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Santa Barbara: December 24, 2012

Shawn pounded on his dad's door. He didn't care that it was only three in the morning, he needed answers. Henry opened the door with a pissed off look on his face. "Shawn? What the hell are you doing here?" Shawn saw his mother behind his dad.

"We need to talk," Shawn walked inside the house, past his parents and into the kitchen.

"Goose? What's wrong?" Maddie asked.

"Juliet's in the hospital." He said.

"What?" Maddie gasped.

"She alright?" Henry spoke up.

"She's fine. Someone broke into our house, trashed it, wrote a message written in blood on the ceiling and they left." Shawn paced around the kitchen.

"Why is Juliet in the hospital?" Maddie sat down at the table,

"She fainted; the message said 'You've taken him from me. I want him back or god so help me, I'll kill you all' what does that mean? Any of you know?" Shawn looked at his parents, barely answering their questions about Juliet.

"Shawn I don't know anything about that. Why aren't you with Juliet?"

"Stop changing the subject!" Shawn snapped. "You came back in town," he pointed at his mom. "Then all of this crap happens! Both of you are hiding something and I want to know what! Okay?"

"Shawn calm down," Henry put a hand on Shawn's shoulder.

"I've been seeing and hearing Jonah." Henry's face paled. "Everywhere I go I see him. He's dead," Shawn yanked away from Henry.


"I just want answers," Shawn's shoulders slumped as he fell into the chair across from Maddie. Shawn buried his face in his hands and the room was covered in silence.

"Shawn… Jonah isn't dead." Shawn looked up at his mom.


"We didn't know what else to tell you. You were so young," Maddie shook her head.

"Then where is he?"

"We wish we knew." Henry folded his arms.

"What else did you lie about? Is anything true about that?" Shawn accused.

"Let's discus this later at the station. Right now you need to be with Juliet," Henry said. Shawn was about to protest when his cellphone rang. He answered it.



"What Lassie?" Shawn asked.

"Come down to the station, Juliet's here as well." Lassiter told him.

"What's she doing out of the hospital?" Shawn growled.

"Watch the attitude Spencer. Get your ass down here," Lassiter hung up before Shawn could respond.

"Both of you get dressed. You're getting your wish dad, if you're even my parents." Shawn walked out of the room and outside.


Juliet sighed and her shoulders shook and she processed the day she'd just had. It started with an amazing morning, turned into an obstinate afternoon, only to turn into hell at night. Shawn was AWOL, and Juliet was stuck in the hospital. "Juliet?" she raised her head and sighed with happiness when her partner and friend entered the room.

"Thank god Carlton," she wrapped him in a hung.

"Um…. Er okay." He wasn't comfortable with hugs but he did his best to give one back to her. He hugged her back and relaxed when she let go of him. "What's wrong?" Juliet had called him out of nowhere asking him to come to the hospital. He'd rushed a string of apologies towards Marlowe, who had made a fabulous dinner. After breaking at least ten laws getting here, he was happy to see that Juliet was… semi okay.

"Shawn's gone. He freaked out and took off," Juliet explained slouching into the bed.

"What do you mean freaked?" Lassiter sat in the car by her bed.

"He was mumbling something and then I touched him- barely on the head and he jumped up. Muttered excuses and took off, I'm starting to think he should be in the hospital not me." Juliet moaned.

"Well… I can take you down the station. You can help Chief, Guster and I sort through the cases. It would be a lot easier if we knew what cases you were exactly on." He suggested.

"Please." She nodded her head. Juliet yanked the tube, and pulse reader off of her and happily jumped up. She slipped on the slick flooring and would have fallen for a second time that night if someone hadn't caught her.

"Be careful please." Lassiter rumbled lifting her up and setting her on floor.

"Sorry," Juliet giggled. Lassiter rolled his eyes and took Juliet to the station. Once there she was met with a big hug from Gus.

"Have you seen Shawn?" she asked him.

"No, why?"

"No reason," she tried to hide the disappointment.

"Excuse me," Lassiter stepped out of the room.

"O'Hara how are you feeling?" Vick motioned for her to take a seat which Juliet gladly accepted.

"I'm alright," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Vick nodded and returned to the mountain of papers on her desk. Lassiter rejoined them and they all started working on the case reports. Soon Juliet's head popped up as she heard the familiar voice of her fiancé and wait… his parents too. She looked out Vick's glass door and saw Shawn walking towards them, his parent's right behind him. Shawn's hair was a flying mess, and his jacket was crumpled. He walked into the room and stayed in the back, his arms crossed an angry look on his face.

"Can I explain now?" Henry asked Shawn. Shawn gave a slight nod, not looking at his parents.

"We didn't know what else to tell you, you were just a kid." Maddie began.

"What's going on here?" Vick looked between all of them.

"Nothing much, oh you know the usual." Shawn shrugged. "My parents lied to me, my life is going in circles and you know."

"Don't be so dramatic," Henry scolded.

"I'm being dramatic! You told me my big brother was dead! You told me he died!" Shawn yelled. Everyone in the room froze except for the Spencer's and Gus.

"He- we- I don't know!" Henry fumed his face turning red.

"Shouldn't you know?" Shawn shot back.

"He just disappeared. Never made it to school, the police searched but found nothing. He was- is legally pronounced dead." Maddie tried reasoning with him. "What else were we supposed to tell you?"

