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Chapter 22

House came home from work to find the house quiet, it was 6pm and there was so sign of Wilson. House opened Wilson's bedroom door to find Wilson asleep again. It was the third time that week that he had found him asleep - the new regime of medication really was making him tired - at least that way they knew he was still on the drug.

House stepped back and closed the door and left Wilson to sleep. He went to his own room and exchanged the crutches for his new cane. He had been using the cane around the house for a couple of weeks now, but he still didn't feel ready enough to use if for longer periods of time. They were continuing the PT twice a week and slowly his leg was starting to feel a little stronger, but it didn't feel strong enough for him to be able to use only the cane.

He had put some dinner on and was sitting listening to some music when Wilson walked in with his phone to his ear, which he then put to his chest. "House, it's for you, it's Tammy, she said you wasn't answering your phone" He said as he gave House the phone "That is because the battery is flat"

"what?" Said House bluntly

Wilson walked off into the kitchen while House and Tammy were having their conversation.

"Hey" House said joining Wilson in the kitchen "How long have you been asleep for?"

"Not sure, I think I fell asleep a little after 3pm, so I guess about 4hrs" He said washing his hands over his face "Dinner smells good, what are we having?"

"Pot Roast"

"You cooked?"

"Yeah - fed up with your cooking" Said House as he walked back to living room with Wilson following him.

"So, when are you going to go back to using the cane full time - I kinda thought you would have by now"

"When my leg feels strong enough to take it I guess - it still feels quite weak" He said sadly

"Weak? How do you mean?"

"Not sure, I just feel that it's got weaker through non-use over the last 3 months and I'm hoping that the PT will get it back" He said looking in a different direction.

"If it helps any, your gait doesn't look as lop sided as it did and you definitely are putting more weight on it with the crutches and your walking at your normal pace now - so it must be getting better"

"It's funny actually, because I feel straighter, my shoulder and hip don't ache so much. The bearded lady wants me to use my left arm and one crutch while I'm doing my rounds at the hospital"

"Have you done it yet?"

"A little - it felt weird, but I will try again, she thinks it will help with strengthening the leg"

"Makes sense - you should have been using the cane on that side for years" Said Wilson with a chuckle.

"Yeah I know that but it never felt right, I always felt like I would collapse or something"

"You're doing good you know, sticking to what she tells you to do. Hows the pain - you don't seem to be having as much break through lately"

"Thanks Dad! honestly on the hole, the pain meds are keeping it about a 3, sometimes after PT it ramps up and today after work it did, but nothing too major. Probably the best it's been - like ever!"


"So, Wilson what's up with you?"

"Nothing why?" He said a little too defensively

"Yes there is! Come on spill. You've been off for a couple of weeks, if it was the new medication or you being sick you would have said - you and Marcy ok?"

"Yeah, we're fine" He said a little uncomfortably

"So what is it then?"

"She's pregnant, House!" He said rubbing the back of his neck

"Whoaah, what and you think it's yours?"

"YES! I'm pretty sure it is - all the dates work out"

"You're a Doctor you should know better than to go unprotected - have you had a check up?"

"What? No I haven't ! I don't even know how it happened - well I mean... I know how it happened but with all the chemo I did, I assumed I was infertile and she is on the PiI and hasn't missed taking any - it's a tiny miracle" He said all dreamy eyed.

House smirked at Wilson "So you will do a paternity test when it's born right? " Wilson just glared at House, "So studd muffin what are you going to do?"

"I actually don't know, I asked her to marry me, but she said no because we don't know each other well enough yet"

"Smart lady, you'd be divorced before the kid was even born" Said House still not able to get the smirk off his face.

"we are just going to take it one step at a time. " Wilson looked straight at House "House what happens when this treatment doesn't work - she'll be on her own" He said sadly

"Firstly we don't know what is going to happen with your treatment and what happened to taking it one step at a time, she knew what she was getting into"

Wilson looked at House "Wilson, it's happened for whatever the reason is, so enjoy it, stop worrying about something you have no control over and anyway that's something else you can cross off your bucket list"

"Speaking of Bucket List, can you book a couple of weeks off at the end of the month - I've got another trip planned!"

"Where are we going?"

"Las Vegas - going for a Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride and the Sky Walk Tour and a small road trip back down route 66"

"Wilson! Cripple here that Sky Walk is 70 feet out and 70 feet back!"

"use your crutches you'll be fine, we will just take it slow"

"hhmm ok I'll tell them tomorrow"

"So hows 'work' going anyway, solved any puzzles yet" Said Wilson

"One tiny one - just a small mis-diagnosis, nothing else" Said House

"So that is the reason you took that job - I knew it"

"Well yes and no, I am bored and I have done this job before, but I'm hoping I might find a couple of puzzles to solve along the way" He said now laughing

"So how did you rectify their mistake"

"Left them a note!"

