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Chapter 7: We found love.

"So... Do you understand better now sweetie?" I ask looking at Becky, who's pacing next to me all the way through Umbrella's corridors. Her hand holding tight on mine. I kneel down, my hands on both of her sides making her look at me "It won't make me love you any less sweetie" she smiles a little and hugs me, hiding her face on the crook of my neck. I stand up, with her between my arms. Claire finds us and she grins to the sight of the small girl between my arms. Her hand places on the low back of her waist and her lips find mine on a soft kiss. I kiss her back, smiling softly.

Turning around, Becky looks at Claire, who smiles snapping up her eyebrows with a cute smile "So, Claire is mommy's girlfriend baby. Okay?" I say as Becky grins. We walk back to our room, taking seat on the big bed. "So Becky... I wanted to ask you something." Claire says looking at her. Becky looks back and their eyes connect. "Can I be your mommy?" Becky cracks a smile and nods looking at Claire.

After all I told her about Claire, I eased all of her fears about the misterious redhead woman that owns my heart. "She will protect you the same way I do sweetie." I say with one hand running through her hair. She grins and stands up "Can I go play ?" She signs to me and I nod, then she looks at Claire "Can I?" She says trying to get Claire to understand her. Claire nods, pressing her lips to the small girl's forehead.

After Becky leaves, I pull Claire's face to mine, our lips crashing together. She kisses me back, smiling into the kiss. Once we pull away, I find tears streaming down her cheeks. I hurry to kiss them, trying to fade away any kind of pain she might be having. "I'm sorry Alice... I'm so sorry..." She says looking at me. I frown, trying to follow her path to where the conversation is leading. "About what dear?" I say looking at her. It was weird on us to use loving nicknames, but this time felt right to start. "I stopped looking out for you." She says looking at me right into my soul. "Honey, it's okay... I understand... But I never stopped looking out for you. I knew you were alive. I could sense you." She smiles through the tears as I kiss her cheeks.

My lips find hers, intertwining into a soft dance of love and lust. My hands find the bottom of her shirt and she pulls away looking at me "Wait. Lock the door." She says looking at me uneasy. I smile standing up and make my way to the door. Pressing my thumb to the prints reader, the lock gets activated and a smile spread across my lips.

I make my way back to bed, gently crawling over Claire's body as she's already on her back. Claire meets my face smiling widely, and leaning into a big passionate kiss. Her hands tug into my hair, pulling me in against her. I suck her bottom lip, my hands roaming all over her body, enjoying the moans that crept out of Claire's throat.

I take off her shirt, throwing it across the room. Then her pants. I take in the view of the beautiful woman underneath me, my hands tracing over her body with delight. "Everything okay?" She says looking at me with a concerned look. "Reality is beyond better than memories." I say before leaning against her neck to kiss her deep and wet, our tongues meeting once more on a fight for dominance. Both naked, we caress each other like we used to do... Or even better. The repressed lust of the past month without seeing each other coming out at every kiss. Every touch.

Spreading her legs, I crawl down Claire's body, planting soft kisses over her body. Her collarbone, breasts, belly and finally the desired place. Her sex. Gently spreading her legs, I plant soft kisses over Claire's folds, sliding the tip of my tongue to make my way to the source of a growing river of wetness: her core. My tongue flicks over her clit, making the woman I love shiver on pleasure. "Don't, make me beg Al... /Please/" she says with her voice filled with desire and neediness. I smile, taking in her erected bud into my mouth, sucking it hard and steady; my tongue tapping against her clit as I suck it, making Claire moan loudly. Her hands fly to my hair, intertwining on the locks of hair.

After several minutes, she comes fully into my mouth, making me taste the sweeteness of her fluids. I don't know how she does it, but she always has the sweetest of the tastes coming to her fluids. And the way she moans, is like Vivaldi's best symphony to my ears.

