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Santa Barbara: December 26, 1984

"Jonah!" Shawn cried jumping up, trying to catch the football. Shawn missed the ball and it flew into Danny Parker's hands.

"Missed again!" Jonah mocked catching Danny's throw as Shawn failed to grab the ball.

"That's not fair!" Shawn yelled attracting his father's attention. Henry walked onto the porch, watching the scene. Shawn was standing in-between his older brother Jonah and his best friend Danny. Jonah and Danny were throwing the brand new football Shawn had gotten the day before. With Jonah being four years older than Shawn, and taller, it was no competition. Shawn was nowhere close to catching the ball.

Henry sighed, and cursed as he once again realized his father was right. Having boys four years apart was going to cause a major rivalry between them. It was the day after Christmas, and kids all around the block were playing with the toys they had gotten the day before. It was cold, and windy, so everyone was bundled up.

Shawn had a dark blue winter jacket, with sweatpants, and rain boots. He had a grey beanie on his head, covering up his messy brown hair. Jonah was in a white jacket, jeans, and shoes. He wasn't wearing a hat but he had red gloves covering his hands. "Jonah! Please!" Shawn begged jumping.

"If you want the ball, you have to get it!" Jonah told his little brother, throwing the ball to Danny.

"Come on Shawny! You can do better than that!" Danny followed Jonah's example and teased the boy. Shawn jumped again, misstep on landing and he fell onto his butt. "Can you just give it to me? Please Jonah?" Shawn looked up at his brother.

Jonah rolled his eyes and shook his head. "If you want something you have to earn it." Jonah said. The two brothers acted very differently, but looked the same. Both had untamable brown hair, and green eyes that lit up when they were doing something they weren't supposed to.

"You won't be able to tease me forever!" Shawn stood up and dusted off his butt.

"Says who?" Jonah shot back.

"I'll get taller, and older and fatter. I'll be able to beat you up one day." Shawn looked at his brother determined.

"Whatever twerp." Jonah threw the ball back to Danny who had a wicked grin on his face. Shawn made one last effort, and he was actually able to catch the ball. "Ha!" Shawn cheered clutching the ball. Jonah walked over, grabbed the ball from Shawn, and pushed him to the ground.

"Hey! That's mine!" Shawn yelled.

"You want it? Go and get it!" Jonah turned and threw the ball into old man Fullers yard.

"Jonah! Danny!" Henry barked. Jonah and Danny ran off as Jonah saw how angry his father looked. They both ran down the street, not looking back. On the ground Shawn suppressed a sniffle. Henry walked over and knelt down next to him.

"You were good, standing up to them." Henry complimented.

Shawn sighed, "I'm not big enough to do anything though," he looked down at his lap.

"Look at me," Henry put a finger under Shawn's chin, and forced him to look up. "One day you'll be bigger. And you'll able to take care of your own problems."

"Even Jonah?" Shawn wiped his nose.

"Even Jonah," Henry nodded and Shawn smiled. "Next time, don't lose your Christmas gift in the process." Henry stood up and rubbed Shawn's head.

Santa Barbara: December 23, 2012

"Mpft-Shawn." Juliet moaned as Shawn kissed her lips.

"Jules." He replied back pressing Juliet's back against the wall in the hall. Juliet tightened her legs around Shawn's waist and pulled Shawn closer to her. Shawn grunted as they moved back and his side was stabbed with the doorknob to the bedroom. Juliet giggled, and un-wrapped her legs, she slid to the ground slowly.

"I think we have to stop this." She said still giggling.

"Why?" Shawn asked, his eyes lighting up with mischief.

"Because, we're going to break something again. Remember the plates we broke?" Juliet took his hands in hers and he reminisced that memory. He'd just proposed to Juliet (she accepted) and they'd had an incredible make out session on top of the kitchen table. A harmless make out session had escalated to Shawn and Juliet moving around the kitchen trying to find something more stable.

Having nowhere else to go, Shawn had swiped the counter knocking plates, cups, and a Coffee Maker to fall to the ground, breaking. Juliet and Shawn had ignored the mess until the next morning, when Juliet went to make Coffee before work.

"Yes, but remember how much fun we had?" Shawn bent down and placed a kiss on her pulse point. Juliet sighed and enjoyed it for a minute before swatting him away. "Jules…" Shawn whined, adding a puppy dog look to help his case.

"Don't you dare try that with me Shawn Spencer." Juliet leaned up on her tip toes and gave Shawn's bottom lip a long suck between her own, biting down on it gently. Shawn moaned and Juliet let go of his lip, pushing off of his body.

"You're going to be the death of me," he watched as Juliet made her way into the bedroom, swaying her hips as she walked. "Sha-wn!" Juliet singsonged, "Are you coming or what?" Shawn was about respond when Juliet's t-shirt flew, and hit his chest. He caught the shirt and looked down at it. "Yeah. She will definitely kill me." He mumbled walking into the bedroom and shutting the door behind him.


