Junichiro: This is a chapter that would explain on some parts of previous chapters that got some of you misunderstand or wondering why.

Soma: Hmm... Now that you mention it. I did heard Maria talk in Japanese. So this chapter would explain why?

Junichiro: Yes. This will include a bit of explaining of the story and the characters who are in it.

Soma: I see.

Discussion and Insults.

After the not that even quick trouble. It was lunch break. Soma, Jonathan and Nathan were at the school roof eating their lunch.

Before Soma could even got a taste of his lunch. He speaks to Jonathan and Nathan who are casually enjoying their lunch that wasn't prepared by Charlotte. "I think we should discuss everything." He said in a formal manner.

Jonathan nodded as he heard Soma. "Agreed. There were some of the things happened that made me misinterpret."

Nathan who was deplored on what he suddenly remembered that he was kicked by Carrie agrees to Jonathan. "Yeah.'' He thinks for a second. "But where should we start first?" He asked.

"I think we should start on what happened earlier." Soma said reluctantly. Did anyone of you just heard Maria talk like a Japanese?" He asked. "Isn't she the one who told us back then that she's Romanian." He suddenly felt depressed.

Jonathan nodded again. "Yeah. I really want to know why."

"By the way, Jonathan. Where is the book that I gave you when we were fighting back in Dracula's castle?" Soma asked.

"You mean the word translation book?" Jonathan asked.

"Yeah." Soma said as he finally felt that he can eat his lunch.

Jonathan scratches his head and looks to the right. "Sorry, Soma. I lost it..." He apologized weakly. "I think someone took it."

"So... who could it be?" Soma asked.

"Hmm..." Jonathan thinks based on what he can still remember about the book and how he used it. "I don't think its Charlotte. I never even showed that book to her." He said.

Soma nodded. "You're right. Also, it can't be Shanoa either. I haven't seen her read a book or take interest on something." He wonders on what he had said. Wait a minute. Does she even do something on her free time?

Jonathan expounds. "It can't be Richter either. I know that he rarely reads anything. But he's not that dumb to take someone's book."

Soma grins. "It can't be Julius, Yoko or Alucard. They already know how to speak Japanese."

Jonathan shockingly gasped. "Which means..."

The two of them shouts at each other. "Maria was the one who took it!"

Nathan actually fell asleep during their conversation and the two still haven't noticed it.

Meanwhile the three are having their discussion at the school roof. Maria, Carrie and Malus are eating their lunch together with Charlotte and Shanoa under a tall, cherry tree.

"Hey, Maria. How were you able to understand what was the teacher saying earlier?" Carrie asked.

Maria exclaims. "Simple." She takes out a book from her pocket. "I got this book that helped me translate words I don't understand."

"Where have you obtained it from?" Shanoa asked.

"I got it from Jonathan." Maria said with ecstasy.

"Can I have a look at that book?" Charlotte asked and Maria gave her the book. "Hmm..." She carefully examined the pages one by one. "Jonathan was reading this book?" She asked again.

"Yeah." Maria replied. "But I also saw Soma reading that book."

In a room of Dracula's castle. Two loud and maniacal voices can be clearly heard. The truth is, it wasn't Dracula, or Death, or even a low class subordinate. It was two vampire hunters indulged in their laughing.

A blond-haired girl wearing a pink dress with her doves as her traditional weapons heard the laughing and immediately went to the room.

She arrived at the door and looks at what's inside. She saw a white-clad teen and the other one is a blond-haired guy wearing a red coat. "What are those two doing?" She asked after seeing them.

"În... țe...le... ge... re?" The white-clad teen said in a weird manner.

"Ha ha ha ha! You sounded like a jerk!" The other boy wearing a red coat rolled on the floor laughing. (ROTFL if some of you want it short.)

The white-clad teen angrily insists the guy laughing. "Try speaking something in my language!" He gives the book he's holding in his right hand to the other guy.

The blond-haired guy takes the book and flips it on a page and reads something from it. "Kyo... kan?" He said in also a weird manner.