Crawling back up, my lips meet hers, smiling against her lips. Her hands pulling my face close as we kiss, making me moan. Her hands roaming on my body, as she made me turn around. I find myself lying on my back, with Claire over me. She leans down, meeting my wet sex. I look at her, as she goes down tracing my body with soft pecks. And we change roles. Now she's making me orgasm on a way she only manages to do. I caress her hair, smiling widely as she comes back up me. I kiss her slow and soft, tasting my own juices on her lips.

After what it seemed hours of reconnecting with each other, I'm laying on my back, with Claire softly resting over my chest, half of her body over mine "Did you ever consider having a kid with me?" She asks circling ghost marks on my chest. "To be honest? My first thought when it comes to you is your safety. Always. Every time." I say caressing her hair with my hand and her arm with my other hand, smiling as she kisses my chest "Claire?" I say looking down at her. She smiles and looks up to meet my eyes "I love you. And... I'm glad we found each other back because I swear to God life had no sense other than finding you. " She gulps, holding herself tightly against my body. She sighs, caressing my silk abs with her fingers. I smile and press my lips to her forehead "How did you..." I say looking at her. She prompts herself over her elbows to look at me. The white sheets resting on her waist, and the white lamp reflecting her soft glow of sweat settled on her back. I tugg one strand of red hair behind her ear. "When the attack begun, I got stuck under one big, metal piece... Thankfully, I... I managed to get out of it but... You were already... Gone... And, Chris, he took me away with K-mart to... A helicopter. We left and, went back to Alaska, where you found me." I nod at her so she goes on, caressing her hand to encourage her "Then... Another Umbrella helicopter came and... Well, they took me. Chris and K-mart too but, I don't know where they took them..." She says with a hint of fear on her voice, laced with nervousy. "So... Wesker told me where to find you... And I did. I found you." She says looking at me into my eyes. "And Becky." She says caressing my face with her index as she follows my features. I kiss her hand, looking right at her "I asked Wesker for, help... I, didn't mean for all the rest to happen I just wanted to find you. I needed you. I needed you here with me... I didn't know whether you were with Chris alive or... -Dead-." I force the last word to come out of my mouth as I am scared of even thinking about the possibility of this happening. She blinks, staring into my eyes as she bites her lower lip. I pull her close to me, holding her body tight against me, feeling her heartbeat against my body.

We slowly begin to drift off into slumber, trying to forget about what life had us unprepared for.

But, truth must be told, I couldn't stick an eyelid together during the night. I was worried. Worried about all this being a simple dream or another imprinted memory. Or just my imagination playing some dark and twisted trick. I caress Claire's red hair, smelling a hint of what it seems strawberries shampoo. I smirk lightly, remembering her mentioning how bad she missed strawberries shampoo. Guess she got some before she came down to see me. Who knows? Glancing over Claire's shoulder, I catch Becky's small figure running inside the room as she prepares herself for a shower. Smiling widely, she looks at us while the blankets cover our naked figures.

I can't exactly tell when, but when I woke up on the middle of the night, due to a nightmare, Claire wasn't on my arms. I quickly sat up on bed, finding relief on Claire's body on Becky's bed, holding her tight as she cries, with her face buried on my favorite redhead's hair. I stand up, sliding my shirt on and also my panties. Walking closer, she looks at me, with fear painted on her eyes. I sit right next to her, with one hand on Becky's back "Hey sweetie, what's wrong?" I ask softly, as she glances at me. I caress her messy hair and Claire looks at me "She had a nightmare. She yelled mommy mommy mommy… So I came to help her." She glanced down at Becky wrapped up securely on her embrace, just like I have been minutes ago. "Nightmare. Zombies." She signs at us, and I sigh, kissing her forehead. Claire looks up at me and I get the message. I nod, standing up. Taking Becky's small body from Claire, I walk to our bed, laying her right on the middle of it. I lay on my side and also does Claire, but on her side. "No zombies will harm you baby." Claire whispers, kissing Becky's hair, who nods softly as she grabs our arms, pulling them over her small chest. My fingers meet Claire's and we hold hands protectively over our daughter's chest.