NOTE: I made this while I was making my Sonic Chorus version of Alice Human Sacrifice for my YouTube channel (HinataChick38). I was going to end it with me finding the book with the characters' stories, then tossing it away, and the name of the book was revealed as 'Sonic Alice Human Sacrifice'. This is my first entry for , so I hope you like it!

~:AHS: Sonic Ver.~


The first Alice was a bat named Rouge. She was the land's most infamous jewel thief and murderer. One day, she was lookig for something to do when something caught her eye. It was a large ruby, shining on the grass. After she picked up the gem, there was a trail of them. She thought some idiot forgot to check their bag for holes, so she picked them up. When she picked up the last gem, it lead her into a room and when she heard the metal door close behind her, she realized she was in a cell. She yelled angrily that she wanted out, but the dark-looking man who closed the door just gave her a look of pure evil, and she knew it was the end of her.



The second Alice was a blue hedgehog named Sonic. Besides running faster than the speed of time and foiling Eggman's plans, he loved singing his heart out for the public to hear. But he only sang dark and disturbing songs, like the one about the little bunny who wanted to rip his ears off because he was cursed with them, or the one about the young boy who had a bad dream and it slowly ate away his sanity and eventually made him go mad. One day, he was singing and he snapped. He brought a gun out and shot himself in the eye. He fell to the ground and he was drifting off. A blue rose fell on the wound and it turned red from the blood. Sonic smiled and finally died.



The third alice was a pink hedgehog named Amy Rose. She was a social princess who was loved by everyone. With that love, she was able to build her own kingdom. She was the queen, of course. But secretly, her dark side was dominating her light side. Finally the dark side completely possessed her and ruled the kingdom with an iron fist covered in blood.



The 4th Alice was a pair of children, a young bunny named Cream, and a young fox named Tails. The were having a tea party when a small rabbit with a card in his mouth stopped by. The pair looked at the card and it was an invitation to an actual tea party. They followed the directions on the invitation, but when they arrived at the location, no one was there. They were deciding to leave when the door that let them in was closing and locked them in there, never to leave. The door closed and the children were stuck in Wonderland forever.