In response to what he had said. The white-clad teen is is now the one who's rolling on the floor laughing. "Ha ha ha ha! You sounded like freak!"

After seeing the two speak weird. The girl began to wonder on what they were doing. "Soma was trying to speak Romanian and Jonathan was saying something I don't understand." She said and looks at the two again.

As she looks at the two again. They were still laughing at each other after throwing words they were saying. But there ludicrous laughing ended when a minotaur comes charging at them.

The dodged the minotaur's attack and they immediately retaliate.

"Hah!" Jonathan lashes his whip to the minotaur. His attack made the minotaur step backward. Soma leaps in the air to attack.

"Take this!" Soma slashed the minotaur with his sword and gives the minotaur a direct hit in the eyes.

"Ngghh!" The minotaur swings its axe around to hit Soma and Jonathan. Since the minotaur took a very critical hit in the eyes. Its been swinging its axe upward thinking that the two were in the air. Because of it. It was made easy for them to deliver the final blow.



The two quickly dashed behind the blind minotaur. "Blood Cross!" They clashed their swords and a bloody cross appeared from it and gives multiple hits to the minotaur.

The minotaur gets blown away with Soma's and Jonathan's dual crush and shortly dies after.

The stopped were finally done using their dual crush.

Jonathan puts his whip on his left shoulder. "Seriously. Do we really need to use a dual crush especially... against a minotaur?" He asked. "We could have slain it with simultaneous attacks."

Soma places his left hand over his right shoulder. "If we had attacked it simultaneously, it would consume our valuable time." He said.

Jonathan nodded. "You do have a point." Takes the book out of his pocket. "It was a good thing that I quickly put this in my pocket before the minotaur charged in." He puts it back in his pocket.

"Lets get out of here before some monsters get here. I've already had enough for one day." Soma starts whistling and leaves.

Jonathan also whistled and followed Soma. But the book from his pocket fell on the ground and he didn't noticed it.

The girl noticed the book and immediately takes it. She looks at the title of the book. "So this is a word translation book. Romanian to Japanese and vice-versa." She begins to read it. "I think I'll keep to this for a while. Maybe I would be able to talk to Soma in his language." She actually flipped on the Romanian to Japanese page.

She left the room and kept on reading.

"So, you haven't returned it to them?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah." Maria replied. "I've tried returning it to them for fifty times." She said angrily.

"I might guess that they haven't noticed it yet." Shanoa said.

Malus suddenly speaks. "I'll return it for you." He said.

"Why, Malus?" Carrie asked.

"Well... I want to talk to Soma about something." Malus said.

"Well, here you go." Charlotte gives the book to Malus and he immediately leaves.

A cool gust of wind can be felt. Soma, Jonathan and Nathan were still waiting at the school roof. Waiting for something to happen.

"Soma. How come your friend Mina didn't flinched after seeing Alucard?" Jonathan asked.

"Believe me. I really don't know why." Soma replied.

Nathan woke up and quickly checks his cards. "There is always an explanation for everything." He scatters five cards on the floor in a horizontal formation.

Soma nodded. "Indeed." He flips a card. "Why do you have some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with you?" He asked because actually flipped a Pot of Greed card.

"I'll tell you later." Nathan replied.

After Malus left. The four girls were enjoying their lunch.

"Charlotte, is it me or did you just noticed that somehow Malus looks like Soma's little brother?" Shanoa asked.

"Yeah, Shanoa. It's pretty weird how." Charlotte replied. "They're not even related." She said.

"Could it be their hairstyle?" Maria asked.

"Nah." Carrie replied.

They suddenly laughed.

Malus, oblivious on how to find Soma. Decided to ask a guy who was looking at the window. "Hey, mister." He called.

The guy noticed. "What is it?" He asked.

"Did you see a white-haired guy pass by here?" Malus asked.

"Come to think of it. I did saw a white-haired guy pass by here. He probably went to the roof." The guy said.

Malus bowed. "Thank you, mister." He goes to the roof.

