Ally's POV

I looked at Dad, then at Cece. Her eyes were bulging, and her mouth looked like a goldfish out of water. She was clearly trying to think of a way to get out of this. I shook my head with the disappointment in my sister.

First she hates Tyler, calling him Timmy and totally ignoring him. Then, she starts opening up to him, while I try to scheme. After that, he totally confesses to her, and kisses her at the beach, and then he kisses her in FRONT of me! She then whisks him away to Wal-Mart, and I don't see them fro EIGHT hours! That is all f*cking bullsh*t!

Now, she can't even think up a good lie to get herself out of this.

Dad looks at her with inquisitive, but also suspicious, eyes. I step in front of Cece, giving Dad the sweetest smile I can muster, late at night. I batter my eyelashes and give him a toothy grin.

"Cece and Tyler are working on a Biology project together. Cece was complaining to me, because Tyler is super smart, and she can't keep up with him. She was complaining that she should've got partnered up with someone at her own level, like Doc."


"Y'know: That blue rabbit with glasses?"

"Oh, yeah, him… Okay, then Cece, maybe you should just study harder. Maybe then you'll understand what this Tyler kid is saying," Dad suggested, taking my lie.

"Y-yeah… Night, Dad," Cece mumbled, then kissed Dad on the cheek. He winked at us, and then left to go downstairs.

"You owe me," I spat, crawling into my bed.

"Thanks… But why did you say that Tyler is really smart? No offense on him, but he's…not."

"Because, when Dad DOES find out about him, he'll think highly of him," I told her, cracking a grin. I then turned away from her, brushing my red hair.

"Awe, c'mon Ally, please… What will I have to do to make you talk to me?" she whined.

I turned to her, "Tell me all the details, of course!"

She jumped on the bed and laughed. "We're going out. He asked me to be his girlfriend!"

I squealed and hugged her. "Oh, my gosh, really?!"

"Yeah!" she shrieked.

I looked at Cece. She looked really happy. Her eyes sparkled, and she looked giddy with happiness. She had a certain glow to her face, and her skin was perfect. I wasn't sure how one guy could do this a girl, but it seems to have worked.

I yawned, put my hairbrush away, and said, "I'm really tired. I'm gonna go off to bed. So get out of my room."

Cece nodded, and skipped away.

In the morning, my lovely phone rang. I groaned, and clambered for it.

"Yes, Mom, I know Mom, I'm coming, Mom," I muttered sleepily. I heard a little squeal of responsibility as she hung up. I shook my head as I thought about my crazy mother.

I quickly changed into a t-shirt and three quarter length denim jeans. I picked up my school, bag, brushed my teeth and sat down at the table.

"Morning, Alina," Dad greeted, reading the paper.

"Morning, Dad, Mom, Cece." Cece was trying to squeeze some ketchup on her fries. I took the bottle, whacked the bottom of it, and emptied the contents on her food. She smiled at me gratefully, and carried on eating. I shrugged, and started to eat my pancakes.

"What are you doing today?" Dad asked, looking at Cece.

"We're doing a little showcase to another class in Drama. Mrs. Flo said that we're ready," Cece told him, happily thinking about the play.

"What's it about?" Mom asked, finishing up her cereal.

"It's 'Jack and the Beanstalk'," I added, "I'm Jack, Mason is the Giant, and Cece is my mother."

"'Beans?! You got BEANS in exchange of our cow?!'" Cece recited, looking at Dad with a grin.

"I hope you do well," they both say.

After breakfast, Mason, Tyler, Cece and I are walking to the bus when a rock hurtled towards me, and knocked me on the shoulder. I fell down, clutching my shoulder, while Mason ran over to me.

"Ally! Are you okay?" Cece babbled.

"I'm…fine. Just a little shaken up," I said, clenching my eyes shut as I rubbed my soldier.

"What was that about?!" Mason asked, worried about me.

"I don't know-"

"Look! The rock has a note on it!" Tyler shouted, ripping the note off.

"Let me read it," Cece pleaded He gave her the note.

"Dear Ally and Cece,

We are outraged, with what you have done to Jason. He clearly did nothing wrong, and he's too sexy to be guilty. You humiliated him, us by being friends with him, and we're not amused. You better watch yourselves, or you might get into a little…accident. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Your worst nightmares"

"They're threatening us!" I exclaimed.

"How can they do this?" Mason joined in.

"Uhhh, who are the culprits behind this?" Tyler and Cece asked, clearly not connecting the dots.

"It's Jess and Jackie!" we shouted at them.

"Ohhhh…WAIT, WHAT?!" Cece squawked at us. She clearly couldn't apprehend that this was happening.

"I'm angry now," I muttered, and ran to the bus. Kap'n tried to flirt with me, but I just sat at the back of the bus. The others trailed behind me.

"She punches stuff when she's mad," I heard Cece whisper to Tyler. Tyler shivered.

"How bad are the punches?" Mason asked, getting ready to defend himself if I happened to lash out at him.

"Really bad. She once sent a kid to hospital," Cece explained. Mason shivered, too.

"I can hear you, y'know!" I barked at them.

"Oh, no, we're sorry!" they all shouted, clearly getting scared.

I just shrugged my shoulders and waited until the bus got to school. When we arrived, I raced out, ran into the playground, and found Jackie and Jess. Their backs were facing me, so I pushed them both, ** the floor.

"Ow!" Jess screamed with her annoying whiny voice.

"Yeah! Like, ow, that, like, hurts!" Jackie added.

"Too bad, b*tches!" I screamed, and slapped them across their faces.

"Eeep!" they squealed. "What was that for?"

"For threatening us!" I shouted, bending over to do some more damage.

"W-what are you talking about?" Jackie asked dumbly, feigning shock.

"Psst! Jackie, she means about that letter we wrote her-" Jess started to say.

"AHA!" I pointed my index finger at them in realisation.

"Jess, you idiot! You gave it away!" Jackie scolded her stupid sister.

"You made it kinda obvious," Cece told them, walking by my side. That was pretty rich, coming from her, since I had to explain it to her.

"Yeah!" I added.

"Well, what are you gonna do about it?" Jess taunted.

"This!" Cece shouted and lunged at Jess. I did the same, but with Jackie.

I have to admit, Jackie can pack a punch. But I then started to pull her hair, punching her face, kicking her tummy, and biting her arm. She was screaming, while slapping my face, and pinching my ear. We started to roll about in the gravel, shouting insults and threatening each other.

In the end, an anteater called Mrs. Pango broke it up.

"You four!" she said to Cece, Jess, Jackie and I.

"Come into my office. Now!"

"We're gonna get our revenge on you…" Jess muttered.

"And you'll be able to do nothing about it!" Jackie cackled evilly.

Cece and I just gave them our middle fingers.