Title: Hysteria
Rating: M
Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya,
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo vowed to become a priest after the gruesome death of his childhood friend. Vowing to avenge his friends death, things start to get complicated when he his childhood friends appears in town as the very creature he vowed to destroy. Priest! Shizuo x Vampire! Izaya.

Izaya's back slammed against the wall as Shizuo got up from the bed. The blonde priest's tongue ran along his bottom lip, tasting the metallic liquid that the dark haired male was so eager to taste. The vampire regained his composure quickly and looked at his former friend with a cocky, all knowing smirk.

"Who would have thought you would taste so good Shizu-chan? Haha your blood is probably one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in~" Shizuo winced at Izaya's words. The thought of drinking blood was so revolting to him. The smaller male took a step closer to his prey. Shizuo immediately acted upon instinct and grabbed the wooden cross that he had on his bed table next to his bed. He held it up defensively, causing Izaya to stop and stare.

"I thought I told you to get out of Ikebukuro!" The dark haired male looked at his friend in disbelief before bursting out in full out laughter.

"You really think that I would leave just because you told me to? Oh how rich! And better yet, you think that stop cross would be threatening to me? Haha your even stupider than you look!" Shizuo growled in annoyance and tightened his grip around the cross, nearly breaking it in half.

"Shut up! I can still kill you with this! I could easily stake you through the heart wit-" Before the blonde priest could finish his sentence, Izaya had appeared right in front of him. The sudden appearance caused the taller male to stumble back slightly but he regained his composure quickly. He glared down at the smaller male.

"You will never kill me Shizu-chan." The vampire reached up and gently began to caress the other male's face, black nails glistening in the moon light. "You care about me too much~" Shizuo growled and wrapped his fingers around the vampire's wrist, pulling it forcefully away from his face.

"I don't give a shit about you and I could kill you at any moment!" The priest threatened. Izaya looked down at the taller male's bleeding lips and back up to their owners caramel eyes. The dark haired male licked his lips, remembering the intoxicating taste of the blonde's blood.

"Why don't you then, huh?" Izaya asked in a sultry voice. Shizuo was surprised by this question but didn't let his face convey this. He knew that he should kill Izaya, but deep down he knew he wouldn't be able to. Izaya was a vampire, but every time Shizuo looked at him all he could think about were the good times that they two shared before he was turned. The vampire pulled his hand away from the priest's grasp and smirked. He grabbed his jacket off of the floor and slipped his arm through the sleeve holes. The smaller male started to walk towards the window while his adjusted his coat.

"Besides, I'm not the only Vampire in town Shizu-chan. Even if you kill me, you still have hundreds more to deal with~" Shizuo's eyes widened at this sudden revelation.

"Wait…what are yo-"

"Gotta go Shizu-chan~ It's been fun, but I have wasted enough time here for one night." He turned his back to the blonde male and faced the window. "See you later~" With that said, the vampire spread his black wings and jumped out of the priest's window, glass falling everywhere. Shizuo hurried over to the window the window, the sound of shards of glass breaking filling the dark room. He grabbed the panel and looked up towards the night sky to see the winged demon rise. Izaya's black wings glowed in the moon light and, even from the distance, Shizuo could see the evil smirk on the bastards face. The priest swore under his breath and ran over to his wardrobe.

The drawers were ripped out forcefully as the blonde man began to rummage through them. He pulled out a long, black, leather trench coat with various buckles and threw it on his body. The rest of the clothing in the drawer was carelessly thrown out in random directions of the room. At the very bottom of the wooden drawer there was a metal cross bow. The blonde grabbed the hunting device out before running out of his little house and towards the direction that Izaya flew. His head tilted upwards as he squinted his eyes in attempt to look for the vampire. Luckily for him, Izaya didn't take off right away so he was still able to track him down. Until tonight, Shizuo and the rest of the town were at peace. The only vampire that they were aware existed in close proximity to the town was Izaya. Now there were apparently hundreds more in hiding. Shizuo had to find them all. He knew that he wouldn't be able to kill them all, but if Izaya led him to their base he would at least know what he was up against.

The air was cold as it brushed against his face. He ran at a top speed in effort to keep up with Izaya. He dodged trees as he ran deep into the woods on the outer skirts of the town. His adrenaline was pumping and he was prepared to run a mile, but Izaya touched down just a little ways off from the town. Shizuo stopped suddenly and hid behind a tree. He wasn't exactly close to Izaya, but he was close enough to see where the vampire was heading. The blonde held his breath as he peeked behind the tree and tried to focus his eyes. Izaya had stopped in front of a rock in a little clearing in the middle of the woods.

At first, Shizuo was confused since it appeared to be nothing more than trees and dirt, but as he watched closer he knew that it wasn't. Izaya moved the rather large rock to side revealing a metal part in the ground. He pulled a rope and it began to lift, revealing an underground base. The vampire looked around and stopped in Shizuo's direction for awhile. The priest was nearly positive that Izaya had seen him, but the dark haired male looked away after a few moments and went down the stairs that led into an underground layer. A rope on the inside was pulled and the metal door was closed with a loud thud. Shizuo waited a few minutes before running over to the metal door on the ground. Just looking at it, he knew that it wasn't humanly possible for anyone to lift that. For once, he was happy that he had inhuman strength. The blonde hid his cross bow inside his coat and took a deep breath. He took a moment to regain his composure before leaning down and grabbing the rope on the ground.

"You can do this Shizuo..."

His grip tightened around it and slowly he began to pull it up…

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