Shawn took a deep breath, and took in the enchanting scent of her shampoo. Peaches, she always smelled like peaches, and he loved it. He opened his eyes and he gave his eyes a moment to focus. Once his eyes were wide opened he smiled and pulled Juliet's naked body closer to his own. Juliet was lying on her stomach, her head buried into her pillow, and both her hands supporting the pillow. Her back was bare, and open so he ran his fingers softly over the silk skin.

Juliet shivered and turned her head so it was facing Shawn. Shawn leaned in gently and pressed a kiss against her forehead. He loved to watch her sleep; he loved how the sun would go through the blinds and hit her, warming up her skin. He loved everything about this girl, and he couldn't imagine his life without her.

"Noooo," Juliet moaned as Shawn's cell phone rang out, waking her up.

"I'm sorry." Shawn apologized looking around for his phone.

"I hate you." Juliet grumbled covering her head with the pillow.

"You don't hate me." Shawn found his phone and pressed the accept button. "No you're right. I hate your phone, but I love you." She dug her head deeper into the mattress.

"Yeah?" Shawn placed a hand on her back.

"Goose?" Shawn was stunned to hear his mother's voice.

"Mom?" Shawn sat up. Hearing Shawn, Juliet uncovered her head and watched her fiancé closely.

"Yeah Goose, how are you?" Maddie Spencer sounded oddly cheery.

"I'm f-fine mom. Are you okay?" Shawn rubbed his eyes.

"I'm just fine Goose; it's actually why I'm calling." In the background Shawn could hear Seagulls, and people talking. "Where are you?'

"I'm in Santa Barbara." Maddie said. Juliet looked at Shawn questioningly who just rubbed her lower back.

"You're in the city?"

"Try your father's house." Maddie told him. "Say hello Henry." Shawn heard his mother say.

"I'm not saying hello." Henry replied.

"Henry!" Maddie hissed.

"Hey, uh Shawn." Henry gave in. Juliet sat up, and clutched the white sheet to her figure.

"What's going on?" Shawn wrapped his arm around Juliet as she snuggled into his side.

"I want you and Juliet to come down here for lunch, can you do that Goose?" Maddie asked.

"You want-?" Shawn was interrupted by his mother's voice. "It's only for a few hours Goose. I just want to see you and Juliet, please Goose?"

"Hold on mom," Shawn pressed the phone to his chest and he looked at Juliet. "She wants to have lunch." He said.


"Us," Juliet thought for a moment before nodding. "Alright, we'll be there. What time?"


"Sure." Shawn agreed.

"Alright, see then Goose. Tell Juliet we said hello."

"We'll do." He said before he hung up with a frown on his face.

"What?" Juliet laid her head on his shoulder.

"My mom is with my dad, and they want to have lunch with us." He said slowly.

"And? What's wrong with that?" Juliet wondered.

"My mom and dad want to have lunch together, with us." Juliet was still lost. She knew Shawn had issues with his parents, and she knew they were never all together unless something bad had happened. Juliet wanted to smack her head into a wall when she understood why Shawn was so nervous.

"I'm sure everything is just fine." Juliet patted his chest.

"And of all days, this has to happen on your day off." Shawn let out a little pout. "It's only…" Juliet looked at the bedside clock. "A quarter to nine, we can still get an hour of sleep." Juliet closed her eyes. Shawn moved around so he was on his side, his arms wrapped around her and his cheek next to her face.

"Shawn?" she broke the silence that had set in.


"Stop over thinking things." She nuzzled her nose into his. Shawn smiled and pecked her nose; he loved how she knew what he was thinking.


"How is it we always manage to be late?" Juliet questioned putting one hand on the wall as she pulled on her heels.

"I don't know." Shawn said pulling down a crisp blue shirt over his body.


"What?" he turned to her. She rushed over to him and buttoned up his shirt.

"I don't need you showing your wonderful chest off." She winked at him with a smile. He moved his head and caught her lips in a searing white kiss. "Mmm, No. We're already late!" she turned, grabbed her purse and walked outside, Shawn in tow behind her.

"Lock the door!" Shawn turned and locked the door before following her down to the car. Once both were seat belted in, Juliet put the car in gear and she started the journey over to Henry Spencer's house. The whole drive there Shawn's legs were bouncing up and down, and his hand was tapping nervously against the window.

Juliet wasn't doing so well herself. I mean, who wouldn't get nervous when your future mother and father in-law wanted to have lunch. Usually that was normal, but if you couldn't tell the Spencer's were far from normal. Maddie traveled around the world, and he was lucky if Shawn saw his mom once every couple years. As long as Henry and Shawn still had their weekly dinner, he was fine. Shawn was becoming even more restless as his fingers picked up their speed.

Juliet reached over and clasped his hand into hers. "It's going to be alright baby, don't worry about it." She glanced at him and smiled.

"I'm trying not to," he assured.

"It's probably a work thing. Your mom is in town, and she wants to have lunch with all of us." Juliet suggested.

"Maybe," Shawn sighed hoping Juliet was right.

"Whatever it is, we'll figure it out. Okay?" Shawn lifted their hands up and kissed the back of hers.

