Author notes:Hey guys and gals. Basically i got bored so i wanted to write something about Shepard and her time in Mass Effect 3. Yeah it might be a little weird, crazy and sad at times but i asssure you i'll try and make it funny. ;) Ok thanks imma leave ya to read in peace now.

Oh i dont own anything to do with Bioware or the game. These aren't my characters blah, blah, blah and stuff.

Shepard's eyes opened instantly with a start and she looked around the room. The walls were dark and light shone through the cracks in the door, Shepard removed her bed sheets in which she was entangled in and hung her feet over the bed before rubbing her eyes with her hand.

"It was only a nightmare." She said with a deep breath and a sigh. She stood up and realised she hadn't got changed from last nights boxing session with grunt. The baggy boxing shorts covered just below her knee and her N7 shirt clung to her sides and her muscles tightly.

"Ouch." Shepard rubbed her jaw, realising that the night before she had been punched in the face by what felt like a 20 tonne krogan. She pulled on black socks and tied her hair up into a ponytail, then moved towards the door to see if anyone was awake yet. The elevator door slowly opened and she squinted while her eyes adjusted to the light in the mess hall. Sat down she saw the young asari scientist sat by herself, typing something into her data-pad.

"Liara? What are you doing up at this hour?" Shepard's voice remained husky and the asari quickly turned around.

"Shepard! I did not see you. Do you want me to move?" Liara turned a deep shade of blue and Shepard gave a small smile.

"No it's ok." Liara nodded and turned away to face the data-pad once again. Shepard walked over to the kitchen counter and switched on the coffee machine.

"Coffee Liara?"

"Yes please." Liara said as her eyes darted across the data-pad, scanning through every piece of information.

"Please call me Red." Shepard exclaimed while walking back over to Liara and taking a cigarette packet out of her short pockets.

"Red? Why Red?" Liara placed the data-pad down and turned to face Shepard while Shepard lit the cigarette that was now placed in her mouth.

"I don't honestly know. It was a nickname that stuck." Shepard laughed and took a drag of the cigarette. Liara shook her head with a smile.

"We've known each other for more than five years, and you only just think to tell me your nickname?"

"Yes." Shepard gave a smirk and took another drag of the cigarette, before walking over to the coffee machine. "Same as always Miss T'Soni?" Shepard smiled and got two cups down and added milk to both of them, then poured the coffee.

"If you are going to call me that, please use Doctor instead of Miss, because it took me an awfully long time to get that title." Liara laughed and took the coffee from Shepard's hands while Shepard sat back down.

"Hold the phone; we have a hardass in the room!" Shepard held her hands up in defeat and gave a wink. "Sorry Dr T'Soni." Shepard gave a chuckle and Liara just sighed with a smile.

"It's ok Commander."

"Oh, you're calling me Commander now Dr?" Shepard took a sip of her coffee and knocked the Ash off of the cigarette.

"If you keep insisting on calling me Dr, Commander." Liara laughed and once again picked up the data-pad.

"Ok i wont." Shepard chuckled and took a drag of the cigarette. "You didn't answer my question Liara. Why are you up at this hour?" Shepard raised an eyebrow.

"Oh because..." Liara said and typed something into the data-pad.

"Because?" Shepard sighed and wrapped a hand around the mug.

"This and that. Working as the shadow broker is tough work Red." Liara crossed her legs on the chair and used one hand to hold the data-pad while the other grabbed the coffee mug and moved it to her lips so she could take a drink.

"Yeah tell me about it." Shepard looked at the coffee mug and put out the cigarette out on the table top before sighing heavily.

"What about you? Why are you awake?" Liara said as she put the data-pad onto the table and hugged the coffee mug with both hands.

"I have the same nightmares, the same bad thoughts everyday and every night. I don't know what to do anymore."

"You have to block out the bad thoughts, block out the terrible things."

"Every time i do that, the bad thoughts merge with the good thoughts, so eventually the good thoughts just turn into bad thoughts." Shepard sighed and leant her elbows on the table and put her head in her hands. "I just want them to go away Liara." Liara put her hand on Shepard's back and furrowed her brow.

"I know. I know you do. I get these thoughts to, thoughts of death, horror, everything that is bad in the galaxy." Shepard gave a snort and looked at Liara.

"Not as bad as mine sweet cheeks, I bet you." Shepard got up and walked over to Liara's room. "Mind if I bunk in your room tonight? You room has lights in it." Shepard laughed and looked away to the door.

"No not at all Shepard. I shall sleep on the couch if I can get any sleep that is." Shepard shook her head and smiled.

"You sure Lee?"

"Yes. I am sure." Liara smiled and took a sip of her never ending coffee before watching Shepard walk into her room.

Shepard was taken aback by how bright the computer monitors were. It was still dark but the walls looked lit and the whirring of the monitors was loud. Shepard looked towards the Miranda's old room and gave a small smile.

"Remember the kiss ass Cerberus XO that used to live in here." Shepard shook her head at her comment and walked towards the bed running her hand over the tables. Shepard sat on the bed and rubbed her eyes before laying and stretching on the bed.

"Sleep time." Shepard closed her eyes and hugged the pillow close before drifting off back to her nightmares of the Reapers.