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She mumbled and turned over, burying her face in her pillow. There was the sound of masculine laughter, and then a pair of lips pressed themselves to the patch of exposed skin just below her hairline behind her left ear.

'I'm sorry to wake you love, but it is half past nine.'

A warm hand slid round her to rest on her stomach, rubbing gentle circles into her skin. Lily sighed into her pillows and closed her eyes a little tighter against the light that was flooding the room. She knew she was waking up, but she wasn't going to give up on getting more sleep that easily.

'You're appalling at mornings you know sweetheart.' There was that voice again, accompanied by a mouth that brushed her ear gently even as it whispered to her. 'You're going to make a terrible wife; who's going to bring me breakfast in bed if you're not?'



She opened her eyes and her gaze fell immediately on her left hand which was resting on the pillow alongside her face. More importantly, they instantly focused on the simple gold and diamond ring that was still on her ring finger, exactly where James had placed it last night.

As if thinking of him had made it happen, the hand that had been tickling its way lightly over her stomach slid up to meet hers, and James' fingers brushed gently over the metal band that marked her as his. When she remained unmoving alongside him, he spoke quietly, a hint of sadness in his tone.

'Second thoughts?'

That got her to wake up properly; she rolled over until she was pressed up against him and pulled him into a rather desperate kiss. It seemed that this met with James' approval, because his arms snaked round her to pull her closer, and when she would have pulled back he made a low noise of protest and deepened the kiss a little more.

When he finally released her he kept her held close to him and rested his lips against her temple, and once she got her breath back she spoke quietly. 'No second thoughts James. I just haven't got used to it yet. It just…all seemed like a dream. Last night that is.'

She felt his lips curve against her skin. 'As long as it doesn't seem like a nightmare.'

She laughed, the euphoric feelings bubbling up again now that she was remembering everything clearly. 'It really, really doesn't.' She looked at the ring again. 'How did you get my grandmother's ring? I meant to ask you last night, but I got…distracted.'

He smirked. 'I remember.'

She swatted his bare chest lightly, and he laughed at her. 'Your mother gave it to me. Or rather, she slipped it into my trunk at Easter. With a note.'

Lily stilled. 'So, does she know..?'

'No.' James laughed. 'Actually, no-one knew. I was nervous enough without the extra pressure of having other people aware of what I was planning.'

He shifted position until he was looking her in the eyes, his thumb brushing soft strokes on her cheek. 'We've been together for months, but I swear you still make my palms sweat and my mouth go dry. I don't know if you'll ever stop having that effect on me. But it'll be nice to grow old together and find out.'

She kissed him again, just the softest of pressures, and felt herself sigh.

'No-one knew about last night, but your mum did know I was going to propose at some point though. So did your dad. And Padfoot.'

Lily giggled as her fingers traced lazy patterns on his chest. 'Why on Earth would you tell Sirius?'

'He found the ring and gave me a total grilling, the git. He made me promise he could be best man.'

Lily rolled her eyes. 'Merlin help you on your stag do then.'

James grinned in sudden relief. 'You're okay with it then?'

Lily smiled. 'Can't imagine anyone better. Just get Remus to proof-read his speech beforehand, hey?'

She let out a shriek of surprise as he rolled them both over until he was pinning her to the mattress, and he grinned down at her, his hair even wilder than usual, his eyes lit by a stronger internal glow than normal. 'It's surprising how alike we are sometimes.'

She reached up and tugged both her hands through his hair, feeling it slide between her fingers. 'I am nervous about telling people though.' She admitted quietly.

James twirled a lock of red hair around one of his fingers. 'Don't be. Everyone who matters will be happy for us, and everyone who isn't happy for us can bugger right off.' He twined the rest of his hand into her hair. 'If I was you, I'd be more worried about how loopy our mums are going to be over the planning. They'll probably be five hundred people there if we don't rein them in.'

Lily groaned. 'Don't. I'm still adjusting to the idea.'

James grinned down at her. 'Well, I suggested we elope once, and you were horrified. Bet you're thinking it sounds like quite a good idea now.'

She grinned back up at him. 'I don't care how or where we do it. Just be waiting for me at the altar, yeah?'

He grinned back at her and covered her mouth with his once more.

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