"I love you so much." He told her.

"I love you," she said back. They pulled up in front of the old red and white house. They waited for a few minutes before getting out of the car. As soon as Shawn opened the gate, his mom came out of the house with Henry and they stood on the porch.

"Goose!" Maddie opened her arms and embraced her son in a hug.

"Mom." He hugged her back.

"Hi Juliet," Henry looked nervous. Juliet was a cop, and she knew when people were on edge, and she knew when they were hiding something. And Henry Spencer was hiding something. She smiled back at Henry and let out a little "Hello." Before she was engulfed in a hug by Maddie.

"Oh you have no idea how happy I was when Henry told me the news." Maddie pulled back and smiled at Juliet.

"You didn't tell her?" Juliet looked at Shawn.

"Uh…. No." Shawn rubbed the back of his neck.

"Let me see your ring." Juliet placed her left hand in Maddie's while looking closely at Shawn and Henry. "It's beautiful." Maddie put a hand on her chest, the other still holding Juliet's.

"It was grandmas." Shawn stepped in.

Maddie rolled her eyes, "I know Shawn." Then everyone was silent. Henry and Maddie looked like they wanted to talk about something, but were too scared. Shawn looked eager to get the hell out of there, and Juliet felt… out of place. Henry was in one of his usual Hawaiian shirts and brown shorts. Maddie was wearing a salmon colored shirt, with dress pants. Shawn was in his blue t-shirt, and old jeans. Juliet herself was wearing a pink blouse, a pair of slimming jeans and heels.

"Soooo… lunch?" Henry began.



"Please-," Juliet, Maddie and Shawn said at the same time. Henry smiled and led the way into the kitchen where the table was covered in plates, silverware and cups. A yellow bowl of salad, a plate full of steaks and a pitcher of lemonade were on the table as well.

"Eat up." They all sat down. As normal both Henry and Shawn bypassed the salad and headed straight for the steaks. Maddie and Juliet both had some salad, and half a steak. Half way through the meal, no one had spoken and Henry along with Shawn was on their second beer.

"Um, I wanted to get as all down here to share how happy we are about your upcoming marriage." Maddie started. Shawn was picking at the table cloth; Henry was looking out the window. "Thanks." Juliet smiled.

"Henry?" Maddie nudged Henry.

"What?" he jumped silently startled.

"Happy about…" she gave him a look.

"Oh…. Oh! Yeah, very happy." He nodded.

"Are you guys okay?" Shawn asked his parents.

"Of course," Maddie chuckled.

"You don't seem it." Shawn pointed out.

"We're fine kid, just eat your steak." The rest of the lunch passed by with little conversation. An hour later Shawn made up the excuse of having stomach aches, so Juliet had to drive him home.

"That wasn't weird to you?" Shawn looked at her.

"Honestly Shawn I have no idea what's normal with you Spencer's." Juliet turned onto their street. The sky was a light shade of blue, the sun was bright, and the temperature was slowly climbing up, despite it being December.

"I just wish I knew what was wrong with them." The houses around the bock were decorated with Christmas lights, fake snow, and reindeer. Their house stuck out like a sore thumb, with nothing representing the holiday season.

"Maybe… I don't know." Juliet gave up and pulled into the driveway. Juliet started to get out of the car but froze. "Sweetie?"


"You locked the door didn't you?" she asked.

"Of course, why?"

"Because it's wide open." Juliet got out of the car. Shawn looked at the door and found that Juliet was right. The door was wide open and almost off of its hinges. Juliet and Shawn walked up the house, once inside Juliet quietly reached over into the fake plant and took out a small pistol. "Stay behind me." She ordered.

Juliet gasped and almost dropped the gun when she found out the state of their house. The couch was over turned, and the cushions had been slit, the cotton all over the place. Pictures, glass, the TV, and anything that could be broken, lay shattered all over the floor. The posters had been ripped from the walls, and the fan on the roof was tilting. Shawn pulled Juliet back as the fan crashed to floor, exactly where Juliet had been standing.

"What happened?" Juliet gulped. Shawn moved down the hall and into the bedroom that looked no better. The mattress had been taken apart, the pillows shredded, the closet doors off the track. The drawers from the dressers over turned, clothes littered all over the place. Shawn bent down and pulled up one of Juliet's silver necklaces off the ground.

"The house is destroyed, so is all of our stuff." Juliet walked into the bedroom. Shawn stood up and wrapped Juliet in his arms, resting his chin on her head. "I'm so thankful you weren't here when it happened." Shawn mumbled.

"Shawn…" Juliet stuttered.

"What Jules?" he looked at her. Juliet's head was up, and her eyes were plastered to the celling. On the celling in red, dripping paint was written "You've taken him from me. I want him back or god so help me, I'll kill you all." A drop fell and landed on Shawn's forehead. Juliet touched the red liquid and her face paled before saying "Its blood."

"Call the Chief," he said and she nodded.

Yes I know Shawn doesn't have an older brother. I apologize for any characters that may be out of... character.