A/N: Okay, so as you can probably tell, I've been watching a lot of SAW movies lately. As I watched them, I wondered what it would be like if Chucky suddenly woke up to find himself apart of one of Jigsaw's twisted games. I'm not sure if I'll be continuing this story or not though, because I'm also working on another Chucky fanfic, so right now, this story is just a one-shot idea. I hope you enjoy it!


Chucky's eyes shot wide open as he began to look around the pitch black room. He was completely disoriented. How did he get here? Where was he? All of a sudden, a small TV screen flashed on from across the room.

"What the fuck?" Chucky whispered as he slowly made his way over to the small television set.

Just then, an eerie face of a puppet appeared on the screen.

"Hello, Charles. I wanna play a game!" the puppet spoke in a deep, distorted voice, causing a small shudder to go through Chucky's spine.

"How the fuck do you know my real name?" Chucky asked, a hint of fear in his voice.

The puppet on the screen ignored Chucky's question as it slowly spoke again:

"You don't me, but I know you quit well Charles. Or, as you like to be called, 'Chucky'."

Chucky stared at the TV in confusion. Who was this person? How did he know so much about him? Chucky hesitated, but had no choice but to listen to the puppet's words:

"To the public you were always known as, The Lakeshore Strangler, a notorious serial killer. Many people would've liked to have seen you dead. But you managed to cheat your death, by transferring your soul into the body of a doll, only so you could get your revenge on the people who betrayed you. Well, let me tell you something, Charles. You only get one life; there are no do overs. Yet, your soul continues to be resurrected into that body. So for over twenty years you've been stealing the lives of innocent people. But now, instead of stealing, you're going to be saving. Take a good look around this room, Charles,"

Just then, bright lights instantly filled the room, causing Chucky to squint his eyes to see.

The room had looked like it had once belonged to an abandon warehouse. The walls looked bare and stained with age, as well as the floor. But as Chucky looked closer, he could see that there were old toys scattered all across the room. Jack-In-The-Boxes, toy trucks, some GIJO figures, and other toys that looked like they had once belonged to a small child. But it wasn't just the toys that got Chucky's attention. Placed in the back of the room was a small, childlike bed. Laying on the bed, staring right back at Chucky, was a young man. His brown hair was soaked in cold sweat and his eyes were filled with tears. It took a moment for Chucky to notice that the man was tied down. His arms and legs were bounded to the bedpost with jump ropes, and inside his mouth was an old pair of socks, which was being used as a gag. Towering over the man's body stood a tall piece of machinery, which Chucky soon realized was a giant saw.

"The man you see before you, is none other than Andy Barclay," the puppet from the television spoke, "You remember him, don't you? You spent years tormenting him as a child, and you've made his life a living hell, all because you wanted his body. And now, his very life is in your hands."

Chucky shook his head in confusion.

What is this guy saying? Chucky thought, I have to save Andy? No fucking way! That little shit caused me enough trouble. He deserves to die!

"You have thirty minutes," the puppet continued, "Until that saw cuts through Andy's body. Hidden in this room are five keys, all of which will be needed to stop the saw. If you win, both you and Andy will be set free. But, if you fail, you both die. As well as the keys, there is something else hidden in this room. Inside all of these four walls, I've placed high-tech machine guns, which are set to follow your every move. If you do not manage to save Andy in time, these guns will go off, sending bullets that will pierce right through your blackened heart. You do not appreciate the life you were given, Charles, neither do you appreciate the lives of others. If you fail my test, I'll make sure you won't be coming back. So let me ask you this: Are you willing to save the life of your enemy, so that you may continue on living? Or will your hatred for this man end the both of you? Live or die, Charles. Make your choice! "