Apocalipstical confessions

A Resident Evil's Fan Fiction by EvilSpawnMer

A/N: I own nothing but these huge feelings for Claire Redfield and Alice's relationship. So, for the sake of being brutally honest, I'm a HUGE Resident Evil's saga and games fan! I've always LOVED them:D And I've always shipped Claire and Alice. I just don't know, I see them and to me they're a couple. This takes place from the moment Alice tells K-Mart and Claire to leave, with flashbacks. Of course with some sort of AU dialogue. ;) But we all love it:D so, here it goes (: Obviously Claire/Alice ;)


I didn't want her to leave. But in order to save the planet where we live and the love of my life, I must quit to certain stuff I don't really want to. Claire and the convoy. They've become my top safety priority, so they have to leave in the helicopter even when Claire's eyes are begging me to join them. Begging me to go with them and forget my buried anger and desires of revenge for Umbrella Corporation. But all these things I have to do have it certain sense. They're logical. And I want to protect her. To do that, I got to go under Earth and find Wesker. I got to find him and kill him. Despite how long it takes me, I know Claire is going to understand that I do it for her. "You're not coming?" And with that I just shake my head. K-Mart sighs and shakes her head too. "Take care of the others." It's all I can manage to say, looking directly to Claire's eyes, which seem to be threatening to turn into a fall of tears. I nod "Claire…" And she nods too. She knows, just by looking into my eyes that I will move Sky and Earth to find her. Because I won't give up on her so easily.

One week ago…

"I'm telling you, we got to convince them. Alaska is the only solution. We got to get out of this crap hole and find a way to survive. Arcadia messages, what if… What if they're true Alice? What if they really provide food and safety from the infections?" Claire sounded most of all convinced about leaving this nomad life style and settle us down. I didn't want anything more than that. But I couldn't put her and the others in risk. I slowly make my way next to her right in front of the bonfire. She reached for my hands, grabbing them between hers. "All I want is normalcy. I want that old life of being able to eat normal food and be safe ignoring the non-dead. I want… happiness." She has been giving me signals about her attraction to me ever since I came to save them from that flock of crows. I didn't remember what love was until I saw her interacting with the youngest kids from the gang. It was pure, cute and simple. And I missed that. I missed seeing humans being interacting so peacefully with other one without killing each other.

She was, perfect. And yes, I was attracted to her too. She had this cute face, and her dimpled smile makes my legs weak. For the sake of being honest, I have never felt this way before. Maybe when I was a human, but that was a long ago. Her hair falling softly over her shoulders, illuminated by the sun in a certain way that, despite the dirt on her face, she looked angelical. I couldn't help but feel utterly in love with this woman.

She lends softly to my face, and I can feel her breathing over my lips. It's hot and I just can't seem to resist the urge of feeling her soft and pink lips against mine. So I lean in too. We join together into waves of pleasure, and softness. Revealing what we've always wanted.

Each other.

She parts her lips, letting my tongue explore the humidity and the warmness that her mouth jealousy keeps to herself. A soft moan escapes through her lips and I can't help but smile. She's so beautiful. My hand finds its own way to her neck, deepening the kiss even more. I can feel her hands on my face, while I just hold our lips locked into passion. My hands roam down her body, and I find a way to lock them on her waist, pulling her up with me. In the moment I'm on my feet, she breaks the kiss and stares into my eyes. I smile looking at her, tilting my head repeated times so I can take in all of her beauty face being illuminated by the fire next to us. I lean into another kiss again, and this time, she just makes a small jump, locking her legs on my waist. I giggle a little as my steadiness doesn't change even a bit and she looks into my eyes "What?" She says with a smile plastered on her gorgeous lips "You are lighter than a feather Claire…" She laughs and bites her lower lip. She leans in again, but this time she goes to my neck, biting and soothing with her tongue. And in that moment I know exactly what she wants. I walk slowly to the truck where we keep the food and with a small jump, I'm inside, holding this small and light woman between my arms. Between slow movements, I manage to get her naked and feel her body heat against mine, while her hands trace my face in soft movements of pure fascination. Almost like she was hypnotized by it. And I can't help but crack a soft laughter. She looks at me and grins, taking my shirt away slowly, along with my guns and everything on the way of her skin and mine. Before I go further, I look for signals of approbation on her face. And she just nods. So in that moment, I knew that this woman is all I will ever want next to me.

