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Wilson pulled round the bend in the road and saw House waiting for him in the layby. They had been on the road for about a month now, sleeping under the stars, moving from small town to the next small town. It had really made him feel free and at peace with what was happening. They had stayed completely out of trouble, which wasn't always easy when House was around. They had just been enjoying each others company.

It had been difficult on House for the first couple of weeks because they had changed his pain meds to Gabapentin so that the clinics they would go to wouldn't think too much about re-prescribing it without too much investigation, but with Vicodin they would and clinics wouldn't give a script for it, even though they both had full medical insurance and their medical records with them.

House hadn't complained about anything that they were doing, even though Wilson knew House had to be in more pain than usual, not only because of the pain meds but riding for hours at a time and not sleeping in a bed, in fact it was beginning to take its toll on both of them. They really should have done this 20 years ago when they were both healthy.

They would sleep in a motel tonight, they only had about 20 miles to go to get to the museum that he wanted to go to, there should be one near that they could stay in.

Wilson pulled in next to House "Hey you ok – you look uncomfortable"

"I'm fine" said House rubbing his leg "How much further have we got to go – I'm hungry"

"You're always hungry – about 20 miles – I thought we'd stay in a motel tonight – a little luxury for our old bones"

"Sounds good to me – I don't think my leg could take another night under the stars"

"According to the map we have to turn right just up the road – should be sign posted"

"OK lets go"

They came across a diner en-route and decided to eat before finding a motel- where there was one there was usually the other not so far away.

House made it into the diner without using his cane, he had been making a lot of effort to hide his identity – shaving was easy but walking unaided was becoming a problem.

"Hi folks, what can I get you?

"coffee for starters"

"OK – be right back to take your food order "

She went away and promptly returned with their coffee "So guys what are you having ?"

"I'll have bacon double cheeseburger, fries and onion rings" Said House

"I'll have the steak – rare please with fries" Said Wilson

"Coming right up"

Once the waitress had left, Wilson leant over to House "you should use your cane, nobody out here is going to know who you are"

"I think I'll have to, I can hardly stand up right now"

"There must be a motel somewhere near here, that will do for today – the museum should only be a small drive in the morning"

House nodded to Wilson "So what's the meaning of this museum then ?"

Wilson looked at House with a small grin on his face " its gonna sound silly, but when I was a kid it was the one place that I always wanted to go to. I was so into Aeroplanes and anything flight related and my folks would always say "next year in the summer" but we never did. I would always be disappointed and then I guess I grew out of it because I stopped asking. I could have come and seen it a thousand times but it never seemed important – but now it does. I put it on my bucket list years ago"

"How long have you had a bucket list for – you've only been dying for a couple of months!"

"For as long as I can remember – had always planned on doing those things before they became a bucket list – but I didn't do half of them – you always think you can do it later" He said with a sadness "do you have a bucket list"

"God No! What would I put on it ? I've travelled almost all over the world, most of which I don't want to see again, I have had the best career I could have had and I'm already dead anyway so it's a bit late !"

"So there's nothing you would like to achieve or like to have before you actually die "

"nothing that you can cross off a list"

Wilson looked at his friend with curiosity "continue"

House let out a large sigh "Like you not to be dying, not to be lonely and miserable and not to be in pain"

"well two of those we might be able to able to fix" said Wilson with a smile.

They ate their food and asked the waitress if there was a motel close by. The answer was yes, so they paid their bill and left to find the motel.

They found the motel and parked in the car park, House was having a little trouble getting off the bike.

"Hey Wilson, can you go get the rooms"

"You have to sign for your room"

"why don't you just get one room, but make sure theres 2 beds – I really cant walk up there right now"


They left the motel at 8.00am much to House's disgust and headed for the Museum. Luckily it was only about a 15minute ride. He hadn't had a good night sleep, he kept watching Wilson to make sure he was still breathing. Giving up your life was easy compared to living daily knowing Wilson was really dying and there was nothing he could do. He could also see that Wilson was slowly getting sicker too. He had lost some weight and he was starting to get that sickly look about him – there would come a time fairly soon when they would have to give up their road trip.

But for now he would have to get a grip for Wilsons sake, he would do whatever he had to do to make Wilson happy – well almost anything!

By the time he got his motorcycle he could hardly move his leg.

"Hey House why don't we see if we can hire a wheelchair – you look like you can hardly stand …. And we might get a better tour of the museum" Said Wilson with a chuckle.

House looked at his friend who had a rather silly grin on his face "go on then see what you can find – I'll wait here" Although inwardly cringing at the thought of using a wheelchair.

Wilson went off and came back 15 minutes later with a wheelchair and a personal guide in tow along with the cheesiest smile ever. "Now Gerry, this young lady is going to show us around the Museum ok" Wilson said to House. House just nodded.

House wasn't sure that using a wheelchair was a good idea. The fact that he hadn't used his leg a lot lately for walking was making his leg even worse – even his knee and ankle were starting to swell now – not that he told Wilson that. But atleast this way Wilson would get his 'personal tour'.

Wilson was in his element, the tour was a very indepth tour which lasted a good few hours, House was actually glad he was sitting down- but Wilson was having a great time. They had lunch at the museum café and then wandered around the grounds for a while – it was a lovely end of June summers day – hardly a cloud in the sky.

"So Wilson, where to next, where are Butch and Sundance heading to?" Said House

"mmm, I want to head south, to go hiking up a mountain"

"you know the one we climbed is nowhere near here – its in another state – like Arizona!"

"yeah I know, we can't climb the same one, but we'll just head south until we find one suitable for us to hike up"

"yeah right! Cripple here remember, bum leg is not so good for hiking anymore even with a cane"

"I know – I know, just a small one I promise nothing that will get us into trouble. We'll sleep in motels until we find the right mountain so your leg can get some rest" Wilson looked at House.

"Come on then lets go – lets jump on the horses and ride outta here" said House with a chuckle.

Wilson took House back to the bikes and then returned the wheelchair, at the same time he made out a check to the Museum for $2000.00 as a donation.

When he got back to the bikes he still had a smile on his face. House furrowed his brow and looked at Wilson.

"Thanks House" House just looked at Wilson "You're welcome" then he turned away before Wilson could see he had a tear in his eye.


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