A blazer that's blue. Hardy har har.

Ragna breathed a sigh of relief. "At least it's not what he got me last year . . . ."

"Oh my goodness, I remember that!" Noel shivered at the thought of the discustingness the box last year had. Whipped cream. Lots and lots of whipped cream.

"Well, thanks," Ragna said, admiring it more in the light.

"Okay," Noel said, "I'll tell Major Kisaragi that you liked it. Happy birthday!"


Ragna went inside to try it on. He looked at himself in a mirror. Pretty snazzy. Then, it started.

He had an itch on his back.

"Wait, what's this white powder?" His arm had on itch. He scratched it. "What's going on here?"

And it finally hit him: Itching powder.


I just finished a book where the main character put itching powder in her letters to horrible people, so that was just a little tweak I decided to add. Hope you liked it. TAO RULES! and, captain crunchy.