I sit on the bench of the back part of the truck, while she masterly closes the curtains, restraining foreigners to witness something so intimate and private like our love making. Then, she softly sits down over my legs. She pulls my face to hers with her soft and delicate hands, pressing our lips together into a soft, humid and warm kiss that sends butterflies straight to my stomach. I lock my gaze on hers, while she takes in as much oxygen as her lungs allow her. I smile and caress her face, taking a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiles to me and I lean in again. Our tongues meet halfway and they start wrestling, while I keep pressing her against me, smiling softly into the kiss. Claire's hands go to my shoulders, holding her from them. I track my way down her body, and pressure her hips against mine softly, making her release a soft groan.

Our eyes meet again while I softly part her legs, making room for my cold hand to sneak into the source of the wetness now coming down over my legs. I look into her eyes, while I fight the urge of thrust her all of the sudden. I must go slowly, be soft and careful… I don't manage my strength too well, so the last thing that I want is to hurt her. She takes my hand and softly guides it to her sex; my palm fully taking it and her wetness, feeling how hot this woman actually is. She smiles, using her free hand to approach her face to mine. I close my eyes and let my guts guide me. I haven't done bad following them, so I'll follow them now too. I move my fingers through Claire's soft folds, making my way to her clit. My index makes a circle around it making her whimper on surprise. Our lips never part and I just keep drawing softly circles around her clit, while she just moans and pressures herself against my body, rubbing her bare breasts against mine, creating an aroused ambience between the two of us oblivious of the zombie horror that keeps threatening our world day by day. She holds my wrist tightly against her sex, like trying to keep my hand there. My fingers find their way to Claire's entrance, where the whole river of wetness keeps sprouting. I grin widely when she groans cause of my fingers circling and teasing her entrance. I finally push two of my fingers inside of her, starting with a slow and soft rhythm. She keeps moaning into our kiss, moving her hips along with my fingers. I hold her tight close, with my hand on her back.

Our bodies pressed together keep moving, and I feel in heaven. I haven't felt this connected to someone else before. Not even with my past lovers. On my human life, though. Because right after I turned into this failed attempt of a zombie project, I forgot what feelings were. All my heart kept was anger, pain and thirst of revenge.

Claire opened my eyes. She makes me realize I really want this apocalypse to be over so I can be with her and be happy. Even when that seems completely far away from the reality we're standing on.

Her eyes flew open when I pressed my lips to her cheek, smiling softly and moving my fingers inside of her slowly, staring into mine. I brush my lips slowly against hers, staring right into her soul. Right here, right now, I'm intertwining her soul with mine. We're becoming one.

After a couple of minutes, I feel her nails on my shoulder's skin, digging into it. It hurts, but just a little. It's a good hurting… Claire finally comes on my hand, soaking it with her juices. I smile and press my lips against hers, rubbing softly circles on her clit with my palm to help her enjoy the remaining traces of her orgasm. She suppresses her moans against my neck, biting it softly. I know that her constant sucking is going to leave a mark, but I don't actually care.

I remove my fingers from Claire's warm center, smiling as I lock our eyes together again...

Back on present…

My eyes fly open and I look around, once I realize where I actually am. I must have fallen asleep after I landed on Alaska, next to some other planes. There's no track of anybody. Alaska seems utterly empty and it freaks me out the fact that she can be dead. Not only Claire… Also the convoy. They were a whole. So it means Claire would have done anything to keep them save. Even risking her own safety.

I walk around the beach, with my video camera on my hand. I sit on a fallen tree and start making my daily video update.

"What if... I'm the last one?"

All of the sudden, the sound of cracking dried wood drives my attention to the trees, seeing a shadow running through them. I stand up and start running, following their trace. It seems to be a human... Or I hope so...

"PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE!" I keep running, uselessly as they keep running.

I finally reach a path that directs me back to the planes. I sigh, walking to the source of a noise, a plane with a broken door. I pull my guns out as another loud noise is heard, staring right to it. I walk closer, peeking my head slowly inside the opened gate. A crowd of flocks comes out, making me draw back on my steps.

And that's when something hits me. Another human being. Hopefully. I struggle to push them away, but it jumps on me and tries to stab me with a knife. I pull them off of me, and stand on my feet as fast as I can. As soon as they approach me, I kick them, making them fall against the plane, and finally end on the grass.

When I see it, I feel like the worst person in this God damn world...


{To be continued}

So?! :D what did you guys think of this? Should I keep going? I have a whole fluffy idea (It'll have combats against monsters, I promise ;) ) but I'd like having some reviews :) Be kind, I'm new into writing about Apocalypse and Love all combined in one world! :P XX, Rory.