Title: Hysteria
Rating: M
Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya,
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo vowed to become a priest after the gruesome death of his childhood friend. Vowing to avenge his friends death, things start to get complicated when he his childhood friends appears in town as the very creature he vowed to destroy. Priest! Shizuo x Vampire! Izaya.

The sound of foot steps echoed through the empty church as the young blonde priest walked down the center isles towards the podium. The sun was already setting for the day, casting a warm orange glow across the pews and kissing the blondes skin. He knew that he shouldn't wait around too long because once night falls, the town menace comes out to play. The tall blonde let out a deep sigh and closed the open bible that was open on the podium and placed it securely under his arm.

'What a pain...' He thought to himself as he started to walk away. His name was Shizuo Heiwajima…Well more like Father Heiwajima. Shizuo wasn't too used to his title though or his responsibilities as the town's priest. He was newly appointed after the unexpected leave of the former priest. He did like what he did but he wasn't always too fond on the amount of pressure and responsibility of it. After all, he had his personal reasons on why he embarked on becoming a priest. The blonde started down the isle once again, the sound of the heels clicking echoing against the walls with his every step.

Recently, the town has been experiencing something troubling. The presence of vampires has been increasing and tones of hysteria have started to spread through out the village. At first, the attacks were very vague and only occurred every few months, but now an attack occurred every few nights. Villagers had become frightened and it was Shizuo's job to keep peace in the village. Which wasn't too hard at first...until a certain vampire started coming around.

Izaya Orihara.

Shizuo was very familiar with Izaya. The two were good friends when they were children. They did everything together and, even though they got on each other's nervous, they got along quite well.

That was until the night Izaya's whole family was massacred by a vampire.

All the Orihara's were pronounced dead at the scene and Shizuo vowed that day to become a priest and protect everyone from the blood sucking beasts to avenge his friend. Until now, Shizuo truly believed that his raven hair friend had died that day…but then, 12 years later, Izaya started to show up in town. But he wasn't the Izaya that Shizuo remembered. No, not anymore.

Izaya was a blood sucking vampire, the very creature he vowed to kill.

At first, Shizuo thought that he was simply seeing things. After all, he saw Izaya's dead body on the floor. However, after the second attack, he started to realize that it was indeed his childhood friend. Not only that but he was on a blood thirsty rage.

His first appearance was the most gruesome attack the village had ever seen. In the middle of the night, Izaya had managed to get into the house of a one of the villager couples and brutally attacked them. Their throats were ripped open with such a brutal force that it nearly decapitated them. Blood was everywhere and the crime scene was very gruesome. Initially, the village police to believe it was simply a brutal attack. However, after the examination of the bodies, they found out that both victims were normally sucked dry of all the blood in their bodies.

People started to panic after that. A few left, including the former priest which lead to Shizuo's current position. It wasn't till the second attack that Izaya made his presence known. It was the middle of the night and screams were heard throughout the village. The police and Shizuo made their way to the home quickly and came face to face with the blood sucking demon himself. In the corner was Izaya, sucking on a poor girls neck with a brutal, blood lust driven force. Blood was splashed all across the bottom half of his face, contrasting very well with his porcelain skin. The men stood there and watched in horror as the vampire took large gulps of the woman's blood, some escaping his mouth and trickling out of his lips to roll down his chin. No one knew what to do.

Suddenly the vampire's eyes flickered up, red orbs immediately locking with golden ones. The blonde priest felt himself gulp at the realization that this was indeed Izaya. He could feel those piercing crimson eyes looking right into his soul and that made him very uncomfortable. Without breaking eye contact, he lowered the now dead woman and smirked at his childhood friend. Shizuo blinked for a moment but managed to glare at the smirking creature. Izaya escaped that night, but he didn't escape the blonde priests mind.

Shizuo sighed to himself pushed open the large, heavy door on of the church. He was immediately greeted with the dusk darkness outside and silently cursed. It was times like this that he really regretted living so far away from the church. The door was gently closed and he started to walk down the steps towards the gate of the church. His eyes widened in shock when he saw a figure leaning against a tree with his arms crossed, right across from the church. The blonde squinted and stepped a few steps closer to see who it was and immediately regretted it.

"Hello there Shizu-chan~"

Okay well...I did a 45 minute challenge to write something. This WAS going to be a one shot, but I got more and more into the idea and decided to make it multi-chaptered. It won't be long though. Maybe like 8 chapters or so. But yeah, this piece is inspired by the Priest!Shizuo and Vampire!Izaya pieces that just came out. If you guys haven't seen it yet, you can see the pictures on my tumblr (url is on my profile).

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