While Malus heads to the roof. Soma, Jonathan and were still waiting for something to happen.

"I still don't know why I'm in this." Soma begins to get bored of himself.

Jonathan raised an eyebrow. "You're the main character and you still don't why." He said as he almost decided to take a nap.

Nathan takes the five card scattered and shuffles it along with the deck. "Why are you even in this?" He asked as he puts his deck back in his pocket.

Jonathan exclaims. "Simple. I'm the one who helps Soma make ways to avoid everything."

Soma praises Jonathan. "You did helped me evade Astarte from seducing me." He looks to the right. You're the one who wants to get seduced!

Jonathan grinned. "I'm right, aren't I?" He then glares to Nathan. "What's your reason to be in this Nathan?" He asked.

"Hmm... Maybe I'm in this because..." Nathan replied.

"Because of what?" Soma and Jonathan asked.

"Because..." Nathan gives a thumbs up to Soma and Jonathan. "I'm great at everything!"

Soma and Jonathan shouts to the Nathan. "YOU'RE NOT GIVING US AN EXPLANATION!"

Nathan covers his ears and shouts back to the two. "RELAX! I'M JUST JOKING!"

Malus arrived at the roof and sees Soma, Jonathan and Nathan shouting at each other. He thought if he called them, they might yell at him. But he decided to try calling them. "Soma!"

Soma noticed and stops yelling to Nathan and looks behind. "Is that Malus?"

Malus rushed to the three. "Huff... huff..." Shows a book to Soma. "I'm here... to give you this." He sat on the floor. He was tired because of the things that happened.

As Malus rushes to the roof. He suddenly stopped because he accidentally saw something. He takes a look. "What is that?" He asked. "Why is there smoke coming towards here?" He asked again.

The smoke became clear. It was a horde of girls rushing to him.

Malus can clearly see that their eyes were like hearts. He noticed that they were like fangirls that saw their prince charming. "What the!?" He quickly makes a run for it.

Malus takes every direction just to evade the girls. But, the girls were determined to get close to him. Some of them were fast runners. He was almost grabbed in his uniform.

After the running, he ends up on a dead end. "What should I do!?" He noticed an open room and quickly went to the room and closed the door.

Malus was shocked. He's afraid that the girls would open the door. He looks at the window to know if the girls were still there. "No one's there." He opened the door. "Thank goodness, they're gone." He goes back to where he was going to.

"Hey! The book!" Soma takes the book from Malus.

Jonathan and Nathan stopped yelling at each other and looks at the two. "Honestly. They really look like brothers." Jonathan said as he started to think of an insult to Soma.

"It must be their eyes or way of thinking." Nathan said as he helps Jonathan think of an insult.

Soma glared daggers at the two. "Hey! I heard that!"

Jonathan and Nathan were able to think and bursts all of it to Soma. "Ha ha ha ha! We think we should call Malus as your little brother!"

Malus raised an eyebrow to the two. "I'm not even related to him." He said.

"The two of you are so dead!" Soma charges at the two.

"See if you can try!" Jonathan and Nathan dodged Soma and makes a run to the door.

"The two of you are not getting away!" Soma chased the two.

As Soma chases Jonathan and Nathan. He noticed that Jonathan and Nathan stopped when they reached the door. Jonathan stepped to the right and Nathan stepped to the left. They place their foot to each other and Soma trips.


Lights out for you Soma.

Jonathan: Rest in peace, Soma.

Junichiro: Didn't the two of you got a little hard on him?

Nathan: Don't worry. Getting tripped isn't that painful.

Junichiro: But he fell from the stairs.

Jonathan and Nathan: Oh! We didn't noticed that!"

Question#1: The words Soma and Jonathan said came from a Castlevania song. Can you guess what's the title of the song?
Hint: Pachislot

Question#2: Soma and Malus share something in common. What is it?
Hint: If you played Aria and Dawn of Sorrow and Castlevania 64. This would be a piece of cake for you.

Note: Readers, feel free to answer. Its optional.