Title: Hysteria
Rating: M
Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya,
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo vowed to become a priest after the gruesome death of his childhood friend. Vowing to avenge his friends death, things start to get complicated when he his childhood friends appears in town as the very creature he vowed to destroy. Priest! Shizuo x Vampire! Izaya.

The new found priest stood there staring at the raven haired creature that was leaning against the tree. The whole situation was bitter sweet; half of him was happy to be seeing his friend that he thought was dead for years, the other half of him was disgusted by the very sight of the vampire. Izaya was Shizuo's best friend when they were younger. The blonde priest was very quiet as a child that didn't have really…any friends. Most of the kids were scared of him due to his unnatural strength. It left Shizuo feeling very lonely and like he was a monster.

Then Izaya moved into the village.

Izaya was the first person that wasn't afraid of the blonde and, even though the raven haired boy loved to tease and prod the blonde to see a brilliant show of his miraculous strength, he somehow snaked his way into the priest's heart. Every time he tried to shake the boy away, he always came coming back.

Izaya made Shizuo feel like a human.

So when Shizuo saw his best friend's lifeless, bloody, body on the floor…he was truly crushed. He decided that day that he hated vampires and, even though he hated violence, it was his calling to protect people from the creatures that took his closest friend away from him. Priesthood offered the perfect opportunity for just that. His role in the town was a guider and a protector of the citizens. Eventually he would take over all the religious aspects of his role as well, but since he was thrown into the role before he could complete his apprenticeship, it would be awhile before he would. That didn't matter though since the town needed a protector more then a religious leader. Now after years of avenging his best friend…he is suddenly back as the very creature he has been annihilating for years.

"What's this? Did you forget to speak over the years of my absence? Aww Shizu-chan needs me that much? I'm flattered~" Izaya said with a tilt of his head and an amused smile on his face. Shizuo felt paralyzed in his spot; he couldn't move, he couldn't speak, he could barely process a thought. He just stood there staring at the raven. The vampire noticed the awestruck like behavior and shifted slightly in annoyance. Pushing himself off of the tree, he walked closer to the church but stopped a step short of being on the holy ground. Shizuo's fingers twitched with every step that the raven made. The blonde finally felt like he could breathe a little more when he was able to make out his friends soft facial features but he couldn't help but feel a low flame ignite in him when his caramel orbs fell onto Izaya's smirk. A chill ran through his spine causing the blonde to tighten his hands into fists.

"Why are you here?" Shizuo finally said causing the vampire to perk up slightly at the deep voice of his former friend.

"So mean Shizu-chan~ No 'how are you? I missed you so much Izaya!'?" The raven answered with a slight tilt of the head. The blonde just stood his ground and said nothing causing an uncomfortable air to develop between the two. Izaya frowned at the stubbornness of the priest and let out a sigh of annoyance. "I'm looking for someone."

"Get out of Ikebukuro." The rich voice of the blonde came out as he started to walk towards the man that was standing only a few feet away from him. "I don't care what you're doing here or who you're trying to find. Get. Out. Now!" Izaya felt the blood rush through his veins as he saw the anger that he has missed over the years.

"Aww I'm hurt Shizu-chan~ we're best friends and you tell me to leave? What kind of priest does th—!" His sentence was cut off when I strong hand wrapped around his throat and slammed him into the street that he was leaning one just a few moments ago. Izaya's face contorted into pain for a moment due to the abrupt action before it settled into the collected, arrogant mask he wore previously.

"Strong as ever I see Shizu-chan~" The vampire mocked causing the priest to tighten his hand around the smaller male's throat.

"I won't hesitate to kill you." Shizuo said as he narrowed his eyes. "I might be a priest but I am vampire hunter before I am a priest." Izaya perked up slightly.

"Vampire hunter? Oh how rich~! Maybe you and I can team together then. You see…" The vampire's eyes changed to more of a sultry look. "I am looking for a vampire to kill myself." The blonde hesitated for a second. That didn't make any sense…the only vampire in the town was Izaya.

"The only vampire in town here is you." The priest said with a low growl. The raven haired males face turned more amused even though Shizuo didn't think it was possible.

"Ah but there's the fun in it~! You see…the person doesn't know that is a vampire yet. He has yet to awaken…I guess you could say." Izaya almost laughed at the quizzical expression on the blonde's face. He always wore his emotions on his face which always amused the raven. Shizuo knew that he should kill his former friend…but somehow he couldn't find it in him to squeeze any harder. Vampire or not, he didn't want to see the lifeless form that haunted him for years again. To Izaya's surprise, the blonde released the male and glared at him before turning around and starting to walk off.

"I better not see you anymore or I won't hesitate to kill you next time." With the bible underneath his arm, he made his way to his house. Izaya made no move to follow Shizuo…instead he settled on smirking on the descending sight of the town priest.

"I would love to taste you Shizu-chan~"

The blonde laid in his bed, lost in a deep slumber. A shadowy figure was standing over the priest. It stood there looking down on the sleeping man before it kneeled down to look at the blonde's face. The figure reached out to brush over Shizuo's cheek in slow, circular motions.

"I want to taste you so bad Shizu-chan…" Izaya leaned forward to bring his face closer to his childhood friends. Brushing his hand down the blonde's soft skin, he placed a finger underneath the priest's chin to tilt his head upward. The vampire let out a shaky breath and licked his lips in anticipation. His fangs extended as he got closer to the priest's smooth lips. Diving right in, he pressed his mouth against Shizuo's. The raven's lips stayed pressed against those of the blonde's, waiting for any sign of movement. After a few moments of no response, he parted his lips to let his tongue rush out and start pry into that of his former friend's. He pulled Shizuo's lower lip into his mouth and pressed his fangs into the tender flesh to coax the delicious, red liquid to come out. Izaya lapped at the small puncture wound to get the taste of the priest's blood onto his wet muscle.

He only gets the tiniest bit out but that tiny bit caused a surge of pleasure to run through Izaya. The vampire couldn't believe the amazing sensation his felt. Surely he had tasted blood in the past, but Shizuo's tasted so much different then everyone else's.

He needed more of it.

The sensation was almost orgasmic and sent heat to his lower regions almost immediately. he found himself digging his fangs down harder onto Shizuo's lip to desperately taste more of that sweet liquid circulating within the priest. His pupils started to dilate and he soon found himself taking off his jacket to relieve some of the heat that started to spread throughout his body. Not caring whether the blonde woke up or not, he climbed on top of the sleeping man. He released the now gushing lip and lapped at it like his life depending on tasting the delicious blonde. He found himself so lost in the euphoric taste that he didn't realize a hand had raised off the bed to move to the back of his head. His dark locks were pulled harshly back causing the vampire to whine as he was pulled away from his source of pleasure.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Let me just clarify a few things. I had to completely redo this stories entire plot because my favorite Shizaya writer posted a fic with nearly an identical plot so I am sorry about the delay. You guys owe Slayers64 and Enrique Iglesias thanks for this chapter XD Second, Ikebukuro in this is like a sleepy little village town. It's similar to the town in sleepy hollow if anyone has seen that movie.