Title: Hysteria

Rating: M

Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya,

Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo vowed to become a priest after the gruesome death of his childhood friend. Vowing to avenge his friends death, things start to get complicated when he his childhood friends appears in town as the very creature he vowed to destroy. Priest! Shizuo x Vampire! Izaya.

Shizuo looked down into the slanted sloped, dark passage way that was hidden underneath the silver door. It was utterly pitch black. The fear of the unknown would normally scary people enough to just walk away, but the blonde priest wasn't afraid. The fear of the unknown was something that he had learned to overcome over the years of his priesthood. With a hesitant step, the blonde started to make his way into the black abyss. The first few steps were slow, but he gradually began to pick up the pace, stumbling a few times due to the lack of light. As he ventured farther underground, a horrific scent started to fill the air. At first, it was only a faint, unpleasant smell, but as he went farther down, the stench grew. It was an awfully combination of the scents of blood, sweat, alcohol and sex.

"Shit…" Shizuo covered his nose with the back of his hand as the stench become more abundant. The blonde heard a quiet pounding which only began to grow more and more as he made his way deeper into the dark abyss. A flicker of blue light started to illuminate at the end of the very dark walk way. The priest picked up his footing, only to stumble. He stopped his fall by placing his large hand on the cold wall. It was then that he started to feel the slight vibrations that matched the slight pounding noise that started to become more abundant. The blonde narrowed his eyes and continued towards the blue flickering light.

As he got closer, Shizuo began to have suspicions of what he would find at the end of the tunnel. His suspicions were confirmed once he reached the end of the path. It was an underground club. The priest stopped to look through the clear, vertical blinds that separated him from the other room. Without hesitation, he pushed the blinds aside and made his way into the extremely loud, blue illuminated club. Shizuo immediately covered his nose and mouth with his hand as the overwhelming stench of blood triggered his gang reflex. The blonde made his way to the wall and swallowed hard to prevent himself from vomiting. He closed his eyes to try and calm down. It would be a horrible mistake if he were to give himself away as a vampire hunter in a room full of vampires. With his mouth and nose still covered, he took a deep breath to steady his breathing. Hesitantly, he removed his hand and opened his eyes. Golden orbs widened at the quantity of people that were in the room.

The room was filled wall to wall with vampires, dancing lewdly in the blue lit room. Shizuo narrowed his eyes and scanned the crowd in search for Izaya. He spotted the raven haired blood sucker on the other side of the room talking with an older man who was sitting on a chair. The man wore a white suit and had short, dark hair, similar to Izaya's. Zeroing in on his childhood friend, the priest clenched his fists and started to make his way across the crowded room. Hot, sweaty bodies rubbed and grinded against him as he walked through the endless sea of blood sucker.

A few of the females attempted to latch onto the blonde only to be shoved away roughly. Shizuo focused solely on the raven haired vampire. When they were only a few feet away, Izaya turned and caught sight of the blonde. Crimson eyes widened as they locked onto golden orbs. The surprised expression was quickly replaced with a sly smirk. Izaya turned away and effortlessly made his way through the crowd. The blonde picked up his pace once he saw the vampire start to flee. A couple times he lost sight of the raven haired male due to the blue, strobbing lights, only to find him again, standing completely still. It was almost like he wanted the priest to follow him and, in any normal setting, he probably would have headed back. This wasn't a normal setting. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins from the beat of the music and the smell of blood was clouding his ability to think.

Shizuo followed Izaya down a hallway and into a dark room. When the priest entered the room, the vampire was nowhere in sight. He looked around the dark room, trying to make out where he was. His light source was cut off when the door to the room was closed shut. The priest spun around only to have the wind knocked out of him when something hard collided with his stomach. Shizuo fell hard onto the ground from the unexpected force.

"You're brave, I can give you that much Shizu-chan~" Light filled the room when the vampire flicked the light switch on. The priest shielded his eyes from the sudden presence of light and tried to focus his attention on the figure that was standing next to the door. The raven haired vampire smirked as he placed his pale hand on the door and began to lock it. "Coming into an underground lair filled with blooding sucking vampires, unarmed, without reinforcements. What an brave idiot you are Shizu-chan." Izaya mocked with a light chuckle as he crossed his arms over his chest and flashed that knowing smirk of his.

That was the first time that night that Shizuo realized that he made a mistake.

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