"... If this is what it takes to be human, then I would rather take my chances as a super naturally posessed doll, its less complicated."

"You can't be serious!"

"As a heart attack! Think about it, whats so great about being human anyway? You get old! You get sick! You can't get it up anymore... I'm not looking forward to that!"

"Hun, I wanna be Jenifer Tilly, I wanna be a star."

"And I don't wanna be your showfer! As a doll i'm fucking infamous! I'm one of the most notorious slashers in history, and I don't wanna give that up. I am Chcuky. The killer doll. And I dig it!"

Well hello fuckers. Your probably here for my inside monologue. Nosy bastards. But i know what your thinking, 'how quick does it escalate from there?', well I'll tell you. very fucking fast! It went from confussing and annoying, to bat-shit crazy! With that shit hitting the fan and fucking every thing else up. Lets just say in a nut shell, im dead. Again! Thats what, 6 times now? God, dying is such a bitch. The worst thing about it was that my killer was my own son... or daughter i'm still not sure. That trans-sexual asshole just kicked me to the side and cut all my limbs off! The same kid i spent time with, the time being our first father/son killing!... well I guess i cant be too hard on him. I addmit it, I was pissed. But I gotta say i'm pretty impressed. Did'nt really think he had it in him. Well i did say he was a fucking naturall. I doubt he'll be doing anything like that now... All thanks to that bitch Tiffany! She wanted to ruin the family killing tradition by making up some bull shit about how killing is an 'addiction' and that we should set an example as parents. But thats not who I am, and I will not have her allienate my kid and look down on me! I know she can't resist killing. Its a thrill, it's fun, it's something to pass the time. I know she'll eventually slip and then everybody will know who 'Jennifer Tilly' really is. They say to never meet your hero. Just my fucking luck that Tiff happened to of met hers. She left me just so she could be famous and well known, hell if she stayed with me we would have been famous, I mean they were making a fucking movie about us! I could've kept killing, she would be on tv, and glen could be whatever the fuck he/she wanted!... Still I would have loved a go on 'Jennifers' tits.
I hope they both got what they wanted. 'Cause i'll be dropping by very, very soon.
Happy birthday Glen, daddy's coming home. Piece. By. Piece. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa you just can't keep a good guy down!