Chapter One

Ever`s POV

"Ever don't!" I hear Evan scream from behind me, I`m gripping GrayStar in my hand.

"Ever," He says, showing up on the side of his chain scythe form, "Take em out!" I smile, I love my partner. I start running towards the pre-kishen who hurt my brother. I swipe at him and take him out, one hit.

I jump down and run towards Evan. Evan uses his own weapon, also he is his own Miester. His my older brother, he is 17. I`m 15. It`s been 10 years since our parents went missing. But that's okay with me, if they ever come back. They can be sure ill give them hell.

"Ever, let me go." Graystar yells, I throw him in the air and he changes back and runs beside me. I side glance at him, he has blue hair and green eyes, from pictures you could tell he looked exactly like his father, kind of like I apparently look like mine. He doesn't want to meet his father either.

"Evan, you okay?" I ask.

"We gotta get him to the infemary." GrayStar says, looking at me. "This isn't good, he was stabbed twice."

"Shit." I say, I go up to a mirror and call Lord Death.

"HI HIYA HI! HOWS THE MISSION KIDDOS?" He yells, his giant hands waving around. GrayStar chuckles behind me.

"Evans hurt." I explain, "Send Stein" And I don't know how he does it, but he frowns.

"Okay Ever, right away!" He exclaims. That's when my grandfather gets on the line

"GRAYSTAR IF YOU TOUCH ME GRANDDAUGHTER!" Spirit Screams. GrayStar casually wraps his arms around me and kisses my cheek.

"Shes myyy girrrllfriendā€¦" He sing-songs. I laugh at him and Lord Death ends the call after hitting Spirit over the head.

"Ever" Turning around I see Stein standing there with Evan "Lets go." I sigh and me and GrayStar start to follow him back to school.

XXX At the School XXX

Mia and Anna Lee run up to me, the two girls are the daughter of Death the Kid and Liz Thompson. There Miester and Weapons, Mia is 15 and Anna Lee 17, Anna Lee is my brothers girlfriend.

"Is he okay?" Anna Lee shouts. She`s a tall girl with blonde hair and gold eyes, here sister is the opposite, with black hair and blue eyes.

"He`ll be fine.." I mutter, looking at her. She freaks out over everything. Anna Lee sighs and sits by the surgery room door.

"I knew he would be," Mia smiles at me, and sits next to her sister. I sigh and walk across the room to the bathroom, once Im in there, I lock the door.

Looking in the mirror, I see long, straight messy white hair and blood red eyes. Im not pale, Im actually quite tan. Everyone told me that I don't get my body from my mom. Im a D cup and apprantly have the body of a Super Model. Im short also. GrayStar says he finds me extremely attractive.

I love him so much, I don't know what I would do without him. I know that I was only 15, but he was my world. I remember the night he said he loved meā€¦

"Ever, question?" He asks, looking at me. I stare back at him and nod.

"Do you love me?" My eyes get wide,

"Of course I do." I answer, way more then you know. "Why wouldn't I?" He chuckles and crawls on top of me.

"I love you way too much" He says, then he kisses me. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed him back. Ive wanted him for so long, I couldn't help myself. My breahthing hitched as he took his hands and put them-

"EXUSE ME I HAVE BEEN KNOCKING FOR SOME TIME NOW!" I hear a deep voice scream. I open the door to find a man, who looked exactly like GrayStar, but older.

"Chill geyser." I say, but I look at him again, his mouth is hanging open. I push past him and walk into the waiting room. There are like 6 new people waiting there. I look around and stop until I see a man with red eyes and white hair staring at me. Gray Star is by my side,

"Who are you guys?" Gray Star asks.

"Ever?" The man asks, I look at him.

"Yeah, my name, ya know?" I say back sarcastly. A woman with blonde hair and green eyes stands up.

"Ever!" she runs up and hugs me, I push her back.

"Who the hell are you people?" I yell, Gray Star grabs my waist.