So this is what a Yimipol is. It's quite terrible. Yes the victim is Aximili's grandmother, but he hasn't been born yet. The definition to a Yimipol is on my profile. As is Pala, grandli, and timpick. Oh and some ones that may be added.

Disclaimer: I only own Falin, and Alicron. And the word Yimipol.

Oh and before I start. The awesome moment when you find out that Chuck Norris is also a Pisces, and his birthday is only four days after yours.

((Pala, Pala!)) Elfangor cried as he tripped over his hoofs. ((I'm the fasterest runner ever!)) Falin rolled her eyes at her grandson.

((Careful Elfangor!)) She called. ((And for heaven's sakes you are five months old, fasterest isn't a word! You also need to clean your hooves silly Moli!))

((Mother!)) Forlay called. ((War Prince Alicron wishes to see you, Elfangor, and myself.))

Falin sighed. ((Tell them we'll be right there!))

((Okay mother!))

((Elfangor)) Falin said. ((Do you want to meet a war prince?))


((You don't have to scream Moli. I'm not deaf!))

((Okay Pala.))

As Forlay, Falin, and Elfangor walked down to war prince Alicron. They sensed something was wrong. Well not Elfangor. He was to busy gawking at the warriors.

((Falin-Esgarrouth-Retemed.)) War prince Alicron said. ((You are hereby charged of being a misbred. And are sentenced to a Yimipol.))

((Please!)) Forlay said. ((Elfangor needs his Pala, you can't kill her!))

((I have strict orders.))

Falin looked over at her Halind. He was staring at another Andalite. Obviously Alicron's son, Alloron.

((Does Elfangor need to be here?)) She asked.

((Yes. We need two close family members to be here, or you may not corporate, and we'll do the Yimipol to one of them.)) Falin looked towards Elfangor, and Forlay.

((Make sure Elfangor doesn't have grass in his hoofs, anymore.))

((Of course, Mother)) Forlay said, then she pulled Elfangor close to her.

((Do your worst, crazy wacko.)) Falin said.

((Grab her.))

A bunch of Andalite soldiers, grabbed Falin with their weak arms. Then Alicron walked towards Falin, with a metal thing in his hand. He pressed it against her.

Falin started to scream, a horrible scream filled with pain.

((PALA!)) Elfangor cried. ((PALA!))

Yet Falin still shrieked. Finally Alicron removed the metal thing, and Falin dropped. Then with the quickest strike you could think of. He slit her throat.

((Take her away, to the place all of these things go.)) The soldiers put all their effort into dragged Falin away.


Blah blah blah. Andalites wouldn't do this. I don't really care. This is what a Yimipol is.