"Did they take any notice"

"Yeah because when I went in that afternoon they had changed her medication"

"you'd better be careful you know, someone will find out it's you"

"It's not like they are going to get a patient in every week is it? Maybe one a month if I'm lucky" he said smiling "Come on dinner's ready, I want to know more about the route 66 plan"

"well I haven't planned that yet, I have for Vegas but not for route 66, I thought we could plan that together. I've got some brochures and tourist maps for us to look at"

"Cool once we've had dinner we can clear the table and start planning"

They sat down at the table to eat their dinner "oh House, the other thing I was going to say was, do you still want to take the bikes over to Marcy's for the winter?"

House looked at Wilson for him to continue "Well I'm not riding that thing anymore - my butt still hasn't recovered and you can't yet, so I thought we might aswell take them over now before the weather gets bad"

"Yeah I guess we could park them over there for a while, once I'm back on the cane full time I'll bring mine back"

"So when do you want to do it?"

"At the weekend, my leg won't tolerate it after work and if you're not riding then it will be 2 trips, unless I get Marcy to ride one like she wanted to"

"Seriously! She's pregnant House, she is not riding a motorcycle"

"Why not? She's what 6 maybe 8 weeks, she'll be fine!"

"NO! I won't allow it"

"I doubt that you will have a lot of choice somehow!" Said House laughing.

Saturday morning came around, Wilson had stayed the night at Marcy's and Tammy had stayed with House although still in Wilsons room.

Wilson drove them back to their house and as they pulled up they were having a rather heated discussion.

"Look I'm not an invalid! I'm just pregnant and only 2 months at that. I want to ride the bike now before I get too big. I promise I'll be careful and not go mad. It'll only be a 15 minute drive anyway."

"NO! I don't want you to - it's too dangerous" Wilson was half shouting as he got out of the car.

House and Tammy were just inside the front door. "God I wander what they are arguing about" Said Tammy

"Whether or not Marcy should ride Wilsons bike over to her place" Said House

"Are you doing that today?" Said Tammy

"Yep, it won't take long. Marcy has wanted to have a ride ever since we came here. I was going to take her out but my leg hasn't really been upto it - not sure that it is now"

"So why doesn't James want her to ride?"

"Because she's pregnant!"

"Whoah! no wonder they are arguing" Said Tammy, she stood quietly for a moment "Can I catch a ride with you Gerry?"

House furrowed his brow and went closer to her "If you want to - as long as you can hang on - I have a spare helmet"

"You mean it you'll let me ride with you!" She said hoping that was true

"Yeah, why not?"

"Excellent - although I'm not sure that I'm dressed for the occasions, not sure that skirt and dolly shoes go well on a bike" She said a little dismayed

"Maybe a pair of Wilsons tracksuit bottoms will fit you"

By now Marcy and Wilson were in the house "James I am going to do this ok - I'm not fighting with you. I won't get hurt and I won't go over the speed limit"

"Oh Hi Tammy" Said Wilson a little embarrassed "House come on help me out, tell her she can't ride"

"No! " Said House bluntly which got him a glare from Wilson "Wilson there is no reason why she cannot ride the bike, it's her choice"

"Hi guys, are we ready to ride then" Said Tammy happily, trying to break the tension that had occurred.

Wilson and Marcy looked at each other and said at the same time "You're gonna ride!"

"Yep - sure am - but I'm terrified - never done this before"

Marcy looked at James "If she can do it, so can I, no more arguing, I am doing this!"

James put his hands up in surrender "ok, ok, I give in, just be careful and I will be following you in the car the whole way"

They saddled up their horses and hit the road. Marcy lead the way followed by House and Tammy with Wilson bringing up the rear. She was a little deceptive, as she took the longest route possible so that they could spend a little extra time on the bike, but it still only took 20 minutes.

They all pulled up at Marcy's one after another. Wilson took his keys out of the ignition of the car and immediately stomped over to Marcy. She jumped off the bike and took her helmet off "Oh My Gosh, that was awesome" She said flinging her arms around Wilson.

He actually couldn't help but smile - any anxiety that he had been feeling had already dissipated. He just pulled her closer. "God I want to do that again" She said "well you can ... in the spring... when you are no longer pregnant and you won't give me a heart attack" Said Wilson with noticeable relief.

He let go of her and gave her a stern look "ok,ok I won't do it again until I've had the baby - but I will be doing it again!"

"Come on I'll take the bike upto the garage, could you go get Gerry's cane from the car - he might need it"

"yeah sure" She got out his cane and took it to where he and Tammy were still sitting on the bike, he was rubbing his leg and not making any move to get off. She hooked the cane on the handle bars and to his total surprise she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek at which point he froze and stared at her.

"Thank You - I have a feeling that you had alot to do with me riding. Do you guys want to come in for a late breakfast?"

"Yeah we'll be in, in a minute, when she can unlock her fingers and peel herself from the bike" He said heavy on the sarcasm.

"Ok - I'll see you in a minute" Said Marcy smiling and chuckling to herself.

"you know we have stopped now, you can unlock your fingers and peel your arms from around me, cos I'm finding it hard to breathe" He said but all the time he was rubbing his thigh that was now hurting like a bitch.

"I will unlock my arms when my heart is back in my chest" She said starting to relax slightly. Then she started laughing and relaxed her grip from House's lungs, although she didn't let go completely, she liked being this close to him.