"Then how do you know he isn't dead?" Gus stood up and took his place next to Shawn. No matter what, Gus would always have Shawn's back.

"A feeling Gus, we know he's alive because we haven't felt him dead. We'd know if he was dead. Just like when you were shot Shawn." Shawn grimaced at the memory and briefly touched the shoulder where he'd been shot in. "I got a feeling and I knew something had happened to you." Henry told them.

"How does this connect to Jonah and the blood?" Shawn demanded. They stayed silent not knowing the answer to that themselves. There was a soft knock on the door and Dobson walked in.

"Um Chief?"

"What?" Vick growled.

"The other officers wanted you to come take a look at the briefing," Dobson said.

"Alright, everyone go." Vick waved her hand and everyone walked out of the room and into the main room. Shawn stood in the back away from everyone else. Juliet went and stood next to him; she grabbed his hand and squeezed lightly. She waited for the returning squeeze which Shawn would normally return, but nothing came. Juliet glanced up at him and saw his face in a pinch, and his mouth in a frown.

"As you all know a threatening message was left today on Mister Spencer's roof." The rookie from earlier pressed a button and a picture of the blood stained ceiling went up on the white screen. Shawn's eyes whizzed around the picture, trying to see if he could catch something he may have missed. "We have no leads on who may be sending this message," another click and they were suddenly in the destroyed living room. The rookie pressed the button again and they were in the kitchen.

"Go back!" Shawn shouted jogging up to the screen. His eyes narrowed in as he focused on one part of the picture.

"What do you see?" Henry asked. Shawn shushed him and went back to concentrating. "Right there," Shawn pointed towards the TV. "Zoom in there Dwayne," Dwayne who was happy to be there did as he was told. He zoomed in on the TV and Shawn pointed at the glare. On the black screen, which was cracked in many places, you could see a trace of red on one of the broken pieces.

"Why didn't somebody catch that!?" Vick shouted. No one answered her, and no one moved. "Go and get me that evidence!" These people were trained professionals and they'd missed this evidence. Vick hated it that Shawn Spencer, while a brilliant man was able to see these things when her officers and detectives couldn't. It drove her crazy. Half of these cases wouldn't be solved without Shawn's intense eyes. Yes she knew he wasn't a psychic. And as long as he continued to do more good than harm, his secret was safe by her. Three people ran away from the semi-circle, and left the building. Shawn turned and resumed his spot next to Juliet. This time he reached for her hand.

He may have been angry, but he was still thankful that Juliet hadn't been there when this happened. There was no telling what would have happened to her if she had been.

I'm sorry, Shawn wasn't angry, he was hurt. His parents had told him that Jonah had died. Shawn was there when they buried his casket. Shawn always thought Jonah was in the ground. Now he knew that the casket had been empty, and the reason his parents didn't cry. They still had hope that their eldest child would come back to them. Honestly Shawn didn't know if he wanted to find Jonah. No telling what he's been through the last couple of decades. He could be crazy, psychotic, and wild. Or he could be happy with a family of his own.

The door burst open, smacking into the side walls making everyone jump. Shawn and Juliet who were closest looked at the door. Juliet almost screamed when she saw a man stumble in. He was stark naked, covered in mud and grime with dried blood. The man fell onto the ground and Shawn rushed over to him. He managed to grab the man's head before it smacked onto the ground.

"I need some help!" Shawn shouted taking off his own jacket to cover the man. Juliet went over and gave Shawn her sweater. Shawn used his jacket to cover the man's private area, and her sweater to cover his chest. "Some help would be nice!" Shawn shook the unconscious man. The man's head lulled to the side and Shawn got a glimpse at a birthmark shaped like a spade.

Santa Barbara: July 4, 1982

Jonah took off his shirt and cracked his neck. Shawn looked up and saw a strange mark on the side of his brother's neck.

"Jonah?" Shawn's voice was small.


"You have a mark on your neck," Shawn whispered. Jonah touched his neck.

"Where?" he bent down so he was at Shawn's level. Shawn touched the spot where the mark was. "That's a birthmark stupid," Jonah said standing up.

"What's a birthmark?" Jonah had to admit that sometimes he forgot that little Shawn was four years younger and didn't know as many things.

"A birthmark is just a mark on someone's skin when they're born." Jonah explained kneeling down.

"Does everyone?"

"Sometimes they're not born with one,"

"Do I have one?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah, right here." Jonah lightly touched a mark on Shawn's arm. Shawn looked down and was disappointed to see just a blob.

"Yours is a shape, and mine isn't." Shawn frowned.

"Sorry little bro, guess I'm just cooler," Jonah smirked and ran into the ocean. Shawn went to follow him but was dragged back by Henry who held out a bottle to him.

"Sunscreen," he plopped a lot on his hand and smothered it on Shawn's face.

Santa Barbara: December 24, 2012

Shawn gasped and almost dropped the man's head.

"Shawn what's wrong?" They'd been crowded in a circle.

"This is-i-is… this is Jonah." Shawn looked at his dad.

"What makes you say that?" Henry questioned. Shawn tilted the neck and Henry's mouth feel when he saw the spade shaped mark. "It is him,"

"Who?" The rookie looked around.

"Jonah, my big brother." Shawn whispered.

Yup, tts Shawn's big brother. He made quite an entrance didn't he? Giving everyone a free show XD