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Meanwhile, Diana and the others had just exited the school and entered the garden, looking for a place to sit. As they searched, Dino saw something in the corner of his eye. He turned and saw Sena sitting alone, her lunch beside her and holding a dino medal.

Suddenly, multiple blurs of movement streaked towards her, striking her body. Sena sat still and took the beating, the pain not seeming to register. Stephanie threw one last rock and she and Mai turned and left, not bothering to see the result. The stone in question flew towards Sena's eye patch.

Dino was about to yell "Watch out!" but the words died on his lips. Sena caught the rock, her arm had moved so quickly that Dino did not even see the movement. She eyed the stone, and then let it fall to the ground.

The distraction over, she continued eating her lunch. Dino stood there, shocked at the event. Sensing a presence Sena turned her gaze to the spot where Dino had been moments before and narrowed her eyes.

Strange, I'm sure someone was there. Oh well. Sena returned her attention to her food. Dino had moved away, and breathed a sigh of relief that Sena had not noticed him; he did not want to feel like a stalker.

But wasn't that just like the behaviour of a stalker? Spinax thought teasingly to Dino. His cheeks pinked. Cut that out! He snapped back.

He quickly returned to the others who had found a place to sit. Luckily his absence was not particularly noticed, for which he was thankful. He was once again mystified by the girl, she seemed capable of standing up for herself, yet she was the target of bullying.

She took beatings, yet could have easily stopped them. The thoughts that occupied his mind were increasing in number. Diana noticed him not paying attention and she became curious as well.

Dino does not usually act like this. What could have happened to him?

Maybe he's got a crush on someone? Talia giggled as she relayed the thought to Diana.

I wouldn't know too much about that kind of stuff. It's never a good thing to mull over things that one does not understand, Diana thought back. The conversation continued until it was interrupted by the bell signaling the end of lunch.

For the rest of the day, Diana and Dino had classes taught by . They were also introduced to their two other teachers; Mr. Physed and Mrs. Revive. They taught the more hands on aspects of their studies. During their first classes with them, Mr. Physed brought them to the gymnasium. The students were told to sit down and he brought out a television.

"Today is going to be the most boring class of the year." He said and began the video. The video was an introduction to fossil battles, explaining the mechanics and rules. By the end everyone felt like falling asleep, as this was basic information and most had already known prior.

The teacher put away the television set and ended the class by saying, "Okay, since this is out of the way, the rest of the classes will pretty much be practice matches with fellow classmates."

The entire classed cheered, when the noise level had died down, he added, "Tomorrow, instead of coming here, we'll meet up at the new area that just opened up, Treasure Lake. You all can have some practice digging up fossils and battling."

The students exited with smiles on their faces in anticipation for tomorrow. The final class of the day was with Mrs. Revive, wearing her white lab coat she greeted the class and began to speak.

"This class will teach and give you practice in order to properly and effectively clean fossils. As you all know, a better cleaned fossil gives more strength to a vivosaur. Since today is the first class, here is an introduction video."

Once again a television set was brought out and the video began. The students were once again bored, however some paid attention, as they felt the need to improve this particular skill. Once the video was over, the final bell rang to signify the end of the school day. The students exited the school building in waves. Diana, Dino, Todd and Pauleen met up outside to walk together to the dorms. They parted ways and headed to their rooms. Sena and Rupert were already there.

An hour or two passed and suddenly, all their paleopagers lit up and began to beep. The screen read, "New message in inbox." Diana pushed a button and the message appeared.

Dear students, please assemble in the gymnasium for a special announcement ASAP.

Dino looked confusedly at Todd, who looked just as confused. The girls were confused as well. Diana shrugged her shoulders and said, "No use worrying, let's go." An idea popped into her head and she smiled brightly, "Sena, why don't you come with us?"

Sena was startled with the sudden request, and for some reason, she could not bring herself to refuse. Maybe I should take this chance to confirm my suspicions. It will only be for a little while after all.

She nodded her head in agreement, which prompted Pauleen's jaw to drop. The trio left the building and waited outside the male dorms for the others to arrive. Dino was curious about the message and wanted to leave right away.

"Rupert, Todd, let's go to the gym."

Rupert looked up and asked, "Why would I come along with you guys?"

"Well, you weren't in class today so we did not get introduced. Since we're room mates, you should probably introduce yourself to my sister." Dino replied.