He put his left hand on hers and took hold of it and brought it to his mouth and kissed it "Come on - I need to move" He said as light hearted as he could

She put her right hand on his right shoulder and kept hold of his left so he could help her off, once she was off she still held his hand and moved forward to him, she put her right arm around his shoulders and leant into him giving him a cuddle. He cuddled her back and then lifted her head up.

"Why are you crying?"

"Because I am happy" She said with a smile "I have never done anything like that before and it was exhilarating" She put her hands up to cup his face and drew him in for a kiss.

"Why don't you go in and help Marcy, I need to put the bike away"

"You need any help?"


"I kinda do - point me in the right direction please" She said laughing and holding her own cane.

House took her by the shoulders and turned her slightly "Now get"

"you sure?"

He nodded his head at her

"You just did it again didn't you?" She said still laughing

"Ahh yep, maybe one of these day I will remember that you are blind"

House sat on his bike while Tammy was going inside, wandering how he was going to get off the bike and put it away on his own. But he needn't have worried as Wilson was out before he even looked back up.

"Hey, you need a hand getting the bike in?"

"Will do when I can get off it?"

"Leg playing up?"

"Yep - too long in one position, it was nice riding the bike again though, but I'm paying for it now"

"Can I do anything to help?"


He slowly moved himself back on the seat of his bike and using both hands he pulled the leg up and over the seat and stopped to take a breath.

"Have you got any pain killers on you? If not I can get some from the car"

"In my pocket"

He finally managed to get the pills out of his pocket and dry swallowed 2, he sat rubbing his thigh for a bit longer while the pain meds were taking effect. He took his cane from where Marcy had left it and hobbled to the house while Wilson put the bike away - no conversation was required. He paced around the living room for a while in the hope of loosening up his leg. He also tried a few exercises that the bearded lady had recommended. 10 minutes or so went by and Tammy came to find him.

"Hey - you ok?" She said

"I'm fine" He said bluntly

"I'm sorry" Said Tammy

"For what? I'm not really in the mood for games"

"For not realising earlier that you were in pain, I was so caught up in my own adrenalin that I didn't notice your changes and I should have"

"Not your fault"

"Anyway, when your leg is good enough will you take me out again - that was awesome" She said with a laugh

"You were white knuckled frightened solid when we got here and I didn't even go over the speed limit"

"Yeah I know, but once I calmed down and realised how good it felt I could have got back on - I know I would definitely relax more next time. Was I an awful pillion passenger?"

"Well you did scream abit and squashed my rib cage, but you did get the gist of riding in the end"

"So would you take me out again?"

"yeah why not - I could make a speed junkie out of you yet"

"Is your leg ok?" She said softly

"It's getting there" He said not so harshly this time

"So why do you think it flared up?" She enquired

"probably because it was bent in one position for too long, but who knows, it has a mind of his own" Intrigued at the way she had just come out asked - not many people did that.

"erm, I have something to ask you and you can say no if you want to. My in-laws have invited us out this evening" She said a little shyly


"To go to a Monster Truck event over in Grandville, I've always liked Monster Trucks and I was hoping you might like to join us"

"Are you kidding?"

"NO actually I'm not" She said seriously

"Yes I would like go to Monster Trucks with you and if necessary the in-laws" He said smiling, how did he get so lucky.

"OK, good I think they said they were going to leave at 4. We could drive over to them and get a ride with them"

"Honestly I'd rather take my car, with my leg the way it's been today, I might end up needing to leave and I wouldn't want to mess up anyone else's evening" He said also thinking that he wouldn't be able to park in a Handicap parking spot also.

"That's fine, we could follow them instead" She said happily

By now the pain in his leg was subsiding and the conversation they had just had was definitely a good distraction. They finally went and joined Marcy and Wilson for their late breakfast.

"So Wilson, are you staying here now or you coming back?" House questioned

"Staying here until tomorrow"

"Good, I need the car, we are going to a Monster Truck event tonight" House said with a grin on his face

"How did you manage to get Tammy to agree to that" Said Wilson sarcastically

"I didn't - she asked me actually" Said House scoffing at Wilson

"Wow! you haven't actually found another poor soul that actually likes Monster Trucks!"

"Yes he has - I LOVE IT" Tammy butted in

"Halleluiah! now I don't have to pretend I like it anymore, she can be your monster truck marathon partner from now on" Said Wilson laughing

Wilson received a friendly swat on the arm from Marcy "Hey, that's not fair, I bet he's watched things with you that he doesn't want to watch!"

Wilson looked at House with a questioning look on his face "ok, name one show or programme that you have sat through for me"

House looked around thoughtfully, pointed his forefinger in the air and went to say something, then closed his mouth again and put his hand back on the table "I got nothing" he said shaking his head.

"I don't believe you" Said Marcy

"TV is my pleasure, I watch what I want to watch - I am master of the remote" Said House as seriously as he could.

Both Marcy and Tammy started laughing and Wilson shook his head "see I told you" and started laughing also.