It was Cody Grayson's 13th birthday when his father Stanley Grayson finished his ghost portal. He then called his friend Jack Fenton to talk about the portal because Jack has one too. After that Stanley left the lab to get ready for the birthday party. Cody's friend Donna Snow came over early for the party. She and Cody went in to the lab to see what the portal does. Cody put on a lab suit and Donna replaced the sticker. He then walked in side the portal while Donna plugged it in. Cody hit the on button and then a green flash of light came out and so did a loud scream. Cody's molecules were all rearranged. When he woke up he had white hair and green eyes like his friend Danny Fenton. Donna tried to hide him so his dad would not see him like a ghost. When Cody finally changed back his mom Nikki Grayson got home with the cake. She put in on the table and found her daughter Angela Grayson reading her book. It was called Ghost 101. Her mom was proud that her daughter was interested in ghost hunting. After the party was set up the gust arrived. They were Rick Waters a friend of his dads from college, Uncle Justin Walker, Aunt Millie Walker, Grandma Cathleen Grayson, Grandpa George Grayson, Cousin Steve Walker, Cousin Amber Walker, Grandpa Bob Walker, Grandma Shelly Walker, Aunt Beth Grayson, Uncle Tom Grayson, Cousin JJ Grayson, Danny Fenton a friend of Cody's, Jack Fenton a friend of his dads, Maddie Fenton a friend of his moms, and Jazz Fenton a friend of his sisters. Also people from school show up and they were. Jason Ash the football captain, Jodie Carr a popular girl, Selena Rush another popular girl, Camden a football player, Stevie Cody's crush, and Brady Donna's Crush. After the party got started Cody wanted to talk to Danny alone.

He told him about his ghost powers and how he is scared about them. Danny told him that when he comes to visit this summer he would show Cody how to use them. Cody felt a little bit better about his powers. On the other hand Rick was spying on Cody so he knows about the powers too. Rick talked to Cody for a while and Cody looked uncomfortable. Luckily his mom called his name so he left Rick to go and see what she wanted. It was time to open presents and Cody was excited. He found the one from Rick and pushed it aside. His mom asked why he did that and he told her he wanted to save that one for last. His mom understood what he was talking about. He got video games, gift cards, and money. So now it was time to open Rick's present. He opened it and to his surprise it was a necklace. It had a crystal with black mettle spiraling around it. It also glowed a funny and yet scary green light. His dad made him put it on even though he did not want to. He put it on and it glowed more than it did when he took it out of the box. He screamed and tried to pull it off but it would not come off. Donna tried to unhook it and she could not get it to budge. Cody is still screaming in pain as the necklace is draining his ghost powers. His sister got scissors and they could not cut through. Cody eventually passes out and his parents call 911.

Before they could ask Rick about the gift he was gone. After Cody got to the hospital they found a way to get the necklaces off. The doctors told his parents to keep the necklace in a box and not to though it away because it could harm someone else who finds it. After Cody woke up the doctors asked him some questions. Like how are you feeling and what did the necklace do to you and other stuff like that. He answered mostly the truth except when it evolved his ghost powers he wanted know one to know about that. When Cody got home he put the necklaces in his hands. He looked at it for a while. He studied it and then he put it down. His mom walked in the room and asked him how he was doing. He said he was doing fine. They talked for a while then she left. Cody went to sleep and woke up in time for school. He ate breakfast and walked to the bus stop. He got on the bus and sat by his friend Donna. They talked on the way to school. They got off the bus and they went to their classes. Cody sat down next to his lab partner Selena. They were making different ice cream flavors. Cody was shaking the bag when his hand turned invisible and the bag fell on the floor and splashed all over Selena. She screamed and ran for the bathroom. Cody was not worried about her he was worried about everyone finding out about his ghost powers.

The bell rang and Cody ran for the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and everything looked fine or so he thought. He started sinking through the floor. He screamed. There was none thing he could do so he just sank deeper and deeper until his legs went back to normal. He opened his eyes and realized he was in his second period class. He was happy because he was not late although, he did get detention because his phone went off in class. Cody just sighed and Tooke the slip for his teacher. Later that day his sister was talking to Camden Russo one of the football players. They were thinking about starting a study group with other kids in the school to get ready for finals. They posted a sign outside of the library.