Junichiro: I only have one thing to say. I do not own any of the characters I'm using in this fanfic. They all belong to their respecteve owners.

Soma: So... Can you tell me why I'm here?

Junichiro: I'm writing a fic. Is that a problem?

Soma: No and why me is the main character?

Junichiro: For some reason, it suits you as the main character.

Soma: Hmmm... Is Mina in it?

Junichiro: Relax. She'll be in it. You'll be in for a suprise.

Soma: I feel something ridiculous will happen.

Ridiculous Reunion?

Soma Cruz is living a normal life after fighting in Dracula's castle. Nothing was pretty strange to him. He's just doing what a normal highschool boy would do. He usually goes to see Mina Hakuba at the Hakuba Shrine. Now he slowly goes to his house.

"Well, I'm here." Soma grabs the doorknob. He suddenly takes a glance to a yellow-haired guy wearing a red coat sleeping on his couch. "Jonathan! What the heck are doing in my house!?" Soma bangs the door.

"Will you be quiet!" A shout echoes from the kitchen. Two girls are walking out of the kitchen.

"Charlotte! Shanoa!" Soma wondered how the heck they got into his house. Aren't the three of them should be in there respective timelines!?

"Oh, Soma. Is this your house? It's pretty stylish." Charlotte said before waking Jonathan up. "Wake up, Jonathan!"

"Just five more minutes mommy." Jonathan snores.

Charlotte shouts at Jonathan's ear. "Wake up! You slacker!" She quickly casts a spell.

"Thunderbolt!" A thunderbolt appeared and electrifies Jonathan and makes him jump out of the couch.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" Jonathan screams after getting electrified with Charlotte's Lightning spell.

She's still dangerous! I wonder what would happen to me if I would get hit by her spell. Soma tries to help Jonathan to stand.

Jonathan hugs himself being still shocked. "What...what was that for Charlotte!?"

"You won't wake up. So Charlotte casted a spell to make you wake up." Shanoa explained.

Jonathan stops hugging himself and turns his attention to Soma as if nothing happened to him. "Hey, Soma! How are you doing?" He pats Soma's shoulder.

"I'm just as usual and... How did the three of you got into my house!? Aren't the three of should be in your respective timelines!?" Soma shouted.

"Relax." Jonathan sits on the couch. "Nothing was strange when we got here..." He bluffed.

"Come on tell me." Soma sits on the couch.

"Uhh..." Jonathan hardly thinks of an explanation.

"I'll explain." Charlotte opens her book. "After all of us fought back in Dracula's castle. We were returned in our respective timelines. Somehow, we suddenly appeared in front of your house. It was pretty strange."

"And who gave all of you permission to enter my house?" Soma asked.

"It was an orange-haired girl. By her looks, her outfit was strange. She looked like some kind of nun." Shanoa explained.

Soma quickly reacted. "Mina? Are you talking about Mina?" He asked.

"Oh, so that cute girl is Mina? You sure have one cutie for a girlfriend." Jonathan grins.

"She's not my girlfriend yet!" The two of us are still at highschool." Soma blushed and tries to hide it.

"Highschool. So that is why you are wearing a strange garment." Shanoa said bluntly.

"It's my school uniform!" Soma said loudly.

The door suddenly opens. It was Mina and a long-haired man.

"Oh, Soma you're already here." Mina glared at Jonathan, Charlotte and Shanoa. "Are those three your friends?" She asked.

"They are Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin and Shanoa." The long-haired man replied.

"Soma. Who is that guy?" Jonathan asked.

"He's Genya Arikado but his true identity is..." Soma weakly replied.

Arikado transformed into Alucard.

"Alucard!" The three was suprised.

"I was wondering how the three of you got here." Alucard replied.

"Can you tell us why how we got here in the first place?" Jonathan asked.

"I do not know. It was not Father's doing." Alucard replied.

"Then what!?" Soma shouted.

"I think we will not know why. I presume that you three might be staying at Soma's house for awhile."

"What!" Soma was shocked hearing that Jonathan, Charlotte and Shanoa will be staying in his house. "They could at least stay at the Hakuba Shrine." He replied.

"Soma. The Shrine is kinda busy right now. So we can't let anyone stay there." Mina explained.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Soma bangs his head at the wall. I'm gonna live in my house with these three! I already have problems of managing my house!

Junichiro: Well. That's chapter 1 of the story.

Soma: Wait. How come Jonathan, Charlotte and Shanoa are staying at my house?

Junichiro: Mina and Alucard already explained it, right?

Soma: I'm too afraid to know what will happen next...

Junichiro: Nothing terrible will happen in the story. It's up to the readers on how they'll react.