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"There that's the last of it," Jim Jones put down a box filled with pictures in the main room of the house.

"Finally our new home," Krissie Jones told her husband and looks at all the boxes.

"Now we just need to unpack and decorate everything," Alina Jones told them.

"WHERE IS MY TEDDY BEAR!" Celia Jones was running around looking in every box.

"Which one of all eighty, Cece?" Alina asked.

"Today is Elouinie the Giraffe's turn Ally (Alina)," Cece (Celia) was shaking her twin sister," I must find her!"

"Okay," Jim said," who gave Cece some coffe?" They looked at Cece.

" The magic chicken told me it was okay to drink some," Cece quietly said.

"Magic Chicken ," Krissie turned to a visible plush silk chicken,"no telling my daughter what to do."

"Mom let her grow up," Ally sighed,"we are fourteen and I - awww hi there Snow, who is the cutest kitty in the world, you are yes you are." Ally started petting and cuddling with her black cat, Snow.

"I worried about them Jim," Krissie told her husband.

"I'm just glad boys won't really get near them," he gave a half-smile,"now let's start unpacking." Eventually they found Elouinie and Cece carried it around all day.

"Ewwww!" Ally screamed,"there is half an apple in this box!"

"What box is it sis?" Cece asked and looked up from the box she was picking up and it said "Fragile" on it.

"It's Grandma Makenna's underwear!"

"Ewww!" Cece made a face," why do we even have some of her underwear!"

"I don't know," she looked inside the box,"ooooo purple underwear."

"You are NASTY sis," Cece turned around and went down the call caring the box that said "fragile".

"Ally help Cece with her room and then Cece can help you on yours while me and your dad work on the other places," their mom yelled from the kitchen.

"Okay mom!" Ally said and got one of Cece's boxes that said "Whatever" written on it.

"Mom said to help you and then you help me," Ally walked in her sister's room that had a pink Lovely plush carpet and gray walls.

"Okay sis," Cece agreed.

"What's in the fragile box?" Ally asked.

"My fashion magazines, my self-portrait, my pencil, the Stuffie Month Book, and my hair products," she explained. (A/N the Stuffie Month Book is like a yearbook for all of Cece's toys and a new one is made every month.)

"Really Cece?" Ally gave her a blank stare and put the box she was holding on her desk in the right side of the room. Ally opened the "Whatever" box and saw Cece's laptop, a glass slipper figurine, pictures, iPOD, movies, and games.

"Your so stuuuupid sista'" Ally told her and laughed.

"Says cookie obsessed girl," Cece rolled her eyes. Ally helped her sister decorate the right side with the desk, the big screen tv,a lovely sofa, a modern table,and her game consels, and she sang the whole time. Cece had to set her bird ,Pistacho, on the right side herself because Pistacho and Ally were mortal enemies. On the right side Cece had put her bookshelf that had stickers all over it, a modern table that held her goldfish ,Golden, and her ladybug ,Lady. In between the bookshelf and table, Cece had her desk for her computer. Next to all of that, there was a very tall shelf that had rows of stuffed animals on top, dolls in the middle, and figuring on the bottom. Under it had all the copies of her Stuffie Month Books. On the north wall she had her lovely bed in between the room and in front of the window. The bed was in between two modern bed side drawers that one had a light alarm and the other a modern lamp. A lovely vanity was placed next to the right drawer from the bed with a modern chair in front of it. Next to the vanity there was a modern table with a dvd player and it had a box filled with CDs, some jewelry, a dressup doll, and a pair of Grandma Makenna's underwear that Grandma Makenna put in there. Finally fifty of Cece's stuffed animals were thrown on the bed and also in front of the lovely bed, there was a cream sofa with a mama teddy bear, a baby teddy bear, and a doll.

"Done!" Cece yelled and fell into her bed with all her stuffed animals

"Don't get lost under there Cece," Ally said as she sat on the cream sofa.

"If I get lost get Captain Febey," Cece told her.