Rupert mulled over the proposition. Well, this gives me a chance to see for myself her supposed ability. "Whatever, we'll be going in the same direction anyway."

The three boys met up with the girls, Todd and Pauleen were very surprised with the people who decided to tag along. They had some quick introductions; both Rupert and Sena simply nodded their heads. With that over with, the group began to walk over to the gym.

Why is Rupert here? Oh wait, he and Dino are room mates. Why am I even worrying about this? Every time I see him, I keep thinking strange thoughts, Diana thought.

At the same time Dino was thinking, Sena is accompanying us as well? I guess Diana managed to become friends with her. She looks pretty with her hair down…that was very off topic.

Their vivosaurs, Talia and Spinax both took the opportunity to say the same thing teasingly and slyly respectively. Looks like somebody has a crush on someone. The twin siblings felt a blush rising in their cheeks and fought to keep their emotions in check.

The group, along with the many other students of the school filed into the gymnasium, sat in the chairs set up and looked towards the stage. The principal walked up to the podium and addressed the group, with other staff members standing off to the side.

"Today, I have a very important announcement to tell everyone." Mr. Wildwest announced. "Starting tomorrow, a school-wide Fossil Fighter tournament shall start."

The crows erupted into cheers, Diana was surprised, but a grin quickly appeared on her face. Mr. Wildwest waited until the noise died down before he continued.

"Ahem, sign up shall occur afterwards. All those interested head over to the tables over." He motioned over to some tables to one side of the stage.

"That is all, thank you for taking the time to come." He concluded and exited the stage and presumably returned to his office.

Lines were formed as soon as the principal finished talking. Diana, Pauleen and Rupert headed into the line with Dino, Todd and Sena waiting for them to finish.

"Dino, why aren't you participating in the tournament? You seem quite strong, about the same level as Diana." Sena looked curiously at Dino. Their auras are different colours, but shine with similar brightness, she thought privately to herself.

"I'm aiming to be researcher, this tournament is also optional." Dino replied. I could ask the same question to you, he thought. The true reason he did not want to participate in the tournament was related to a certain someone he had met during his childhood. Dino only fought when really needed, and did not like to show off.

"Point proven" Sena noted, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed against her chest, observing the steady line of people moving forward and exiting the gymnasium.

Todd stood on the other side of Dino, shocked at what he was seeing. Sena, the girl famous for being antisocial, was having a conversation. The shock was short lived, as Diana, Rupert and Pauleen returned after completing the registration process.

En route back towards the group, Rupert turned towards Diana and said, "Well, good luck in the tournament."

Diana gave him a smile, thanked him and said the same. Rupert looked surprised for a moment then turned away, his hand covering the lower half of his face.

Did I offend him or something? Diana thought dejectedly and Talia assured her she was wrong.

Rupert also had thoughts running through his head. That was surprising; I didn't think she would look so cute like that. Hopefully she did not see.

This is interesting; you usually don't let other people affect you in any way, especially girls. His vivosaur, Mapo thought. Rupert ignored the comment and returned his focus to maintaining his composure. His gaze wandered over to where an increasing number of girls were huddled around someone. The boy's head could be seen above the crowd of fan girls.

The boy noticed Rupert and passed through the crowd towards him. He wore a black shirt with a blue jacket that was unzipped and a pair of jeans. His blond hair was rather short; he had blue eyes and a smile on his face. T

The squealing doubled in volume as the girls noticed Rupert. Diana and Pauleen were pushed aside; Pauleen huffed and continued walking towards the rest of the group. Diana decided to wait until Rupert was done, since they came together, they would leaver together.

In the circle, Rupert greeted the boy. "Hello Taylor, what brings you here?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just wanted to warn you that I will defeat you this time." He replied.

Rupert smirked, "We'll see about that, best of luck to you." He turned and exited the circle, grabbed Diana's hand and walked away. "Come on, before they surround me again." He whispered. Diana said nothing and the two returned to the others, who promptly left the room. Taylor watched them leave, his eyes answering Rupert's challenge. The female onlookers glared at the girl who Rupert was walking with.

The group split and returned to their respective rooms. After completing any homework they had received, they all went to bed. Tomorrow would be the first day of the tournament, as well as the opening of a new dig site, Treasure Lake.