I've been making several MTNN works of fiction but I've only put "This Emotion" up and that was years ago. So many just stay on Tumblr but this one, due to it's large size, needed to make an appearance here. This one will be updated whenever I feel like it really, nothing to special. Just something I can put all my fluffy feels into. Hope you enjoy.

I always wanted a pet when I was older but sadly my father was allergic to most pet hair. So when I moved out on my own and had the income to take care of myself and another living thing, I jumped at the chance and got myself my first ever pet.

He was a beautiful, young, Bombay cat with a black coat that was really beautiful when the light him just right. He was only a kitten when I got him so he wasn't always black; he had a bit of brown on him till he grew up. But the weirdest thing about him though was his eyes. His eyes were green, unnatural for his species the breeder said. She did not like that at all. Apparently in order to keep up with her status as a quality breeder, she didn't like having him around or seen. If he was seen, then other's would think she'd selling them mixed breeds for pure bred cost as a giant scam. So she sold him to me pretty cheap...and also paid me a good bit in hush money so I would never say I got him from her. To think that he was treated so coldly cause of something he couldn't control. I just had to have him though.

I didn't even know about him till he opened his big mouth. I was looking at the others in the litter, all black and copper eyed. They were all so cute and in their little bed. Neuro wasn't in the same room for previous mentioned reasons but he could still hear somebody was there and he didn't like being locked up in whatever room he was in. So after a while he ended up finding a way out and free himself. He immediately tackled my feet and tried to climb up in to my lap. And it was love at first sight. He literally chose me and let me take him home as mine.

It was tough to name him. I thought of many names like Hideki because he was very smart. Then there was Yūsei as I heard that his breed tend to like a little power over others. Then there was Meringue...because I was thinking of a little pastry shop after picking him up. I would've picked it if he was white! But I found it hard to find a name for the little guy! I wanted it to be a good name, something unique, something that really made people have to remember because it was just that good!

He ended up getting his name though from one of my books he was sitting on. He was too small to cover it all up so part of the title. Neuro; he was sitting on one of my Psychology books for school. It wasn't common and for some reason...it seemed to fit him. So Neuro it was.

Neuro grew up fine as a kitten. He liked attention when he wanted it and when he wasn't sitting in your lap he was sitting by the back, glass door that led to the small patio that our little apartment had. Neuro didn't have a temper and he went to the litter box as he was taught to do. He was a good cat. But slowly I realized how much of a brat he was...and how much of a bad cat he could be.

My Neuro was a good cat...but a bad cat. And my life was never the same when he entered it.