"Whatevs'," Ally said and glanced at the shiny clock,"we spent an hour and a half in this colorful childish stink hole, my room next!" The twins went to Ally's room. All the furniture was built and the big ones were in place, except the chairs and small pieces of furniture.

"Cece get the boxes you know where my stuff goes, and I will move the furniture," Ally told her. Cece nodded her head and the Jones twins began working. On the corner of the room where her window was, is Ally's cabin bed and a green bed side table and lamp next to it. On the diagonally corner is her robo TV and her full collection of game consols. On the opposite corner that was near her door is her music station. She has a red boom box, CDs, both an electric and acoustic guitar, and a keyboard. She also has a lovely phone that she was forced to buy since it was the only one. Next to her bookshelf ,that didn't have space for anymore books after Cece put them, was a computer with it's own small desk to go on it. She has a separate desk with school books and a mini-lamp with a ruby-econo chair next to it. Her lovely phone, computer, bookshelf, and desk is on the only corner left. She also has a ranch wardrobe in the middle of the room. Ally moved the furniture in the right place while Cece organized her CDs, clothes, sport items, and her school supplies in one corner.

"Finally finished with our stuff!" Ally stretched her arms out and yawned.

"Let's go help mom and dad now," Cece said and her twin agreed. As they were walking down the hall, they saw their mom finishing her bedroom shared with her husband; their dad was fixing the laundry machines.

"We are going outside our creators," Cece yelled as she and Ally walked down the hall.

"How do they finish decorating this fast!" Ally yelled as she saw the living room spotless, and they could even see the kitchen shining from far.

"Maybe they stuffed everything in the attic," Cece suggested.

"You honestly think that?" Ally said.

"No..." Cece looked down to the round carpet.

"Let's just go outside and find cute boys," Ally said.

"Sexy boys," Cece corrected her.

"Rich sexy boys," Ally said.

"Rich hot sexy smart really rich boys," Celia told her.

"Let's just go Cece," Ally said.

Once the twins stepped outside they saw a beach not far in the distance, coconut trees, apple trees, pear trees, and so many others. There were flowers all over the place and there was a road for the cars that would slowly come by. Orchway Town gave them a nice ending-of-summer breeze that was telling them autumn was coming soon and the leafs would be millions of colors.

"I like Orchway Town already," Cece whispered as she fixed her hair into a pony tail. Cece was wearing pink short shorts that match with her pink hair she inherited from her mom, a white shirt that said "Peanuts", and her white running shoes. Ally was wearing a white shirt with the number 06 typed in black on it. She also had on purple short shorts the same style as Cece's and they matched with her purple and black running shoes. Ally had her red hair that she got from her dad in a high ponytail as well.

"Yo," a boy yelled from next door,"new girl welcome to Orchway." The boy looked about the same age as Celia and Allina. The twins got closer and they noticed he was playing basketball.

"Hey," he flashed a smile at Cece and though he didn't notice Ally,"I'm Mason Arins."

"I'm Celia but calle me Cece," Cece waved at Mason also shining a smile back but just a friendly one.

"I'm Alina but call me Ally," Alina returned a smile. Mason didn't see Ally until he turned a bit to the side. He blushed a bit a noticed how pretty the red head was. He felt he was blushing, so he decieded to look at Cece the whole time. He had short black shaggy hair that was covered by a red and white cap that was on backwards exposing his blue eyes. He held his basketball under his arm. He was a wearing plain white shirt and he had red shorts on with red and white sports shoes on.

"You lonely?" Ally asked as she looked at the basketball, the small court, and him.

"A bit," he nodded,"you wanna join me?"

"Sure why not," Ally said and she tightened her ponytail.

"You two play," Cece said as she saw someone in the distance,"I gotta go run."

"Wait," it was too late and Ally was left alone with a boy she just met playing basketball.

Cece crossed the street and walked towards the beach where she saw a very good-looking boy. He had blonde shaggy hair that looked like if it was cut in layers at the very bottom. It was messy and he was wearing some cream-colored cargo shorts with a blue and white tank top. He turned around and noticed Cece.

"Hey," he smiled at her.

"Hi," Celia waved at him. The tank top showed his muscles and then Celia noticed the different design on his outfit.

"Is that Gracie's end of summer collection?"

"You betcha," he smiled,"my parents are Gracie's bosses."
"Such a small world," Cece smiled,"my mom is going to work as a secretary assistant in their."

"Really?" the boy asked her flicking his blonde bangs out of his face and Cece could see his blue eyes. Cece almost gushed but stayed calm.

"Totally true," Cece told him shrugging.

"So you are new here?" he asked her.

"Yuppers," Cece told him,"you are lucky to be in the presence of the newest resident of Orchway."

"Just being in Orchway is lucky," he said and turned to the sea. The sun was still in the sky and the fluffy clouds reflected the weak beams making it shine on the ocean.

"What do you mean?" Cece asked him and started looking at the small waves crash.

"I live in Lavnder City so obiously it doesn't seen hard to get here," he sighed,"but my parents say I can't mix with "lower class" people or animals and I need to focus on the family business."

"That stinks," she said. There was absolute silence until the boy's phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered,"Okay then fine! Yes Mariana! Yes! Okay BYE!"

"I hope to see you some other time," he said and made eye contact with Cece. His blue eyes met her black eyes. something about his eyes were familiar. Cece shrugged and nodded and started walking to her house, but the boy was behind her. When she reached Mason and Janey some other kid was there with a whistle. Just then Mason scored.

"23-21," the boy yelled. When Mason saw the boy, he dropped the basketball and stopped smiling. The boy smirked as both blue eyes boys locked their eyes for a second and he walked away disappearing into the distance.

"You know him?" Cece asked Mason that was still in shock and kept looking at the distant road where the boy left. Mason walked inside giving everyone a simple good-bye.

"Hey Tyler," Ally spoke to the blonde teenage boy with blonde spiky hair,"who was that?"

"Mason's step brother," Tyler said and then he left muttering goodbye to Ally without noticing Cece.

"Sh!t!" Celia said angrily,"I didn't get his name or he didn't get mine!"

"Haha," Ally laughed at Celia.

"Shut up Alina!" Celia yelled and went inside.

"Woah she's angry alright," Ally thought,"but I don't blame her, he's hot." Ally ran inside too. Tomorrow was going to be Sunday, a day before the twins would attend Amethyst Private School in Lavender City.

That night Cece layed under all her stuffed animals thinking,"Tomorrow Mom is gonna go to her workplace and I might be lucky enough to see him." She flipped and turned but every time she would hear noises. She got her oversized monkey plush and toad plush as she got off bed. Her bare feet touched the plush new pink carpet that reminded Cece of blood in the dark.

"No need to be scared of the dark , It'd what's in the dark you must fear," Cece whispered to her stuffed animals. She heard a little sound before she ran to Ally's room.

"Ally wake up," Cece poked her red-headed twin.

"Ugg... mwaea mesh," Ally murmured.

"Ally," Cece was really scared. What if the monsters stole her soul!?

"Ally," Cece's eyes were tearing up.

"Mwa mwa commeneshu chinese gagarlu food," Ally murmured.

"Alina," Cece was now crying shaking her twin. Alina finally woke up.

"Cece," Alina yawned,"what happened?"

"I'm scared of the things in the dark," Cece whispered crying,"but Pinball and protected me."

"Are you sure we are 14?" Alina laughed quietly.

"Ally," Cece stopped crying but tears where still running down her face.

"Just sleep with me for tonight then," Ally said and played along,"Pinball and too." Cece whipped of her tears and the twins crammed together in the ranch bed. In the morning let's say two didn't make it to morning alive on the bed. And we can also say Pinball and slept pretty well on the bed unlike the other two on the floor.


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